Guy dances better than Michael Jackson in Detroit streets

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Cheryl’s Organic Food Forest : This young man dances well, but how can he be better than Michael when he’s imitating Michael?

I Am Chedda : Not better than MJ , but very good.

SydneyFootball : Um, no one dances better than Michael Jackson!

Iam4peace : He don't dance better than M.J. But he sure can Dance!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏


cornellw24 : Damnnnn long ass moon walk!!....Some say even till this day he's still out there moon walking 🚶 🚶 🚶 😂😂😂

Barbara Richardson : Michael would be proud ❤️

Mariah Handy : Not better than MJ . But i def give him mad props for his performance. . Really goood . Def entertainin!

G0ddess Kelly : Lol you can't say someone's better than Michael Jackson if he's copying MJs moves.

DeShaun Muhammad : I'm not going to lie bruh is dope but not better than Mike tho

Elizabeth Pengson : hjahahahahaahaHAHAHAHAHA HELL NO.. one thing MJ had.. FINESSE..

Clydes Winfield : Everything he did he learned from Michael Jackson LOL

Robert Pena : Got some moves but not better than Michael Jackson

Nicholas Benjamin : He's good but don't compare him to Michael...Michael is THE 1 true killer when it comes to dancing

Vernita Meade : He's good .... but better than MJ??? No.

Rick Hagedorn : Clickbait for sure. He did a good job but he copied the moves.

Greg Señara : He's good, but not better than Michael Jackson.

Stefan Gustafsson : Not even close. Stiff and not committing to the fullest. But give this here Michael Crackson his rock, he earned it.

ivana jennel S.J : no one is better than mj

Kristie McHugh : Decent, but he lacks the sharp motion pops MJ did so well. Keep practicing

RCB FITE talk : His name is Dimitri Reeve. He lives in Baltimore

Rami Azzedine : Michael Jackson he is a icon one of the kind

mysticsimi : No one can beat Michael Jackson but yes he was awesome. I felt so happy just by watching his MJ moves n that moonwalk was just awesome. Love u MJ😘😘😍😍😍, u r an inspiration for many...

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : To me that guy has earned his Million. If you put gruelling hours and strenuous discipline into mastering a craft that IS OBVIOUSLY SUB-NATURAL!! you should be handed your small fortune..... Am i being UNFAIR!!?? i know I'm not being realistic in accordance with this crackpot system we live in..... But is what I'm suggesting (UNFAIR) NO. HELL NO!!! Well done son, i hope you get your hands on some well deserved millions..... ✊😎 👍👍✌️

robdiesel diesel : TFOH!!! Disrespect Mike like that

Walking Journey : He has it the later! Does he get paid to dance like Michael?

TARIQ MAHMUD : No one can be as good as Micheal Jackson period

Jannatul Ferdous Lupa : He is never better than michael

Moustapha Sheriff : Not moon walk, false name. this is jupiter walk. Jupiter mass is bigger than moon. High gravity. Moon walk on trambolin.

Rubina Bhutia Lama : Not even close to mj's moves sorry but don't compare him with the legend of pop.😜😜

T. Soprano : Close but no cigar!

Bitty Miles : Told you Michael was still alive!!!! He just downgraded , but looks like he is enjoying it though..

Dallas RedHail : Michael is the OG of dancing. But this cat definitely has some moves. 👍💯

Ramon Butler : Really good, but not better than M.J...definitely the longest 🌜🚶in history...I can't be the only one thinking, this guy has way too much time on ✋

I GET DUBS : I got the same JAGUAR in 0:44.

Chukka iTalk : That moonwalk was epic!

Earl Lewis : Not better, but really good impersonation

CRYSTALLINE ANGELOVE Twin Flames : He put a lot of heart into that dance. That was beautiful!

Michael Garner : Cars stop even for MJ impersonators... That's star power

GODFATHERLO : He went in!!! 😱(mcCully Culkin face)

Dan Treadwell : Michael is much much better

Ilija Petrusic : I love Michael Jackson he was special!!!!

thomas washington : Better than Michael? NO!!!!

Pamela Shannon : This is titled oh so wrong. He is good but not better

PETER builderburg : This guy is high on speed .

460 Rowland : He's ok but NEVER like MICHAEL

Albera Cid : michael wrote songs and sung the guy can just focus on dance similar but no better...

egirl841 : How can he be better than MJ, if MJ created the moves he's copying! Great impersonation, but in no way better than Mike!

Ali 62 : fotocopy 😂😂😂😂

MC Akbar : They were impersonated, imitated, but never been surpassed...