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Gaming 4 Life V1 : Video finishes at 10:20 you can thank me later

Rewritten Gamer : I swear your all ninjas

Tyler Davis : those kids are so light, they cant get much out of the spring floor.

Daniel Cassidy : Those nine year olds are insane they’re better than me😂😂

Mr Bear : What am I doin wit my life

Cookkii Monsta MSP : The nine year old in all black clothes had such amazing hair I'm jealous ♥

WOLF INSTINCTZ : These 9 year olds work out too much!

MerchSearch : Some ppl can only dream of being as talented as you guys 🤓

Destiny Spencer : The little black kid reminds me of Huey from the boondocks 😂 but they are really good

Louis B : 8:27 some body explain how?????

Havoxᖷ : Imagine These Guys Fighting..

faga tuamasaga : play the mortal kombat theme song and ill go HAM!!!!...

WestAmoling : First (Edit) OMG HE LOVED THIS COMMENT!!😭😭🔥🔥❤️❤️)

YouTube Kids : Bro u kids are SICK IN THE GOOD WAY

NonStopME :P : Hello people of the earth world

Loner Wolf_94 : jesus those kids are built! the shoulders and arms on the short haired boy was nuts! 💪💪💪

Vladimir TRIBOT-MIREK : i love ur channel bro it's so cool

Squad 15 : I am 5 and I can do all kind of flips without trampoline

Kareem Estaitieh : These kids are like kyle and kojo back in the day 😂😂

Rainbow Gamer : they published this video on my birthday🤗

Nate Cromwell : Little kyle and kojo SENPAI NOTICED ME

Gacha studio Storys : I just want to watch the nine year olds

Solar4magma : I can land a front flip can do a backflip into a pool no diving board but no backflip on tramp

jaymoney l : Im nine and all i can do is front flip back flip and oreo

Wardvision : I think the jumping stilts are called powerbocking

Iker Jiménez : Whats the name of the move at 9:40??

Noah Rush : Your flips are so good and insane

Billebull GFX : Nice

Gavin Burton : I want to be like Kyle

Kay Dolla : This is cool😎😎😎😎

Yvette Registe : can you teach me how to do those awsome flips?

dead shot : want to flip like yall I can only hit a backflip on ground

OLEX Rain : Lil pump Gucci gang

Ola Tansøy Eikås : Your channel should had more subscribers! Youre amazing!😎

Taijon Fray : The one in dark green is so sikk

Flo Flips : U kids are SICK IN THE GOOD WAY

Craig Tucker : 3:11 number plate isn't blurred out 😛

gamer roblox : There ninjas and ima small ninja beacause ima parkour

Ivan Boychuk : Good day starts with plan zero videos. Dont miss the day Kyle!

Taylor Stephen the scooterer and blogger : Sick

Saif PS : We haven't clubs in my country at all .palestine.

Rocky 10000 : cool

Aka Freerunning : Nice video👍

Lúcio Williams : tutorials

xd Suttle : The merch is sold out.... I want the arcade tee so baddd!!! 😥❤️

insidious crayzie : wtf 7:31

insidious crayzie : wtf 8:19

insidious crayzie : wtf 8:50

Susan Kennerly : Do they do lessons or enything? These kids are amazing

Armaankhan Armaankhan : Amazing