Insulting Kids For Liking Fortnite

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TierZoo : I tried to learn the original fortnite dance and couldn't do it. Any kid who puts in the effort to learn those moves is someone I'd expect to go far in life.

Czeji : Kids: *like a game for kids* Adults: *w e i r d f l e x i s n o t a l l o w e d*

Noponis : I'm honestly just glad they're playing actual videogames again, opposed to mobile scam pieces of dirt

tyler dugger : this honestly changed my perspective on fortnite sorry to everyone i dissed..

Danny deBoer : Heres how the cycle works: Thing becomes popular, everyone loves it except some people. Those are made fun of for not liking it Thing becomes oversaturated to the point that it becomes cool to hate on it and the people that play it Thing becomes not cool to make fun of and those who do are shunned and then everyone says "oh just let people like it" And then the cycle continues...

HitzCritz : *how could you say something so controversial yet so brave*

Ahnock : the real kids that need to be bullied are the ones who comment about Lego Star Wars on genuine videos

TheFirstNoel : i don't like fortnite and i'm kind of put off by the culture it's created but considering i was part of the minecraft cringe culture i can't really judge,

Hex3 : it's getting to the point where anything remotely different or unusual is being called "cringe", and it's getting pathetic.

Spencer XD : My thoughts actually changed after seeing this video and makes me feel bad, so im sorry little children, im sorry for trashing on you and your favorite game. just to be clear, the way i worded this sounds weird, but i still stand by it.

Dio Drando : Pyrocynical would like to know your location.

Han FooWoo : Day 1 of me joining legatus on getting Charlie to put Lego star wars the complete saga on the moist meter.

Meme Face : You keep it so real Charlie, glad to have you on this site.

LEGO Meme Machine : *Penguinz is right* 1:59 Summary: Growing Up you couldn’t come out saying you played video games or you’d get insulted Ya know, he’s right! I remember growing up, I’d be insulted by kids for playing video games...Then years later, these same kids want PS4s and XBOX Ones Hell, I don’t remember video games becoming widely accepted in my school until 2010 when the newest COD game launched and everyone was on it! It’s funny Remember when the Teens from back in the day said ModernWarfare 2 is for little kids who have no life? Remember that? It’s funny because those same people are making Modern Warfare 2 memory videos! Remember when Minecraft wasn’t so popular and people loved it? Then when it got too popular, everyone who played it would insult you and call you a little kid for playing it... NOW THOSE SAME PEOPLE ARE REMINISCING ON MINECRAFT AND PLAYING IT AGAIN LMAO And Fortnite is the same! Before it became super popular, everyone loved it! Now it’s hated because it’s everywhere and it annoys a few years, people will look back at Fortnite and say they love it I’ve noticed a trend here... Whenever a good game becomes really popular, the teens and adults start saying that game is for kids who have no life and need to Oof themselves... Then when the game isn’t popular anymore, people reminisce on it and love it again


TheJediSonic : We've gone full circle with oppressed gamers oppressing the future gamers.

Lianne Abdon : Charlie is so goddamn pretty

WangleLine : Thanks for the message, charlie. Love the video

jacob pacheco : As someone who has played online videogames for a long time, it literally doesn't matter what game they play, older gamers despise younger players.

Daddy Danger : What's with all the Autismo Gizmos talking about Legos?

Daniel Sambar : _Pyrocynical in a Nutshell_

ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ : I mean. It’s good that so many people are connecting over Fortnite and other video games too. Athletes and Nerds at my school are now becoming friends just cause they play video games and are becoming friends.

KAT : OMG I JUST thaught of this today... cause haters LOOVEEE to shit all over the game cause its THAT popular.. thats just it.. they are jelaous that the kids are happier than they were as kids ! and they wanna see them suffering rather than be happy.. like... YES i find their dancing cringy (not hate just my oppinion) BUT i never hated on them online or directly.... cause why... it helps nothing..

