Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

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Cherish G : I love the bit where power is playing

Scott Farrell : 5:54 - 7:30 should have been on the album as an interlude to POWER

Crystal Blackmore : Gosh this is beautiful every time

Ofentse Mwase Films : This was Years ahead of its time.

Scott Farrell : Just imagine if everyone had Kayne's creativity. We'd be a different race


Mr Man : 2019??

Rafael Dos Santos : This really made me realise how ripped ballerinas are

Hades : Still cant belive melon gave dis a 6

afro curly girl : This is my favorite music video to come back to. 2018?

Bless Oli : This video ages like wine

Jacob Canavan : 13:00 is my favourite part "Do you know she is a bird?" conversation. "you leave the monkey at the zoo" and in parentheses (... and a bird in a cage). It is speaking to keeping things in their place. Use this as the metaphor for the more obvious black and white theme in this scene it portrays a sadder realisation and that is shown in Kanye's frustration at the guy saying that. It's the sub-text or inference you can attribute to the conversation. Applying this differently for example "your girlfriend is really beautiful do you realise she is (black)" or expressed more commonly "she is really beautiful... for a black girl". When he responds "no I never noticed that", he shows his frustration because he obviously 'knows' she is a bird but he saw the beauty regardless of the superficial and the guy just chimes in with "Do you know she is a bird?" as in you know you're not supposed to be here with her or this does not belong here. In response he unleashes into "Runaway" performance. This piece was meant to combat that negativity and really naivety moving forward and teaching not tolerance but true appreciation for things bringing together all things that are BEAUTIFUL [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] and allowing them to exist in open space to create something even more beautiful. "This is what the future is to me.. the JUXTAPOSITION of two things that you think don't go together" (Kanye West vh1 storytellers) [I capitalised juxtaposition because I wanted to point out that Kanye coined that term and I don't think he gets enough credit for it- he is personally responsible for a rise in that words use in recent times, but now back to the scheduled program] and in subsequent interviews he has described "Runaway" as being a juxtaposition of two worlds a meeting of hip hop and ballet. In the context of the short film the song is an expression of that frustration and a tableaux of "fuck your flawed thinking look how beautiful things that aren't supposed to be together can be and more eloquently expressed (let's have a toast for the douche-bags...)". For the concept of the overarching theme of the short film it is about teaching the CODES of how to conduct yourself in a hateful world right from "first rule in this world baby; don't pay attention to anything you see in the news" (at 4:30) [he has mentioned codes in the Zane Lowe interview and equating that it is in his code to do certain things and even though people are thinking they are cool whilst showing hatred and excluding him he had the winning ticket the whole time. He was Penelope Von Sweets 'the glitch' that was on the side of the game the whole time. He equated that hatred to the fashion world not letting him in the club there, but it can be extrapolated to the situation here. More on this point; he is saying it is a mentality that is stopping the civilisation from progress, not only on the individual level "That’s the main thing people are controlled by! Thoughts- their perception of themselves!" but also on the group and collective levels "right from the jokes people tell in the highschool lunch room to when you're older and anyone who decides to walk their own path is ostracised" (vh1 storytellers; not exact quote). Further he talks about codes existing in cultures and this type of knowledge can help people move through a social system by being a hub for knowledge (see surface interview) In this interview he also talks about people lacking opportunity and how those with it are often the ones portraying this catch-all snobbery attitude and exclusive thinking] to this conversation to "anything that is different you try to change" (at 26:30). They are all examples of how to navigate through this life and as jay z says which kanye likes to quote now and then "move in a room full of vultures". He gives you both the teachings of how this thinking is harmful and why we should stop it, but also how to arm yourself against it and progress through it. It comes back to letting things that are beautiful, be beautiful. No "Do you know she is a bird?", no backhanded remarks, just "Dopeness". There is also many other themes that tie in with this with the whole death/fantasy themes and all the dialogue, symbology and imagary that constantly shift the viewer's perception on where to align values on the presenting issues, but I wanted to just talk on that specific line. I am so dissapointed I couldn't express that sentiment with more truth I "didn't make it as poignant as I wanted to make it".

Blackburn : 2018 here ?.... Still coming back for this creativity

b.nix : One of them is the cousin that stole the laptop

chuy -tastic : 23:03 They hit that Naruto Run

Edson Vuma : The College Dropout - 10/10 Late Registration - 10/10 Graduation - 13/10 808s and Heartbreaks - 15/10 MBDTF - 14/10 Watch the Throne: 11/10 Cruel Summer: 10/10 Yeezus - 12/10 The Life Of Pablo - 13/10

Troy Spencer : The visuals and music deserve an award. Nobody in music, today, can do what Ye does.

andrewchen425 : Probably one of the best albums ever made in any genre. Classic

mysingalongsong : In retrospect, maybe serving your bird girlfriend a turkey dinner wasn't a solid choice.

