Optimize Your YouTube Video - Translate Titles and Descriptions

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Lidia : I also hate this feature, glad to see that I'am not alone, and I didn't found a way to disable it. Is there any? I am from Romania, and I want to see original title of video, English should be kept in english, Russian in russian, and so on. It happens that I see a video with russian title on my smart tv, and when I want to find same video on desktop , looking it from it's channel, all titles are in english, the title for video I am looking is in english. It's confusing, I can't find what I want. WTF !

KoudeZuurkool : It's awful, I hate it. I will instantly skip video's that have an automatically translated title in it. Most of the times it doesn't work right and you get very weird sentences. Please, content creators, don't enable this! Most people visiting youtube know the English language pretty well (when they read it especially). A far superios implementation would be for users to CHOOSE if they want to "translate" titles to their own language instead of being forced to have it this way.

ramiz should : They are awesome

ramiz should : Hi there, Derral Eves💪💪💪💪💪😇😍🙂😋

maxstartable : this dude sure likes hamburgers

Erika Rakupi : Please. Bilingual, Trilingual etc people need the option to turn this off. The feeling is similar to when we watch movie, we want to watch it in the original language. Not the dubbed. For Youtube videos, we want to see the video title in the original language that the creator wrote. Thank you

Jan Ondřich : sure learn them how to do most annoying thing, if peaople understadn different language thay could read that themself, if they dont understand there is no point in watching that video

Orlano Fanis : Had to change my ipad language to get rid of this horrible feature

Jack the Gestapo : I want to disable this. seriously, any sentence being translate straight through machine from English to Chinese are often downright awful and vice versa

Benedikt Müssig : The translations are usually really awful. They are a deterrant for me watching a video since they are often done automatically and are just plainly wrong. I speak English and don't want localized video titles for videos in other languages.

peter koller : I read and write 4 languages. all I want is video titles in their original language instead of awful, almost unintelligible automatic translations into German just because I happen to live in a German speaking country! Will YouTube please stop incapacitating me!

Dan S. : This feature is only good as a click-bait. Nobody likes clicking on a video that is actually in an unknown language. Please stop doing it.

Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago : Great Channel

سمير محمد : unfortunately options positions got changed

rosenscharf : "And they access our content." And they do so because they already speak your language. When I enter a German search, I want German content and when I enter an English search, I want English content. The internet treats me as if I have had no education.

سمير محمد : wow I just knew that I was wrong when I asked a famous girl why did you choose an Arabic title for your video ?

سمير محمد : hahahah funny Arabic translation thank you , it is very important

Sja Dha : Make it stop please it hurting my eye

Andrew Crowth : HOW DO I REMOVE IT?

Niyko : I really don't get the point, it annoys me if anything and is just to increase views in general. Very user-unfriendly in my opinion. I'm from Germany and assuming I do not speak english very well, then I'm going to click on a video with a german title just to discover 5 seconds in that this video is completely irrelevant to me, because I can not understand a single word. So all this really does is bait viewers, that's morally wrong in my book. But since I can speak and understand english well enough, then there still is no point to the translation, because if I can understand the video then I'm also able to understand the title. Lately it feels like Youtube just employs a bunch of delusional people that are not in touch with the actual reality of their website and the needs of their users. Either that or it's just a devious trick to increase viewcounts for bigger channels, as Youtube profits from traffic. Really annoying, you can't even turn it off unless you change your location. That's the worst part. Just let me turn it off? What the actual f

__Stiffmeister__ : As someone bilingual this pisses me off because I can no loonger differentiate German, Polish and English Videos, how do i disable this?

Martin Klimeš : This is the worst feature youtube added. It's extremly annoying and useless. and youtube "experts" are advertising it. What's the point of tricking the user? to just have more views?

C00Cker : How do I turn off this feature on english content without changing the language of the UI?

Mangaheld : I really hate it when I want to watch videos in a specific language and then the language of the video itself is different than the language of the title. Even if I actually speak both languages, it is really annoying. When I want to watch videos in English, a German title will make me NOT click on the video. Is there no way to always see the title in the original language as a viewer ?

Piotr Nowicki : You shouldn't.

Suraj prakash : What is the benefit of this feature

Wilhelm Wurst : Whoever had that idea to translate titles at youtube... I hope you get hit by a bus

The Explorer : Hi Derrel! I'm new in the neighborhood. I have a big problem. When I click the bottom translate it doesn't allow me to translate, it says review the video information...??? I'm so confused! :(((

Gustavo Fernandes : I hate this feature because the videos are being automatic translated without me asking for it.

The Explorer : Hi Derrel! I'm new in the neighborhood. I have a big problem. When I click the bottom translate it doesn't allow me to translate, it says review the video information...??? I'm so confused! :(((

Ryu Kusanagi : I wonder if it is falseflagging if you flag those Video with auto-translated Titles for misleading content, because they're advertised in a Language that the Videos aren't. My Solution would be to redub the video in all the other languages, yes it's a shitload of work that might turn everyone attempting this insane, but it shows dedication to bring people together.

aydin siraje : How do you talk

heisltschick : title translation is cancer

Nyannyan OwO : BUT HOW TO STOP OR REMOVE IT?????!!!

puchho kaise : Very good information

Honest Finance : I’m not finished yet, but I literally just increased my view by about 5% just for translating the titles. Now onto the playlists :)

Crazy CoMMander : Does anyone know how to disable this? Please help it's very annoying

jurrien75 : I don’t want translated titles. How to stop it?.

Knolpowerenzoknolfan : How do you remove it

mackan072 : Is there a way to opt out of this stupid setting?

Ryu Kusanagi : what does it matter if only the video title is translated but the video's audio isn't ?

Yuki Neko : hate this feature so much, I can read multiple language. Do not need this crappy half effort translation of title...

Georg F : DON'T DO THIS. If the video is in english, the title should be too. It is annoying to read titles of english videos that have been translated to german by what seams to be a three year old.

Elle Is For Living : Great tips as always Derral. ♥ Elle

The Home Handyman : Question - If I translate my playlist like you mention will it translate all future videos I upload ????

LithiumProductions : Thumbs up for the playlist translating info. It hadn't occurred to me! Thanx!

Draw Curiosity : I'm bilingual and I love this YouTube feature - it means I can translate and close caption everything into English and Spanish so that almost everyone can follow without struggling with language. :) I hope one day YouTube incorporates audio descriptions too for the visually impaired, making it even more accessible.

UK Here We Grow : I have been testing this on some video Derrel. I have however been using Google translate for it. I thought that was better than nothing for a start. Did not realise hiw inacurate it was but you got me thinking now after thos video.

What Is Weight Loss About : Your idea is better than good my friend, it is very VERY good. It would save a lot of time, hence, making it so much easier for every Youtuber out there. Keep pushing for it mate ;)

Cash 509 : I clicked the drop down for 'tranlate into' I hovered over the new title and clicked.... nothing happened. I hovered over the new description and clicked... nothing happened.