Optimize Your YouTube Video - Translate Titles and Descriptions

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Gustavo Fernandes : I hate this feature because the videos are being automatic translated without me asking for it.

Mangaheld : I really hate it when I want to watch videos in a specific language and then the language of the video itself is different than the language of the title. Even if I actually speak both languages, it is really annoying. When I want to watch videos in English, a German title will make me NOT click on the video. Is there no way to always see the title in the original language as a viewer ?

Nyannyan OwO : BUT HOW TO STOP OR REMOVE IT?????!!!

Andrew Crowth : HOW DO I REMOVE IT?

rosenscharf : "And they access our content." And they do so because they already speak your language. When I enter a German search, I want German content and when I enter an English search, I want English content. The internet treats me as if I have had no education.

Erika Rakupi : Please. Bilingual, Trilingual etc people need the option to turn this off. The feeling is similar to when we watch movie, we want to watch it in the original language. Not the dubbed. For Youtube videos, we want to see the video title in the original language that the creator wrote. Thank you

Benedikt Müssig : The translations are usually really awful. They are a deterrant for me watching a video since they are often done automatically and are just plainly wrong. I speak English and don't want localized video titles for videos in other languages.

KoudeZuurkool : It's awful, I hate it. I will instantly skip video's that have an automatically translated title in it. Most of the times it doesn't work right and you get very weird sentences. Please, content creators, don't enable this! Most people visiting youtube know the English language pretty well (when they read it especially). A far superios implementation would be for users to CHOOSE if they want to "translate" titles to their own language instead of being forced to have it this way.

Knolpowerenzoknolfan : How do you remove it

Jack the Gestapo : I want to disable this. seriously, any sentence being translate straight through machine from English to Chinese are often downright awful and vice versa

Lidia : I also hate this feature, glad to see that I'am not alone, and I didn't found a way to disable it. Is there any? I am from Romania, and I want to see original title of video, English should be kept in english, Russian in russian, and so on. It happens that I see a video with russian title on my smart tv, and when I want to find same video on desktop , looking it from it's channel, all titles are in english, the title for video I am looking is in english. It's confusing, I can't find what I want. WTF !

Niyko : I really don't get the point, it annoys me if anything and is just to increase views in general. Very user-unfriendly in my opinion. I'm from Germany and assuming I do not speak english very well, then I'm going to click on a video with a german title just to discover 5 seconds in that this video is completely irrelevant to me, because I can not understand a single word. So all this really does is bait viewers, that's morally wrong in my book. But since I can speak and understand english well enough, then there still is no point to the translation, because if I can understand the video then I'm also able to understand the title. Lately it feels like Youtube just employs a bunch of delusional people that are not in touch with the actual reality of their website and the needs of their users. Either that or it's just a devious trick to increase viewcounts for bigger channels, as Youtube profits from traffic. Really annoying, you can't even turn it off unless you change your location. That's the worst part. Just let me turn it off? What the actual f

Jan Ondřich : sure learn them how to do most annoying thing, if peaople understadn different language thay could read that themself, if they dont understand there is no point in watching that video

Hanna Liu : This sucks, maybe as a native English speaker you think this is genius. But it's not. The translations aren't even correct and its so confusing.

Manuel Drekinn : This is cancer of the highest level. I want the title in the language the video is made of. But I guess that's how you generate clicks even though people will not watch your video

Alextrophysics : As a Canadian that speak both English and French, I find frigging HATE this feature...

FoolyLiving : Can you explain to me why most popular vloggers use VERY generic titles for their videos? They do NOT use titles that are optimized for findability. An example: "It's All Her Fault," or "He Actually Did It," or "We Went There." Do you know what I mean? We're family daily vloggers in Israel and I have noticed that the word Israel is not monetizable and all the titles that have the word "Israel" in them, they have taken away monetization for those videos. Can you please explain to me why this is? I do not put political or religious/controversial subjects into my videos, title, or tags. Is Google/Youtube boycotting Israel silently by doing this, and not monetizing videos from Israel? Also, our channel is never recommended to people so it is very hard for people to find our channel. Please explain this to me if you can. Thanks, Derral.

Sophie de Bruijn : So.. How do you turn it off? It's *REALLY* annoying. I hate it. Changing location doesn't work for me. I have it on US but the titles and descriptions still get translated into Dutch. I just want it in the original language. Please help me..

Martin Péter : semmi értelme ennek te sárgafogú dagadt fasz hólyag geci

FirstBurns : Don't translate your titles, I want to see the title in the language the video is in. I noticed about a week ago I hadn't seen videos of some of my favorite channels for a while, aparently they started translating their titles which made me not click on them.

jooke86 : Terrible, absolutely terrible. You should see the low level translations they provide. And with no way to turn it off I opt to not read the description instead, where, had it been still in English, I would have!

SilverLPs [JAGG Inc.] : Please, do NOT use this "feature". At least the whole german speaking community will not appreciate this. If a German doesn't speak english (thats uncommon btw), he/she will just not watch your videos, because he/she would not be able to understand anything. It's that simple.

Etopia : I wish YouTube would have multiple audio feature like Netflix has for its movies!! so creators that speak multiple languages could upload different audio for one video!!! I speak Spanish, English, & French & it would be awesome to be able to reach more audience in other languages currently all of my videos are in English!! but would love to dub my videos in the other languages I speak with out having to upload the same video 3 times up in each language :( YouTube please make this happen hehe love your tips Darell

Draw Curiosity : I'm bilingual and I love this YouTube feature - it means I can translate and close caption everything into English and Spanish so that almost everyone can follow without struggling with language. :) I hope one day YouTube incorporates audio descriptions too for the visually impaired, making it even more accessible.

