An exchange for the ages

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Since Season 5 is on the horizon its time to post my favorite scenes. From Jack vs Aku S03E09


kefka3 : I love how you can *hear* his eyebrows burning.

TheClarkBark : I want to see the alternate timeline where Aku gives Jack a ride

MetroXLR : Funniest thing here is that Aku 'being meta' by blunting pointing out how most of these episodes end. ..and, pointing out "they won't see each other for a WEEK." as at the time, that was how long it took for a new episode to air.

IamJerf : Jack: "oh East, I thought you said Weest" Aku: "'Weest!?' What kind of compass are you reading!?"

Zeta The Sixth : When even cartoons start to get aware of how repetitive the episode formula gets.

Evrant : 2:34 Then he got an idea. An awful idea. Aku had a wonderful awful idea.

Your Son : How is this a real thing. This is too beautiful.

T.M. Samuels : Imagine the protagonist needing directions and the main antagonist offering a ride to the location of their clash God I miss this show

Alex Green : No armies No bounty hunters No sword Fox only Final Destination

CHEESY CHIPMUNK : "I can give you a ride if you-" "I will find it!" *intensity INTENSIFIES*


Xuncu : I love the last bit: Smiling politely to Aku looks like one of the most physically painful things Jack ever made himself do.

TheEquus92 : Mako was perfect as Aku. May he Rest In Peace

Beemanq : I love how Aku can see right through Jack's thinly weaved bullshit about actually knowing where that place is, and in an effort to make the duel happen, he can overlook their rivarly and casually offer him a ride.

Cameron Mccready : Two Introverts Planning A Date To Play Super Smash Bros

Grim Grithius : 3:47 Me meeting new people in a nutshell

DJ Deadbeat : 1:46 - 1:47 the pilot has switched the “seatbelts on” sign

marcdog95 : This whole episode was practically them flipping the uno reverse card *no u* at each other the entire time

Phil Swift : "Then I will see you there!" "In human form." *Silence intensifies* "I will see you there, in human form." *Silence intensifies more intensely*

R8-TV : "Hey that was two things!" "The last one was a two-parter" *INTENSE STARE-OFF* LMAO this show was gold!

Ares99999 : 3:09, I can see Aku telling himself: 'He's got NO idea how to get there, does he.'

You're Wrong : I love how Aku can be this terrifying, lovecraftian, extra-dimensiinal monstrosity one episode and sitcom dumb dad comic relief the next. And I buy both interpretations of it!

Gabriel Schleifer : 1:59 I love how the musical sting plays backwards there, like even the MUSIC is doing a double take. XD

Max Ortiz : I love how every time Aku moves the sound of branches creaking and cracking can be heard reminding you that he did in fact come from a tree. That attention to detail astounds me

Garrey Michael Ferrell : "Fine, but you will follow 3 conditions" *Sudden EXCITEMENT, the retraction of excitement* "A'ight"

Swampy24945 : 2:40 When you and your friend finally agree to hang out

Pokémaniac Guquiz : Is ‘no shapeshifting’ not already covered with ‘no superhuman powers’?

Fernando Valles : 03:11 might be my favorite part, so dramatic but so everyday

The Unknown SCP : This scene showed the wonderfully awkward conversation between characters without the scene itself becoming cringy. That's something you don't see often enough.

Consural : You know a show is good when it can parody itself.

zentofroez : I always loved the sound Aku makes Everytime he moves.

Johannes Weger : The Series is so good and funny but the Ending is so sad.

Bootleg Memes : 3:50 when saying hi to ur crush

Shan McG : Let me just awkwardly smile back at the being that enslaved my family and people. I know there’s no sound bite playing but I can subconsciously hear the creaking of hardened gears behind his face lmao

Francesco Lombardi : Imagine of Jack just didn't go. (cut to Aku, just waiting around) Aku: …….. WHERE IS THAT SAMURAI?!

Tsynami : Jack: AKU! Aku: YES, I AM! **poses dramatically**

it’s And1 : “I can give you a ride...” “I WILL FIND IT” O_O

Crash Andersen : Make no mistake, samurai... your name may be the title... but people came here to see AKU!!

Asher Tye : When a villain and a hero have near perfect chemistry, most every interaction is gold.

Paul Hasler : “But you will follow 3 conditions!” “NAME THEM!” *jolts back in regret*

Guilherme Bittar : 1:00 That pause makes me uncomfortable every time

Cackle Bot : 0:07 turn captions on and what do you get? Okuu (NUCLEAR FUSION PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND) (AND EVERYTHING STARTS TO BURN)

VolkColopatrion : aku remembers when he tricked jack when he took the form of a lady.. HE JUST RUBBING IT IN JACK'S FACE

Deadwolf : Jack aged by like 5 years when he heard no sword.

TjReviewz : Aku sounds like he's voiced by Uncle Iroh

Bazzralic : I could call you an Uber if you want...

Kameron and Carl : I never watched this show, but this is hilarious

A normal Guy : Despite the controversial ending, this is still one of the best cartoons ever made imo.

snowcloud8 : Samurai Jack is one of those rare, genius cartoons where the opponents can equally hate each others' guts but at the same time be amicable enough to offer directions or a ride to their duel. How many tv shows or movies can you list that have such a relationship?