Nirvana Reunion - Cal Jam 2018 | Full Show

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C.H.B : R.i.P. Kurt Cobain, the world needs more Nirvanas and less Lil Pumps

Eric Louw : Am I the only one who prefers Dave on the sticks than the strings?

Baal Lodbrok : Nirvana reunion: Dave Grohl: Guitars/vocals Krist Novoselic: Bass Pat Smear: Guitars Chad Channing: Drums

Trista Pista : Oh my dear god....John sounded almost just like Kurt, especially in Scentless Apprentice

Jacob Casas : Kris Novoselic is one of the most underrated musicians of all time.

allevon putri : World tour please!! They are powerfull

Jacob Joyce : I am a firm believed that nobody can cover Kurt cobain. And Kurts voice gave nirvana a unique sound. But damn I gotta give this guy props he did an amazing job!!!!!!! Sounded pretty close

Kevin M : John McCauley was outstanding! I love Joan Jett, but she just isn't "Nirvana". McCauley could tour with the guys from Nirvana and sell out stadiums.

Backpacker : More John, less Joan. His voice is pretty spot on for what I'd expect of a 50 year old Kurt

Shäd ̈ : Serve The Servants - 0:00 Scentless Apprentice - 3:50 In Bloom - 7:48 Saída de McCauley - 12:05 Breed ( Joan Jett ) - 12:30 Smells Like Teen Spirit - 15:30 Pronunciamento do Krist - 20:30 All Apologies - 21:25

ThePimpbiznez : They should put Dave on vocals and call Chad Channing to play drums...

Chris J : You know how rare this is?? This stuff has only been played once before by the surviving Nirvana members since Kurt’s death in ‘94, and it was the night Nirvana was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. It’s great to see them to yes be sad, but to honor Kurt the best way they can for the bad ass shit he wrote and what it means, not only to them, but also us and to honor his huge contribution to rock. If only Kurt knew how long lastingly popular his music still is. Kurt Cobain and these guys single handedly ended Motley Crue, Poison and so many more that sounded similar to those bands and their popularity... all that bullshit, 80s rock died instantly when they released Smells Like Teen Spirit in ‘91. God Bless you Kurt, and thank you for the music brother!

Maxim Tru : John McCauley should sing all set list

Stephen White : John McCauley killed it. Brings back memories.

Jacob Casas : Welcome to 2018 where we hold computers in front of our faces to see concerts....what is crowd surfing?!

Luis Ugalde : When Dave sits behid the drumkit, he's a beast. Drummer at heart I guess. And so cool to see Krist playing his lines. Pat´s always good, and the first guy did gvery good on singing/guitar playing duties. They should do mre stuff together.

Manuel R. : I’m old enough to have seen Nirvana live. I’ll never forget that show.

southLAndandia : Hell yeah John McCauley’s the shit!. Take it on the road boys.

trefrog : John McCauley! what a faithful tribute on Scentless Apprentice! He can actually flip into that upper-register shriek

Lucas Tobia : I'm 38... I miss so much Nirvana... I want a world tour.... John McCauley rules!!!!! Awesome

Rodrigo Weike : Dizer que o Kurt é o próprio Nirvana é desnecessário,e tem uns Zé-Pamonha que não entendem que isso é uma homenagem,os membros originais sentiram saudades dos palcos e quiseram relembrar os velhos tempos,isso é muito genuíno e bacana, só quem tocou em uma banda que foi ''aquela'" banda sabe como é quando bate aquela nostalgia e vontade de relembrar,isso é bem diferente de um ''tributo'' ($$$),como aquelas reuniões deprimentes tipo a do Guns'n'Roses (volta a treta Nirvana x Guns hahahaha),e no demais,o vocal mandou super bem,timbre legal na guitarra também,lembrou os bons tempos,e nesse contexto,eu senti a nostalgia dos meus tempos de moleque tb e curti muito.

João Fonseca : *Where is Shaun Morgan?*

Clay : The one event where the drummer gets all the focus.

bateriaindierock : Falta Kurt kobain maldita sea

xxoxia : I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get to do this. Kurt and Nirvana were the entire reason I started playing music. I owe my entire guitar skill collection to Kurt Cobain. I knew that guy's songs inside out down to the exact way he fingered chords and which positions he played them, not to mention how to make some noise. Drain You cover on my channel.

Surfs Up : Bravo and Hell Yeah! We needed this. And they played Nirvana's best two songs first. Cool to see Krist, Dave, and Pat Smear on the same stage again.

Smellslikekurt C : This really makes me so sad but also so proud of times it seems to hear kurt singing RIP kurt #kurtwemissyou

Brett Lee : Yeah it's not the same, we know!! But John McCauley is a pretty fucking decent stand in!!! Also if It gives these tracks an airing on a tour and opens this music up to a whole new generation, then that's really awesome! Book the venues fellas and we will be there!

Michael Evans : Jeez.. Joan Jett pretty much ruined that for me. 😑

H. R. Arredondo : huge nirvana fan... strangely having Mc Cauley sing kurts parts is ok with me... unlike my other favs stp & aic with stand in vocals which i hated...

Bill Gonzo : Where the hell was the drummer of nirvana all this time? It's nice to see him again

Daniel Arias : Kurt era único. Nirvana era Kurt.

Alejandro Romero Espejo : Realmente una pena y vergüenza que ante tal acontecimiento buena parte del público solo atine a levantar su cámara. Yo me hubiese hecho añicos en todo ese tiempo.

Steven Houben : I hope you keep doing this dave groll!!

Games Mix Play : o kurt se foi mais nirvana não ¡¡¡¡

Elmo Blatch : The new generation heard this...check out Skating Polly. Lead singer is 18 and carrying the torch for rock n' roll.

s1s1-9elap-Qu : 0:05 Serve The Servants 4:03 Scentless Apprentice 7:50 In Bloom 12:33 Breed 15:30 Smells Like Teen Spirit 21:35 All Apologies

Rodrigo Magalhaes : Toda vez em que escuto scenteless aprentice, é de arrepiar!!!!

tu MAMÁ : No es lo mismo :'(

Lord of the Guineapigs : World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour World tour

Michael Ottinger : I know we all love and miss Kurt but he doesn’t sound that bad. I was worried and skeptical but not that bad. Great to see the boys up there with pat too. And who doesn’t love to see Dave back on the kit. He hits with intensity

MsDisorder88 : Nirvana?? 😂😂

Deanna McDaniel : I hope Courtney don't find out about this I hope they got her permission

Gregory A Flood : McCauley and Jett resurrected Kurt Cobain, capturing his raspy, emotional, powerful voice, Cobain's vocal nuance seemed to be conveyed. Replicating [subtlety] circled by the band is surely easier.

ud.kerja keras gresik : 2018 end of this year ... Still NIRVANA Is the best

Fillipe Araújo : Muito bom!

Paulo Policarpo : Incrível!! Nirvana foi a última maior banda de rock !! Cresci escutando Nirvana e toda a onda grunge, amo isso! Gostaria q o vocalista fosse da banda cover nirvana uk, ou de qualquer outra que ganha a vida fazendo cover deles, seria uma homenagem dupla... Em suma é sempre incrível ouvir Nirvana, é atemporal. Paz, Amor e Empatia ✌

Marcel Stanger : Nirvana foi a primeira banda do meu coração...

Dave Mustard Stain : I like the first guy. Never really liked Joan Jett though.

Clevston KcolsternjkZtnxy : que merda,essa joan jet estragou tudo,vai cantar mau assim lá longe....