Insulting Kids For Liking Fortnite
Insulting Kids For Liking Fortnite penguinz0

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This is the greatest twitter commenting of All Time


Czeji : Kids: *like a game for kids* Adults: *w e i r d f l e x i s n o t a l l o w e d*

Hex3 : it's getting to the point where anything remotely different or unusual is being called "cringe", and it's getting pathetic.

Lianne Abdon : Charlie is so goddamn pretty

StardustLegend - TheFirstNoel : i don't like fortnite and i'm kind of put off by the culture it's created but considering i was part of the minecraft cringe culture i can't really judge,

HitzCritz : *how could you say something so controversial yet so brave*

OmI3t : *Game is created for children* *Children play the game* *Children get bullied for liking a game created for children* ????????????????

Danny deBoer : Heres how the cycle works: Thing becomes popular, everyone loves it except some people. Those are made fun of for not liking it Thing becomes oversaturated to the point that it becomes cool to hate on it and the people that play it Thing becomes not cool to make fun of and those who do are shunned and then everyone says "oh just let people like it" And then the cycle continues...

HR Geiger : Damn "growing up you couldn't talk about video games" that shit is true. If it wasn't Madden you were getting clowned.

jacob pacheco : As someone who has played online videogames for a long time, it literally doesn't matter what game they play, older gamers despise younger players.

K B : Charlie is brave enough to call out these toe suckers, but is he brave enough to put lego star wars the compleat saga on the moist meter

a thing : Shame that in 2019 people are so miserable they shame kids for having fun and dancing.

What : it happened to minecraft too back in the day. Now everyone looks back at it all nostalgic like. The kid's that play fortnite now will do the same 10 years from now.

Microwaved Salad : the whole fortnite trend has really been tame compared to a few years ago when 12 year olds would twerk to gas petal at the middle school dance

WangleLine : Thanks for the message, charlie. Love the video

leocam411 : Still day one of helping my guy legatus

ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ : I mean. It’s good that so many people are connecting over Fortnite and other video games too. Athletes and Nerds at my school are now becoming friends just cause they play video games and are becoming friends.

Red Ultra : Charlie standing against the crashing wave of Millennials turning on Generation Z kids

Cwizzo : Kids: Having fun with something they like. People: how dare they do such a thing

Cozy Paladin : It's hard to think of something more cringeworthy than grown-ass adults making fun of kids online.

MegavidÆos : I feel bad because this is the most genuine video I’ve ever seen from Charlie but all of the comments are about LEGO Star Wars.

TheModdedwarfare3 : It's over Anakin. I have the moral high ground.

Rohan Slazar : Just imagine the amount of mouthbreathers that got bullied for liking Pokémon back in the 90's yet they are now bullying children for liking Fortnite. _Insecurity intensifies_

Green Beanie : Ngl I like fortnite, even though a lot of the community is cancerous.

Hottie Thottie : This really humbled me. Honestly.

Tacitus Kilgore : Day 7.2386 of helping get Lego Star wars the complete saga on the moist meter

Mada : Why does everyone have a Lego star wars pfp?

Loopey Fist : This was a great video. It exposed me to points I had no previously considered. Thank you for expanding my understanding

Into The Adventure : You may be very short but this was a very good video

Heynah Mata : It really disgusts me how people really hate kids who loves playing fortnite, it's like faking that you're edgy or something. They just really need to stop, a game that could be fun and can bring many people together, hated by low life lunatics.

Who Could Win a Rabbit? : Still day 1 of helping legatus getting him to review the LEGO Star Wars complete saga on the moist meter

Alex Takahashi : I'm at this point considering to establish a new religion where we all just praise Charlie instead of Jesus. People who belong to this religion shall be called...Moistians.

NoMan : Thank you skipper now I'm free to roam the streets

Holden Rominger : You made me see this stuff from a different view, thanks.

iKELL : 1000% agreed you nailed every point. cheers.

Dio Drando : Pyrocynical would like to know your location.

Keagan Dunham : Kid *exists* Everyone else "BULLY THIS LITTLE SNOTCONDOM"

Charlie Floyd : Game: *is appealing to kids* Kids: *play the game* Older people: “eXcUsE mE wHaT tHe fUcK”

dropdeadbunnie : I play fortnite and I'm 9 years old. No, but I do play and whenever I get a kid on my squad, they're usually so nice, or straight up savage. There's no in-between. And then you get preteens yelling at their grandma.

Vaantasy : Charlie : _start speaking_ Me : *MOIST'D*

Legatus : Day 35 of asking Charlie to put LEGO Star Wars the Complete Saga on the Moist Meter.

Eli Saltsman : Yeah but in school if you dont play fortnite you get beat up

D3rk0o : You earned yourself a new sub and a like good job man.

DYRWLVS : I some what disagree about playing games not considered cool while growing up. Usually multiplayer games (Smash, Halo, etc) and rhythm based games (DDR, Guitar Hero etc) were fairly popular. With that said not every game was accessible, but that still holds true today.

Thugga Thugga : Yes love when people shares my kind of view, thanks for sharing man

Tacitus Kilgore : A very reasonable man you are, Charlie. I hope you are reasonable enough to put Lego Star wars the complete saga on the moist meter

x Deicide : Ladies and gentlemen I give you the most consistent YouTuber

AxelXL : It's not just Twitter, every single online platform is infested with sick and deranged people.

DynamicFox : This is the video I needed!

bruh : Day 1 of asking Charlie to put Levi Star Wars on the moist meter and well he hasn't.