Friendly Deer

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DANG JOS : This feels good human, please continue

Butters The Bean : Beautiful animal.

Gaurav Patil : Change title to : Dear deer..


fruitloops : *Yes, I'd like ten please.*

dazhibernian : Deer is acting as a decoy for a grizzly bear behind them. They will both share the spoils once the kill is made.

Consural : Deer: *"YEAH, DAS IT MANE ."*

Agamaz : aww

Matthew Ryan : It only took YouTube eight years to recommend me this video

IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers : She looks like she's having the time of her life :D

Lance McGowan : 0:39 legs look like some dudes at the gym

Onio Saiyan : Rare footage of the rare forest doggo.

Justin Y. : Bambi just wants some love

Twinpact : Stop playing with your food

NX berry : 0:08 snoop dogg

Sarina Blurryface : Awww that’s a big cat

MRSOMEBDY : I love friendly animals.

Maxiboy 0407 : He‘s high af

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : 00:08 looks like snoop dogg.

Mralabbad : Sigh. . .It will regret this trust in humans soon enough

A MATTI : This is why i hate hunters

Brant Frans : Such a beautiful and amazing moment.

Kevin : uhhhh i think your dog is broken...

Catta Bonata : I think your cat is broken

Rusty Shackelford : That deer looks stoned

Mashal Malik : The last time I saw a deer it peed on my boot.

Ethan : And as he uploaded his final video, the deer shot the cameraman at point blank range, killing him instantly. His body was never found.

MrWhatdafuBOOM : And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

Waki 310 : I want to be the beer

I love nick but I dont like you : Im hungry right now hold my beer, pass me the gun

I love BTS : What a cute "dog"

BlueMoonFuzz : What kind of dog is that

Raquel Bandeira : *That's the spot. Oh yeah*

Nikhil Yadav : Thats a weird looking cat but ok.

Rewrite : 0:26 this face makes me comfortable.

Similak Child : You're not supposed to touch those

Carson Colorgrave : What a strange dog.


Mike B : *If there was another one, that would have been expensive...* *It would have been two deer :)*

Party Petusum : 0:38 needs to become a meme

Montyひ : *Majestic Animal.*

Clorox Bleach : That's a cute turtle where can i get one

Rolf S. : I think this is filmed at "Animal Park ARTH-GOLDAU" in Switzerland... There you can buy food to feed them...They are walking free in the Park...Very cool...

Callum Conner : The deer's like: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

greenmachine6688 : this deer is actually in extreme pain. freezing with the chin up and eyes closed is known as a "corpse response" and indicates the deer is so overcome by fear that it essentially shuts down. please, don't mistake this for human emotions like "pleasure" or "happiness." this deer is an animal and very different from you or me. what this man is doing to this deer is basically torture. educate yourself, please

Waspy Wasp : Back when YouTube was actually a nice place

Abida Babida : She looks pregnant too. Sweet Doe

Fallen Music : Oh Deer...

Szransh 111 : But it's not a goat!!!!! Ya Allah!!!

Rainer Winkler : Pet alot of them in Nara, japan. Bastards starts to steal stuff out of my pockets and eat my jacket if i didnt watch. Never trust a deer.... they act like theyre cute and innocent... but they are the pure evil!