Tuxedo cat purring in my lap

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Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats : Love the purrs!

MINH TRA : Hi! I love your cats//k

Alvi cat channel : This is the sound we all love :)

Pusa Chickenova : Torresminha is lovely and her purring is wonderful!

Traveler's Garden : Aww...so sweet!

2 funny cats kittens : He is loving your love so cute😻😻

Golden Goodie : Awww!! Que fofa <3 !

Fivel and Soteline : She is such a sweet girl 😻

Funky Cat : music to my ears:)

Jennifer Morales : That is just the best! I’m literally doing the same thing right now 😂

My Pets : great video i just subbed! Also i just posted a new video called "Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Cats." it would be cool if you checked it out and subscribed back!

My Pets : thumbs up!!

Gatos : So cute!!

CASPER: Naked_Bald_ and_Funny_Sphynx_Cat : exellent purr video!

DominiqueJolie Pets : Awe I love this