How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space

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Useless Duck Company : You have a talent for explaining things in a manner that is clear and entertaining, you need to make more.

Shay J. : They're not flying, they're falling with style

Kerbal Workshop : 16:39 Pilot: You’re a little bit high Commander: I agree

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : COME ON TARS!!!

Ammar Zaidi : I think the other reason for the high rate of descent is the weight of the massive balls of everyone on the Shuttle. The engineers factored that into the design

elneutrino90 : How to land a brick on a pencil from another room without looking

Seraph X2 : Wow....not a single laugh at the CSS joke. Not many developers in that room.


Geoffrey Williams : I have a chance to fly the space shuttle simulator at the Kennedy Space center in 2006. I was one of a crew of 24 an I had the position as the Commander. I took control of the orbiter at CSS and landed it on the centerline of the runway and 100 feet long. I am also a pilot and I just followed my training to follow the instruments. In the after the briefing, I received special recognition as one of the few that had ever landed it right side up and in place the first time I tried it. I still amazed that I actually could land that flying brick. The nose down attitude is really scary. This is one of my coolest bucket list adventures.

Ishan Amin : Who in the hell downvotes such a great informative video (2.1K Downvotes????) One of the best explanation I've heard on such a complex topic.

cdeacious : Started watching it, thinking I would close it after the first few minutes, stayed for the whole thing. Well done! First comment I have left in years.

Nx Doyle : I was lucky enough to be invited to JSC by a relative who works there. With the Shuttle program done, there was a tinge of sadness, especially in the old simulator which was, when I was there, essentially gutted. But I was able to go to a few places in the centre that aren't open to the public, which was a privilege and an honor. NASA is one of the finest organizations we've ever had. I lived very close to JSC for a couple years, and used to take the long way to work, hanging a right from NASA Road One onto Saturn Ln so I passed between the replica Shuttle (which in 2014 was placed atop the 747-100 transported from Ellington Field to the JSC by massive trucks) and the Saturn V rocket. It was a five min longer journey to work, but what the hell, right? I mean, it's fucking rockets.

Robssuttie123 : Not sure why this was recommended to me but i actually found this very interesting

Charles Beers : I did this on the hardest setting at the Alamogordo New Mexico, Museum of Space History's shuttle simulator. Then I got recruited as a Starfighter.

Paxton Leung : 15:55 You look good.

Cheb : Thank you for this video, was having some problems landing mine.

Nadox : Thank you, now I'll be able to land my Space Shuttle !

Crashramp : Just imagining someone whos about to go to space frantically coming to this video the night before launch like a person looking through math videos before their test the next day that they just didn't study for or understood its content.

Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish : 10:27 the CSS joke is underrated

Joan Clayton : Does he remind anyone else of Reese from Criminal Minds?

Neil Farvolden : The shuttle doesn't get hot on re-entry from air friction; it's due to the adiabatic compression of air caused by shock waves forming from the nose. You have a lot of kinetic energy and potential energy at the beginning of your descent and skin friction alone is not enough to slow you down. This is also why shuttles have rounded noses instead of the pointed noses you see on other supersonic aircraft. The round nose creates a larger shock wave and the heat is dissipated around a larger area instead of being concentrated at the nose.

UltimateCharge : Test the craft in KSP before launching it, add more struts and boosters.

joseph jackson : I've already watched this video twice now Edit: 3 times now

Pandacat 666 : what a nervous fella! i like him

FalconMasters : Dude, this is amazing. I wish I was a pilot or an astronaut on NASA.

toxic waste : still top comedy even in 2018

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : People on YouTube tell me that the Earth is flat and stationary, so this won't work.

Jimmy D : Richard Bacon. The coked up astronaut....

Darth_Turtle : Personnally i think landing a space shuttle backwards would be the coolest thing anyone has or will ever do

charron : This guy is confused between two careers. To be an astranaut or to be a standup commedian

ERROR_Animations : "carbon carbon pannels" Sounds nice

Luke Pickle : I always thought it was as simple as landing a plane

HurricaneDeclan : I was the 2,169,000th view

SanFranciscoBay : 12:36 Descent rate of for the Shuttle is 10,000 feet per minute which is the standard descent rate for Skydiving Airplanes, compared to 750 feet per minute for a Commercial Airplane. After the jumpers exit at 12,500 feet and open at 2,500 feet taking 1 minute, then a 2 minute parachute ride to the ground, the Skydiving Airplane beats the jumpers to the ground.

Bert Rich : what could go wrong...

Deidara Senpai : Its 2018 and im still in a state of denial the space shuttle is still in service in my world

Philip Berthiaume : OMGsh, feet and miles is crazy inefficient, why on earth is NASA not metric?

BravoTwoZero Sadek : Flying is easy enough... Landing this massive glider however... Not so easy.

friedchicken : it flies like a chunk of soap

Tracomaster : "imagine getting on board of a space shuttle during de-orbit burn and hearing these words:"does anyone know how to fly this thing?".


Cameron Bratz : What happened to the Boeing F/A 18 with the NASA livery.

jaboa jump : good job

Thomas G O'Neill Jr : AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BreezyProGrams tv : I'd like to have this guy as a teacher

Lee Greene : I absolutely love this video.

DaveMcIroy : From space? That's the normal thing.

Philip Tarnawskyj : God stop walking so much

KartoffelMann21 : Wait... the pilot talks the commander through landing?

The V8 : it feels like I am watching a 5 minutes vid instead of 17 mins