Enya - Caribbean Blue (video)

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harkeill : So much people put shit on Enya and her songs, that it makes me wonder what is wrong with people, why they have no taste in the classics - and Enya certainly is one that will live down the ages.

Samantha Cee : Pressing the speaker to my belly so my baby girl hears the music ❤️🤗

DoomGuy11 : *This song is a piece of priceless art*

Guy Smith : Enya's music, where Earth meets Heaven.

trojan warrior : Who is listening in November 2018?

JASON.S : We need more songs like this today

warhawkBeyond2040 : If the world had more music like this to listen to, the world would be a much better and peaceful place. It's because of music like this that make me so thankful to be alive right now

Toxic Jutz : 100x better than beyonce, gaga, rihanna and all of the music artist of today

Marc Lawson : America has lost touch with the beauty of sincerity. Politics left & right are now poluted with mean phonies. At least the lost beauty still exists in videos like this.

Sydney Masilela : This kind of music was a healer to the world,unfortunately we will never going back to our beautiful time,oh my God miss my 80’s

redfred70 : Reminds me of hearing this on the radio in my car, driving my girlfriend (now my wife of 22 years) from South West to North East London in the early hours of the morning. In the days when there was no traffic on the roads late at night in London. Every corner we turned gave me the chance to glance at her beautiful face and then out of the car windows at a million stars. I was 21 years old then, I don’t think I will ever feel happier with more potential than I did then. Truly the best of times.

Richie : The movie 'Deadpool 2' brought me here, such a beautiful song.

David Rebollo Sierra : If anytime aliens come to the earth, this is one of the songs I'd show to them. I'm shure they'd appreciate it.

Candianborn83 : Thank you Deadpool for bringing me back to my childhood!

LILWAWEY : This was my parents wedding song. such and beautiful song!

Юрий Штайн : She's an elf!

Hedy Eckert : Enya is not of this world. There are people like that, the came from another place. I have known a person like this. Enya’s music makes me unafraid of everything.

Anel Channel : Oh GOD, I heard an Angel for the very first time

ALEXIA TINOKO SALAZAR : ENYA LO MÁXIMO!!! 😍😗😘🇲🇽🍀me fascina su música Saludos desde JALISCO MÉXICO 🍀🇲🇽

Mascarado 100 Limites : *3:10** da manhã eu olhando as estrelas, ouvindo essa linda canção, imaginado qual é o sentido da vida!*

sneakyMCR Howlter : I actually like Enya. I normally listen to Rock, punk, pop-punk, emo, post-hardcore, metal, alternative, etc. Enya, is that good that even I like her.

Book Worm : The start of this song is beyond beautiful...it's pure genius...what a hook

igor oliveira : A música faz eu me sentir como se estivesse sobrevoando um oceano iluminado com algas florescente na superfície a noite

Mochamad Adilevy : One of my lifetime achievement: play this song while lying on a boat in the bluish infinity of Caribbean under the ocean of stars.

Paul Pugh : Can't believe 1k don't like this music SMH love Enya she has a voice of an angel

Marie Aguinaga93 : This is what heaven sounds like

salvador villa : MAGIA Y BELLEZA.

Mikołaj Bieliński : *Enya*~*Caribbean Blue* *BEATUFIL BEST SONG*

Dayris Dark : Amo essa canção, adoro também - Orinoco Flow, Only Time, May it Be...Enfim...entre outras

TheLonelyCreativist Husky : Why does this make me cry....it's so good

Mikołaj Bieliński : *ENYA THE BEST*

Jason Young : Absolutely Beautiful !!!

Darrell Barrett : In my opinion, she's the greatest of all time. Nobody out there today is even remotely close to being on Enya's level.

Виталий Шпякин : Enya лучшая группа!, это мой самый любимый клип)

Tyller Calvert : The Deadpool Scene with this song is ART

Sofia Rina : beautifull voice.....beautifull face...love enya from indonesia

Raphaël André Bornet : *Соммеита!яе* *5* *027* *20:27* моидау аид а дау

Chris Edwards : That feeling when you rediscover Enya after like ten years

Driss Alami Idrissi : God bless the Great Kingdom of IRLAND 💪💪💪

DJMangafIMK : I don’t know how she does it but somehow she makes us feel like something bigger is going on then our lives and that really everything is okay and we have nothing to worry about. That’s talent!

Karin Manharello : A paz transmitida por suas canções e sua divina voz... obrigada Enya!

Adriel Adson : Essa música é uma terapia 😍

Robert Darling : I wonder if Enya knows the incredible joy she brings to us listeners.

ultimateranger213 : Deadpool 2 brought me here

robyn garrett : This song reminds me so much of the Carousel in Santa Monica Beach Pier its like "Magic"

Ruben Antilem : Cada vez la escuchó más ,Enya es única

Aerton Calaça : Twenty-seven years ago today, on October 27th, 1991, the album 'Shepherd Moons' was released. Nothing can ever be compared to whatever came before. Nothing will ever be compared to whatever came afterwards. The entire album is the living proof that perfection can come down to Earth in the shape of music. 'Caribbean Blue' is out of this world. If there is ever something more perfect than perfect, this is it.

coffeefrog : I grew up on Enya. This music never gets old! It's timeless. :)

Phil Archer : Caribbean Blue - Many others. Carried me through many, many rough times. DON'T stop. Enya.... Don't stop.

yousee TV : I do LOVE this song 😍😍😍😍