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Ravi Vora : Hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes look at my photography. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these and what subjects you’d like me to cover!

agnes aiko : IM SO HAPPY YOU STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! i’ve been following your instagram for who knows how long (cuz it’s been WAYYyyYy too long) and love all your work!!! i’m loving the cinematic videos but im equally loving the bts videos and think you should do more of those!!! i for one would be really interested in seeing the kind of video like this, your editing process, or maybe like a how to video (how to pose your model, how to get rlly dope shots... IDK) but please keep up the awesome work and i’m looking forward to more of your videos :) also just a small critique... i think the exposure you used when narrating was a little too high but that’s just my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rahul Thevar : This is awesome !! But I would love to see you give some tips on how to get these on camera !!

Aniruddha Tupe : Would love tutorials and bts!!

Tucker Doss : Yes dude! Loved this video, defiantly more videos like this behind the scenes and more in depth about how you create the stunning portraits you do. You have some of the best portraits out there man, such a good eye. Side note I’m moving to LA next week, can we meet up pls and how can I get in touch

Tucker Doss : Wanted to ask as well, do you style your models/pick their clothes as well? The way you play with contrasting colors is phenomenal. Is that all pre planned? Or something you just come across?

Larissa S. : my goodness, your work is incredible....!!!!!

lmlongsurf : i WANT Tutorials from Ravi Vora!! Teach us!!!

Abhijith krishnakumar : Love your colors bro would like to know your coloring technique

Nick Valentine : amazing stuff man! not going to lie, when watching i am imagining how you are filming (i.e.- positioning yourself, positioning the model) and i love the way you expressed your plan then showed how it played out. ever since you asked on on of your insta stories about the idea of releasing presets or tutorials, i would seriously be SO down for both, but tutorials i think would be even BETTER because then we, as the body of who you inspire, could help create our own brand through your help. thank you for all your hard work, you are my inspiration and motivator!

D Delewski : well done!

Why Akshay : Nice sound design. definitely want to see more content. :)

liz : LOVE the video editing!!

AVKinder : Dope video!! Venice never looked better.

IN DESERT : Really i like that ravi should doing more like that, good luck

David Mahery : YES WE WANT ALL THESE (behind the scenes, tutorials, anything crafting shots)

Sherry Foster : i love all your pictures i didnt know you have a youtube channel this is way better to share you have excellent work keep it up ❤❤❤❤🕊🕊🕊🕊

Bhavin Ved : Ravi I want more but I also want you to come back to New York 😆😆

1337airwalk : Awesome stuff! Would love to see more behind the scenes! But what I’d like to see the most is a walk through of your editing process for portraits and landscapes! Looking forward to more!