Kyle Latham : Those ballet dancers need an award TBH.... They were extremely amazing❤👑

Moo moo : "Your girlfriend's beautiful did you know she's a bird" "No I never noticed that"

Courtney Coulson : 8k dislikes? Must be Taylor Swift fans. This is a masterpiece, one of the best albums of all time. My only complaint is that this was my main intro to the hip-hop scene, my standards are too high now.

Cesar Rodriguez : I want this Kanye back. I miss the old Kanye...

Patrick Tervo : Thriller by Michael Jackson. Best music video ever. If anything comes close, it is this absolute freaking masterpiece. It is the most beautiful, perfect, elegant, flawless video ever to bless the heartless land of YouTube. I want everyone I know to see this. Kanye, never ever ever quit. The world needs videos like this.

#FLXtv : Bruh, its May of 2018 and im just now watching this.....for the first time ever. This visual masterpiece has changed my view and will alter how i live the remainder of my life.

J. Cole : As soon as I heard the intro for devil in a new dress, I started to smile :)

Leonard Bradley : No lie I felt like I should of had wine & cheese while watching this master piece!

morgana : Ok, I know next to nothing about rap or hip hop, and I'm listening this video because I heard his a legit artist and not just a douche. Is this right? Btw, never imagined to find Mozart's Requiem Lacrimosa and violin arrangements there. I don't know if I like it, but it was unexpected

braydennosredna : happy seventh birthday to this legendary album.

Ryan Manella : Lost in the World in the end fits in so perfectly

M ZN : My interpretation is that the woman represents his artistic creativity personified. She is unique and beautiful and from outside this world shes diffrent. When she first reaches the world of fame that kanye takes her she sees all of the beautiful lights but doesn't understand that these light are just a front. She tries to fit in to the world but realizes that the world just wants to take advantage of her and afraid of her uniqueness although they recognize her beauty " your girlfriend is very beautiful. Do you know that she's a bird? I mean leave a monkey in the zoo." they just want to take advantage of the beauty of his art but they also want to marginalize it and " keep it in its place". She then sees how they killed another one of who she percieved as her kind ( turkey) they killed the art for the sake of their boogie lifestyle. They compromised there art to participate in the luxury. She realizes that she can't be herself and understands the evils of fame thus she runs away and though kanye doesn't want her to go he understands completely

calVILLAIN : I love all the subtle changes and alternate versions of the music he used.

DREAM清醒夢LUCID : That turkey, reverse slavery, the hypocrisy of humanity. The human condition. "leave the monkey at the zoo" Are we such apostles of mercy? Why would a visitor from outer space want to stay here?

Zack splash : Scoopity poop

Mike Ranft : kanye is a genius for putting gil scott-heron’s speech at the end, strong words

Angelic Tarot : Kanye is a Gemini, some other signs can't keep up with the speed of how fast a Gemini can think, speak, rap.. 2pac was also a Gemini and ice cube. They are known and blessed for being clever and for being as fast as quicksilver, the natural born communicators of the zodiac. I'm also a Gemini, Kanye should embrace who he is, pure genius!! Gemini's get a lot of haters through life through envy. He is very spiritual too!! Listen to him, spirit is present in most of his so called "rants". Loved every album!! Thanks for being you Kanye x My personal fav live performance is Hey mama at the grammys, the most beautiful heart felt tune I've ever seen!! Very real!!

Laura Pineda : The world is not ready for Kanye West yet

Careem Smith : When Nicki used to do that awful British accent.

ndoto9 : That black panther dinner though, that power scene, that michael jackson parade, those dancers. God dam. And this was 8 years ago, now everyone is wearing yeezy's. How is this man so laughed at?

Yashmina Uejima : Well I know how beyonce was inspired to create lemonade.... watching this shows me Kanye was ahead of the game genius

John Harry : I have never judge kanye but i never thougth he was so talented im amazed i thougth he was jist famous because of the kardashians but this made me cry pure talent i could listen to this forever

Jazmine Jordin : Wow still having an affect on me 7 years later. This is a master piece!

Kobe Joshua Ricks : 5:57 the remake of power is still great till this day

Christoph Nuzzo : Damn! He was saying don't listen to the news 8 years ago and no one was angry at him. Now it's pissing everyone off because he is a black rapper that doesn't hate Trump just because the news tells black America to. I like the tribute to MJ, and damn that bird chick is hot 😎

juan quntos : Dragon energy!

AntFriend : luh kanye

philipbrankat : It's scary thinking about the world losing this man, a world without Kanye West

Sibonga-Okuhle Shezi : Kanye is steps ahead everybody in this world, or at least he is the only one not afraid to express his genius.

rustynails113 : I am a white guy who generally doesn't listen to rap. This full movie was incredible. As with most music, it's all about telling a story. Very well told! Mr. West, you have my attention and great respect for your creative abilities.

TK : If you haven’t seen it, there’s a podcast on Apple called Dissect that goes through every lyric and sample of MBDTF. Pretty amazing work and gave me a new appreciation of Kanye