Red Ultra : Charlie standing against the crashing wave of Millennials turning on Generation Z kids

Mr Broomhill : thank you so much for making this video sometimes i feel like i'm alone in the opinion that bullying children for liking something you don't is wrong i fucking hate cringe culture so much

Zedrin : People are so obsessed with trying to make anything out to be cringe culture, because making fun of what you think is cringe is obviously how you avoid being cringy yourself, right? Just let kids enjoy things.

Mr. potato : These kids where actually doing it ironically

TheModdedwarfare3 : It's over Anakin. I have the moral high ground.

Gjallarwings : Charlie, you can't be a true Chad if you don't bully those Fortnite loving liberals we must rek them epic style.

Thestimps : I want pop rocks

Handz 0n Trigger : They're doing it 'cause it's popular.

Microwaved Salad : the whole fortnite trend has really been tame compared to a few years ago when 12 year olds would twerk to gas petal at the middle school dance

DeepVoiceGuy 985 : Now we need people to make fun of the people that are making fun of the people that are making fun of fortnite, if that makes sense

Mada : Why does everyone have a Lego star wars pfp?

Sony Nguyen : Honestly I thought the dance competition was pretty cringey, you can like fortnite, play it, joke about it, be ironic about the dances or even just do the og fortnite dance/actually good looking dances from fortnite. I am sorry however that shit was cringey to me. It's similar to when the highschool anime club goes all out, maybe it's cool for them but not me man. Shit be subjective dude, can't just expect everyone to be in the mix and say fuck these kids are awesome for having a culture. Some just view it as cringey and I don't blame them, the kids can stop or keep going, I don't care. The comments that say stop the fortnite kids or bring bullying back are always there for extra likes, give me that Reddit upvote cum, watch this cringe video type shit. People who think similarly, but not necessarily the same thing will gather and spout that stuff.

How to properly clean your metal computer : The only acceptable fortnite dance in public is the default dance, don’t @ me.

Literally Satan : I hate this shit. They're kids.... Having fun... How can anyone shit on this. It's no different than the cringey shit we did in school... smh

iKELL : 1000% agreed you nailed every point. cheers.

Cody Batte : Gonna cut it at 1:30 and summarize: Let kids be kids. FortNite is cool. This generation is fucked. Have a good day.

Gabriel B. : I just hate how fortnight is used to abuse kids online, also it kind of anoys me when other people over hype the game especially when they never played any another games.

TheBobinator : All this reminds me of when I was a kid playing Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga, it would be a shame if you didn't put it on the Moist Meter

mandiJoe Rbi3 : isnt Twitter called the home for the Lgbtq community?

sh 4rd : comment section lookin' like a Lego StarWars character roster

Sovereign Ruler Doomward : Frfr tho damn Charlie went off

Ö _ : So. You know what we need to do? WE need to make sure that if those kids do have online presence, that we link them here. You go Fortnite kids, do what you love, screw everyone else.

i-win : Bullying children < Children Bullying you

Blue Larry : Honestly, I hated on kids liking Fortnite in my school. I only did it because a friend of mine does it. He doesn't even respect other people's opinions in general, although he's probably joking. People just need to realize that the kids are just having fun. That's it. Is it really that hard to realize? They're lucky that they can find people who share the same interest. I was so happy when I found a friend who also liked Undertale.

KevSomeone : Real Talk. I don’t like Fortnite but I personally think it’s showing a positive influence for kids. It’s straying them away from violent games such as Call of Duty and towards a more friendlier game(that game being Fortnite). The fact that these kids are also making friends at school and having fun is another point to add. But no, it’s apparently wrong for kids to have fun because they have to suffer with what adults deal with. ngl I used to hate kids that were trying to be part of the “hip and trendy” people and it was most likely because of my bad memories of elementary/middle school and embarrassing times when I was part of a big trend(Don’t lie, you were part of a fad just as bad as that “embarrassing cringeworthy” Fortnite). But really, I learned to let kids do what they want that makes them happy(in a positive way of course), because they’re not going to be young forever, so let them be.

Elzioraz gaidys : You actually made me tolerate them i can remember making fun of that video 3 days ago, but now i understand them because of you. Thank you 😁

yaahurrr : The rebirth and angelic leafyishere