Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

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mysingalongsong : In retrospect, maybe serving your bird girlfriend a turkey dinner wasn't a solid choice.

afro curly girl : This is my favorite music video to come back to. 2018?

Rafael Santos : This really made me realise how ripped ballerinas are

Kidzo900 : The Plan was, to drink until the Pain's over. So what's worse, the Pain or the Hangover. . . . Classic Kanye

Wanye Kest : MBDTF was definitely ahead of its time; imagine if it was released now...

Ofentse Mwase Films : This was Years ahead of its time.

Mulumebet Yohannes : The whole film is one of the best moments of his career

Playboi ShOOta16*29 : Man people are really going to regret what they said about Kanye one day

gherallldo rivverieeraa : That dinner scene is pretty relevant to todays Kanye. The black community loves him whenever he fits the pro black narrative (white servants serving black guest), but will immediately discredit him as soon as he does something out of line to that, like bringing his bird gf to dinner.

New Breed : Doctor: “You have 34 minutes and 32 seconds to live.” Me:

Scott Farrell : Just imagine if everyone had Kayne's creativity. We'd be a different race

M Cai : This is the highest form of art.

Logic783 : Dude is a prophet. He foreshadowed how people would look at him with Kim. Damn. I just noticed that after 8 years when this dropped in 2010.

#FLXtv : Bruh, its May of 2018 and im just now watching this.....for the first time ever. This visual masterpiece has changed my view and will alter how i live the remainder of my life.

David Whitford : Got an ad for Drake: In my feelings. The difference in skill and creativity blows my mind. Kanye was and continues to be the most creative in the game. He truly is ahead of his time. In 20 years he will be remembered and praised as a prodigy.

Scott Farrell : 5:54 - 7:30 should have been on the album as an interlude to POWER

Ibsa Nura : This is America ain't shit compared to this.

Graham Clayton : 0:47 - Car is a Czech-built Tatra MTX V8i - only 5 were built in the early 1990's, and this black one was the only one imported into the United States.

Armchair Critic : Imagine a Graduation animated film 😍

Trizzyhellabandz : This look like something that would be made at this time not in 2010

Jamal Coimbra : Kanye is not a artist he is ART.

Jared Ratliff : 4:33 Kanye called out fake news 7 years before MSM. A true prophet.

Matthew Carrion : Do YoU KnOw ShEs A bIrD? Ya dont say

Stock : Seriously tho anyone who says Kanye isn’t a genius is just ignorant. He’s always way ahead of the current time. Truly a remarkable person

Yashmina Uejima : Well I know how beyonce was inspired to create lemonade.... watching this shows me Kanye was ahead of the game genius

Yung Squidward : This is the most "Kanye" thing I have ever seen ever.

Mr Man : 2019??

LATREACE WILLIAMS : Dang this made me fall back in love with the art of Kanye West


Billionaire Burns : I still rock with Ye despite him wearing a Red Hat.  Be Owt Kanye represent free thought and speech.  You can only make change from the inside

Christoph Nuzzo : Damn! He was saying don't listen to the news 8 years ago and no one was angry at him. Now it's pissing everyone off because he is a black rapper that doesn't hate Trump just because the news is telling black America to do so. I like the tribute to MJ, and damn that bird chick is hot 😎

James Law : Don’t let this distract you from ththe fact that melon gave KIDS SEE GHOSTS a 10/10.

Maria D'Angeles : This film has so much significance and the lyrics in the music... This is his fairy tale Zip It Listen. He never stopped running for her love even after she left him that was the beauty in the relationship. He wanted no one else but her. He saw far beyond the bird, he saw what was in the bird and fell in love. That is why he says he never noticed she was a bird. He shows her his world and All of the Lights. He observes her every move and teaches her his right. She doesn't fit in his world because shes different shes a bird but he loves her that way. His only flaw is that he loves women's body to much but he doesn't love them, he just loves the sex. He just can't love anyone like her but he doesn't want to hurt her so he asks her to Runaway if she can't understand. No ballerina compares to the bird. Then he talks about their sex being so great he compares it to pornstars. They fight and blame each other. She teaches him something about his world what he does to pheonix/women he rips their wings, he plays with them, and they turn to stone, their hearts turn to stone. That is why she wants to leave/burn so she doesn't get hurt but he loves her he wants to save her for himself. He is Lost In The World without her. Shes His Everything. A love like Kim & Kanye no one understands but them. (Except maybe me Lol ! I went through every exact event so this is like my fairy tale too. I'm the bird and my Kanye was exactly the same LMAO !)

Careem Smith : When Nicki used to do that awful British accent.

Joya Johnson : This song, this film, and this whole album really pushed the boundaries of what is "hip hop".

Samo Aquaia : Kanye is steps ahead everybody in this world, or at least he is the only one not afraid to express his genius.

Trey Hunter : The most creative, aesthetically pleasing videography of any musical artist ever.

Rubeus Hagrid : You know one time I picked up this woman in a bar. We really hit it off and when I drove her home she offered for me to come in. It was an amazing night of hot love making. But it wasn't until the next day I realized that she was a bird.

Fred : This album was a masterpiece.

snowdaysrule2 : This is probably the only music video I'll show my grandkids 50 years down the road.

Zack the vibe Sage : Scoopity poop

Nick Richardson : I wish i was this talented. It really makes me wonder what im going to do with my life..

meshuggah : I never thought Kanye would make me appreciate how talented ballerinas are

Cherish G : I love the bit where power is playing

Pablo Garcia : I discovered this video this year and I'm glad that I did

Adrian Rogers : Damn never knew kanye was always concious. He drops gems in his music that are messages to the people to come together and wake up out of this fake ass reality.

Jack Torrance : Much better than This is America.

popcorn pop : the story of corruption of innocence.. his muse that fell from the sky learning about humanity... the true other that doesn't know our culture who is then seen as a weird oddity.. who tries to assimilate..kanye realizes he is part of that group.. humans who seem to scofff at this oddity..and thus gives her the option that she is too good for this group and him.. 'a toast''. comforting his muse letting her know she isn't the problem but 'we' are. when dinner arrives and they are serving 'her kind' she loses her mind... as she realizes what her relationship to kanye 'man' is.. on the food chain.. where she was the muse.. she realizes on earth.. she is prey for the predator that is man. kanye wants her to stay while she wants to 'burn'.. man is selfish and she makes the decisions she wants to live and the world doesn't treat her kind right.. as kanye runs to her? or is he running away from the fire (what man fears most). leaving earth she is purified

Miles849 : "Do you know she's a bird" "No I never noticed that" Lol fantastic

Tim Kruse : Runaway>This Is America