An exchange for the ages

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Jake Branthe : "the last one was a two-parter" **INTENSE MUSIC** i love this show

Neo Machine : 1:43 When your mother is borrowing the computer and you're trying to not look guilty.

Deadwolf : Jack aged by like 5 years when he heard no sword.

The Unknown SCP : This scene showed the wonderfully awkward conversation between characters without the scene itself becoming cringy. That's something you don't see often enough.

Install a Friend : 2:00 when someone calls your name but they're actually calling someone else with the same name

Cameron Mccready : Two Introverts Planning A Date To Play Super Smash Bros

Trevor Phillips : Aku: I can give you a ride This is why the show was so fucking great!

RocketMan38 : I swear, aku is one of the best villains of the 2000’s... I miss mako

Danny Sweeney : I need to watch this show... this whole exchange is too damn funny.

Crystal Keyblade : This entire exchange sounds like something that would come from an abridged series

WhoCanusMaximus : "Sure! I'll accept a duel with you without my sword... the only thing that can kill you... waiiiiittt..."

Montesama314 : A part of me wanted Aku to come to the contest in his "Ikra" form, just to throw Jack off his game. "You did say to fight you in human form... I'm sorry, am I distracting you, Samurai?"

CobaltBW : 1:59 I've never seen someone's thought process so perfectly represented with sound effects.

( O_〉O)? : "Then we won't see each-other for about a week" That part was more funny than it lets on.

FlyingGrunt28 : "I could give you a ride..."

MySmart Device : That shit eating grin from Aku. That shit eating grin from Jack. Gets me every single time.

Shan McG : Let me just awkwardly smile back at the being that enslaved my family and people. I know there’s no sound bite playing but I can subconsciously hear the creaking of hardened gears behind his face lmao

Asher Tye : When a villain and a hero have near perfect chemistry, most every interaction is gold.

L Martinson : 2:35 Then he got an idea. An awful idea. Aku got a wonderful, awful idea.

Sound613Wave : "Hey there's four Avenger movies!" "The last one was a two-parter."

HellStorm Reaper : This pure comedic gold and shock, i still can't believe it happened if the two would not be enemies since they got along very well although ackward during this scene. Hell together they would own they would own their own reality and world.

Ian Manning : "-In Human Form!" "WHAT?!!" lol

Destiny McIntire : "The last one was a two-parter!" I was dying! XDD

KrystCyclone : "In human form"... Aku, you weren't thinking about that sexy green skinned lady you shapeshifted into in a previous episode, aren't you?

LittleBigB : Jack was very careful in this exchange. As awkward as it is, he was making sure that Aku had no excuse to cheat. He knew what Aku wanted and what he needed to do.

Zeta The Sixth : When even cartoons start to get aware of how repetitive the episode formula gets.

Kaiser : The sound effects and music deserve a lot of praise. Every movement they both make has a sound cue and the music is in sync with the camera and story and dialogue. It’s really art.

megaman37456 : "Heeeeeyyy! THAT WAS 4 THINGS!" "The last one was a 2-parter." Tfw Jack out-trolls Aku

MR RABBIDOG : 2:35 So you see, that's where the trouble began. That Smile, That damned Smile.

Bogmire42 : It's crazy, but sometimes I wonder if they ever might have gotten along.

F : I've noticed how when Aku is on screen with no music or other overlapping sound effects, you can actually hear the fire noise his eyebrows make. Pretty good attention to detail for a show this old. And I haven't seen many similar things in cartoons today.

kdechain : "And we won't see each other for about.... a week" Dammit Aku! you gotta point!

RocketMan38 : 0:00, 2:45 take notes future cartoon writers, this is how you write funny awkward dialogue

PandaBrady : I like to imagine if Jack had taken that ride with Jack it would've ended up like StepBrothers. Aku: Without even thinking, what is your favorite dinosaur? On three. 1..2.. Both: Velociraptor!

Haroku Sion : Not many people realize this, but what aku implied towards the end of this scene 3:36 was an indirect call back to one of his previous forms ( the warrior woman) he had taken to fool jack.

Ramen Boodles : This has been the the worst trade deals in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.

johcafra : Mako owned that role.

Lord DuckingTon : *1:59** When you see a hot thicc chick but see a bulge in her pants the second you saw her*

tadhg ogorman : 2:20 The Hunger Games *Trilogy*

Sully The Man : So awkwardly hilarious without being cringy. That's good writing right there

Tomb Raver : 2:33 When someone you hate is roasting you but you know something about them that they don't know you know.

Sean Kobi Sandoval : Is Aku voiced by the same voice as Uncle Iroh??

TheRockBoS : No items, Fox only, Final Destination

Some Person : The whole exchange at the end though

Roman gunner : Just imagine if Jake took that ride with Aku?

Lord Wallace : 1:43 *dat face*

Fetamean : I always passed up watching this show whenever it was on as a kid. I watched it sometimes, but not too regularly. God I wish I did. That whole bit, "I can give you a ride..." was hysterical.

CHEESY CHIPMUNK : "I can give you a ride if you-" "I will find it!" *intensity INTENSIFIES*

Classixish : those eyes at 1:43 x'D

Emperor Augustus : most beutiful akward scene ever made :D