Cat hiccup and fart at the same time NEW LONGER VERSION

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Bryan Boyer : I laughed so hard i could not breath i fell on my floor with tears of laughter and snot came out of my nose lolololol

A Osman : Thank you Quinn

Brad Backman : Dexter brought me here.

Snortastisch : Dexter and Lumen brought me here!

Gamer Guy : Dexter brought me here

Jax64836 : Yep. Dexter also.

cnfji0encfh : Dexter

nick ostler : Dexter brought me here as well lol

Joao Fernandes : comment section- 80% Dexter, 18% General comment, 2% Other 😂😂

Harleey77 : was watching dexter...

Jamie Lehman : Dexter brought me here too lol

Robie Valle : Dexter dexter dexter! All dexter.

EDM : Like if you didn't come because of dexter

ballbarn : put this poor cat out of its misery... very undignified

ninirod1 : Dexter love!

jacobmckenzie972 8 : Cute.- you know....

Dixit Gohil : Cute...

Classical Title : *DOUBLE-PIPE CLASSIC!*

Grace Owllover : that so funny

Benjamin Roberts : lumens sweet ass brought me here

linda fredrick : the non slow motion one didn't get me but when they did it in slow motion I died laughing

rayinreverse : hahaha detective joseph quinn has brought me here  (dexter)

Miguel Delatorre : Director's cut

honey badger 089 : This cat is my hero!

Steve Kapschock : The extended Director's Cut with never-before-seen footage! xD

shatha maree : DEXTER MORGAN

Beebo : this... this is a master piece plus this made me laugh so hard i pissed my self

Sarevat : Dexter brought me here.

1UnbreakableAngel : Not gonna lie, I am another person who looked this up after Dexter … killed myself laughing when I saw it in the episode and HAD to find it :D Still making me laugh! 

Crying Clown : Dexter

Kylie Cross : SUU CUTE!!!

Kano : Cute.

ThatCarGuyWill : Dexter

Paige Patterson : Omg hahahahhahahahha

Zios Animations : the teens react brought me here..

Glenda Heath : I love it it is funny that it makes me cry😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kite Crawl : At the end the cat also gives a little sneeze... It's all adorable!

Perry Tutorials : why isn't it long

Keare Richards : So aborable

Marc Vincent Klitgaard : Press 2

Alvi cat channel : Gekkigheid.

Kathy Grigoleit : Omg lol

LiamsMusic78 : the slomo is SOOOO much better. omg. I'm gay by the way.

JoeGoodz : So much more human then I ever realized

Zoee Jackson : Hahahahahhahhahaha

Xxlexi WolfxX : Awwww si cute a hiccup never heard of it

Kylie Cross : Who be Dexter?

ddstar : why am i here

Benish Augustine : I have had a cat for 3 years and never even knew they farted.

Mr Fox : FBE