Nirvana Reunion - Cal Jam 2018 | Full Show

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Nirvana meets at the Foo Fighters festival in California. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear played "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "In Bloom" and more with Joan Jett, Brody Dalle and John McCauley. ME SIGA ► SE INSCREVA ► #nirvana #foofighters #canalnb Nirvana se reúne em festival do Foo Fighters na Califórnia. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic e Pat Smear tocaram "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "In Bloom" e mais com Joan Jett, Brody Dalle e John McCauley. Setlist – Nirvana no Cal Jam (06/10/2018) Serve The Servants (com John McCauley nos vocais) Scentless Apprentice (com John McCauley nos vocais) In Bloom (com John McCauley nos vocais) Breed (com Joan Jett nos vocais) Smells Like Teen Spirit (com Joan Jett nos vocais) All Apologies (com Joan Jett nos vocais e Brody Dalle no baixo)


Backpacker : More John, less Joan. His voice is pretty spot on for what I'd expect of a 50 year old Kurt

Kevin M : John McCauley was outstanding! I love Joan Jett, but she just isn't "Nirvana". McCauley could tour with the guys from Nirvana and sell out stadiums.

Stephen White : John McCauley killed it. Brings back memories.

Sad Boy : Serve The Servants - 0:00 Scentless Apprentice - 3:50 In Bloom - 7:48 Saída de McCauley - 12:05 Breed - 12:30 Smells Like Teen Spirit - 15:30 pronunciamento do Krist - 20:30 All Apologies - 21:25

Chris J : You know how rare this is?? This stuff has only been played once before by the surviving Nirvana members since Kurt’s death in ‘94, and it was the night Nirvana was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. It’s great to see them to yes be sad, but to honor Kurt the best way they can for the bad ass shit he wrote and what it means, not only to them, but also us and to honor his huge contribution to rock. If only Kurt knew how long lastingly popular his music still is. Kurt Cobain and these guys single handedly ended Motley Crue, Poison and so many more that sounded similar to those bands and their popularity... all that bullshit, 80s rock died instantly when they released Smells Like Teen Spirit in ‘91. God Bless you Kurt, and thank you for the music brother!

Jacob Joyce : I am a firm believed that nobody can cover Kurt cobain. And Kurts voice gave nirvana a unique sound. But damn I gotta give this guy props he did an amazing job!!!!!!! Sounded pretty close

Luis Ugalde : When Dave sits behid the drumkit, he's a beast. Drummer at heart I guess. And so cool to see Krist playing his lines. Pat´s always good, and the first guy did gvery good on singing/guitar playing duties. They should do mre stuff together.

syalala putri : World tour please!! They are powerfull

Bill Gonzo : Where the hell was the drummer of nirvana all this time? It's nice to see him again

nicocho06 : Damn krist jumping 1:10 like the old times

ben smith : nirvana lives! John McCauley is alright by me!

Colton Nelson : Scentless Apprentice hit so damn hard. Loved that.

Fernando Lopez : Oh so everyone goes nuts for Smells Like Teen Spirit but not for Breed, SMH

Rod Carles : They should reunite with John Mc Cauley

Maxim Tru : John McCauley should sing all set list

Clay : The one event where the drummer gets all the focus.

rickenbacker40011 : It’s interesting the songs aren’t that dark when Kurt isn’t playing them

Mister Hand : I hope they had fun playing these tunes! Crowd seems dead...I am old. I was at Cal Jam in Ontario in the 1970s...I was 11. My sister dosed my soda with LSD...then Sabbath came on. I have never recovered...

Ashok Nagaraj : Dave is an insane drummer.

Justin Freeman : Listening to McCauley with my eyes closed literally made me tear up ... RIP Kurt 💔 as my nose runs down my face

Boys V.S. Girls : I don't know who the first guy that is singing, but damn, he sounds so good!! That scream gave me chills . Kurt would be proud

Franco Moreno : UOL...muito bom!! Surpreendeu. Salve from Brasil!!

Scumfuck Anemic royalty : E tem gente q ficou puto. Falando q seria um desrespeito tocar sem o Kurt. Porra, é uma homenagem a banda, caralho. Os cara tem q ficar putinho com tudo. Com certeza o Kurt estaria feliz por ver isso

Dick Marx : I love how a video about grunge music keeps displaying ads about shampoo

Sniper .308 : Shit its almost like the Live and Loud concert, but it would be soooo much better if Kurt was on the mic. Aside from that this is so fucking awesome and brings back so many memories. Its also really sad.

JohnnyGadgets81 : Just found this and It's incredible. So many memories from my youth. No one can ever replace Kurt but John was so good. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

João Fonseca : *Where is Shaun Morgan?*

Brett Lee : Yeah it's not the same, we know!! But John McCauley is a pretty fucking decent stand in!!! Also if It gives these tracks an airing on a tour and opens this music up to a whole new generation, then that's really awesome! Book the venues fellas and we will be there!

Arei Arian : How i miss so much Nirvana performed....dave so harder n krist so cool just like before

nientediche : 25 minutes of 90's... (to me, that means memories about flanned shirts, ripped jeans, long beards, and not a single smartphone to record a memory... just YOU!)

Rafael Parra : the drummer looks like the vocal singer of foo fighters

Fernando Alencar : Muito boa interpretação de john 🎙🎙👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

xMTLKx : Dave hits those drums so hard, love him as a drummer Never listened that much too Foo Fighters :P

XEdsonX KILLA : Seria de fuder uma Tour mundial com essa formação especial new NiRvAnA se vinhem pro Brasil com certeza eu iria.

Gregory Flood : McCauley and Jett resurrected Kurt Cobain, capturing his raspy, emotional, powerful voice, Cobain's vocal nuance seemed to be conveyed. Replicating [subtlety] circled by the band is surely easier.

polski joe : Sin Kurt es como ver la banda de tus amigos haciendo covers de Nirvana

Adam Mckenzie : Rip Kurt he’d be happy and proud of the boys!!! And this sounded great!!! 👌✌️great tribute Dave and Kris and pat 😍✌️

leji hafizi : I really miss kurt cobain. I try to imagine that this was his voice. And suddenly cry. Rip kurt.

Adam W : God Bless Saint Joan! May she live forever!!!

Trista Pista : Oh my dear god....John sounded almost just like Kurt, especially in Scentless Apprentice

Jt Williams : I love to watch Dave Grohl play the drums! It’s funny, though. Just about anyone can play Nirvana songs on the guitar, but very few capture the intricacies of the Cobain guitar sound.

Sherman Merman : Kris is wearing shoes..........this is definetly not nirvana.........but I did enjoy it.......👍

Laura Vieitez : I was there! 🖤🖤🖤 Flew from Argentina to LA, and it still feels like a dream.

felipe campregher : The vocalist should have be Shaun Morgan of seether


Legasi Naluribestari : Banyak dh bank buat comeback.. Kire ok la ni peminat grunge.ahai

rickenbacker40011 : I would probably cry if I was apart of this

sickboy : Nobody can replace Kurt's voice!

Daniel Lourenço : Fantastico, parabens para todos .muito bom esta fantastica