Zarry. : Worst THING on yt RN

Martin Bootsma : How do i turn the automatic translation off? It's bloody anoying finding a video with an english discription and the video itself being russian without subtitles for example

Trance Playlists : I just want to be able to see the original language on pages, even when I don't understand the text. Auto translations are annoying and do not improve the user experience. It limits it.

Pae Dow : I'm very sorry that you received so much hate for making this video, but they are all correct and you are here, doing a video on how to spread this stupid function. Please replace this video with a video explaining, why doing this is a horrible idea.

Hingle McCringleberry : how to annoy and alienate your multilingual viewership while clickbaiting monolingual viewers into watching 5 seconds of your video.. .. and call it optimization hint: don't do it, if you already did it to your channel reverse it!!!

informant09 : Its the most annoying "feature" ever. I cant find anything positive about it.

Gigicat : I translate a lot of videos into arabic but I didn't see my translate in videos or my name in vidoes please I know you busy but please can you answer me

Sweet Golden Dreams : For those of us with followers from different countries and those of us who can speak the different languages: Would it be good to have a playlist of videos that are made in a language different from the main language of the channel (English), but have subtitles in English on those videos?

oli mueller : when you update a video by translating your title and description, does youtube give you a new ID. So is it like updating your Tags?

Martín Bonari : Hi Derral! How many tags are right? Is there a minimum or max number?

Elle Is For Living : Great tips as always Derral. ♥ Elle

Custom Cez Fai Da Te : is it working any longer? Appearently there's now way to translate it by clicking on the "translate button" anymore.

Ghica Vlad : i approve this I want more languages for more audiences

9tofunk : Loving your ideas, hopefully Youtube will listen to that :)

New Future Builder : Awesome tips. Still need to optimize my playlists and the idea is GENIUS!!!

vegetayami : if it would be possible to add different audio language, that would be SO NICE

Eduardo Cruz : Man your videos are awesome you deserve to get 1 million subs

THBronx : I always try to translate some of my videos titles and descriptions, not all videos but those that I think someone who doesn't speak Portuguese may want to see or at least have an idea of what I'm talking about. And I still don't know if it's a good investment to create subtitles, so this way more people can understand the whole video. What do you think? Anyone here tried to use subtitles to reach more people? The time invested in the translation and creation of subtitles are worth it? Thanks for the vid and tips! Take care.

Daniel Malone : Great Tips. I have always wondered if it would help to translate my videos.

SODAIS.12 : So this method will help us to get more views?

CyberCitizen : I hate this. I want to see the original titles... If a title isn't in English or German to begin with, the video itself will most likely not be in those languages either. Why is there no option to turn this off? It's super annoying.

Swiftflash : I highly recommend to never use this feature for Polish language. I often literally can't understand the description and the title when it is used, because the machine translations into Polish most often just create horrible gibberish mess.

Travel Gretl : Learned so much from your channel! Wrote something under an other vid too, but I think so many people react to you - are you able to see all we write?! If you ever watch over some of your subscribers channel again, I would love it if you pass by mine :) I'm a small travel videographer, trying to do things differently than the normal 'vloggers'. Thing is: my vids take so much time up in editing, I can't release them on even a weekly scedule.... I'm trying to do everything else correctly. How big is the influence of not updating at least every week on your views and subbers? Even with big periods of absence I am not unhappy with the amount of views I get and the amount of subscribers. People tend to like something about it, though some good feedback on what can be better would be so welcome!! Anyway, keep up the good work!

AllOurQuestions : The translation option is pretty cool. I like what you recommended to YouTube about being able to upload a new file that shows to a certain area. I had a guy contact me from Saudi Arabia wanting to translate my videos (have his presenter read my scripts) into a new channel targeting the Arabic market so uploading into a certain area/language would be definitely be helpful.


An Old School Home : Hi Derral, I've watched most of your videos and couldn't find the information I need. Here is what I'm trying to figure out: I have a gardening channel that is a practice run for a health and weight loss channel that I am still working on and it is not public yet. In my health channel I want to be able to promote some of the products that helped me loose weight and get healthier by putting links to, for example, Amazon.com where I bought my juicer, or health tracking wristband etc. Is this legal on YouTube? Can I mention in the video something like "Click on the Amazon.com link below to check out/purchase this wristband/juicer" etc. Also, is there something I need to check or uncheck in the video settings to let YouTube know what I'm up to :)? I was going to experiment with my gardening channel by signing up for Home Depot affiliate program and put links in the description section to show where I bought my tools, wood, soil etc. to build my raised garden beds. But, the gardening channel seems to be picking speed pretty quickly (thank to your and Darrel's videos) and I don't want to take a chance now and getting it suspended. If you or Tim already have videos like this and I missed them, could you please put links to them in the description section of your next video? Or, if you think that this is a subject worth your time, could you please make a video about it? I am sorry about the lengthy comment... Your help will be greatly appreciated!!! And thank you for all of your previous videos that helped me so much and made my life so much easier. I appreciate your work and time very much so! Happy 4th of July! Best, Sasha P.S. Do you know if Costco has an affiliate program? I couldn't find much on the internet about it, so I would assume no.