How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space

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Useless Duck Company : You have a talent for explaining things in a manner that is clear and entertaining, you need to make more.

BreezyProGrams tv : I'd like to have this guy as a teacher

MemesDLL : 2:24 "In our defense, launch is really expensive" *Elon musk kicks in the door* "DID I HEAR EXPENSIVE LAUNCHES?"

Bert Rich : what could go wrong...

Ammar Zaidi : I think the other reason for the high rate of descent is the weight of the massive balls of everyone on the Shuttle. The engineers factored that into the design

cdeacious : Started watching it, thinking I would close it after the first few minutes, stayed for the whole thing. Well done! First comment I have left in years.

Patryk Misilo : -"You look good." -"I agree. "

Geoffrey Williams : I have a chance to fly the space shuttle simulator at the Kennedy Space center in 2006. I was one of a crew of 24 an I had the position as the Commander. I took control of the orbiter at CSS and landed it on the centerline of the runway and 100 feet long. I am also a pilot and I just followed my training to follow the instruments. In the after the briefing, I received special recognition as one of the few that had ever landed it right side up and in place the first time I tried it. I still amazed that I actually could land that flying brick. The nose down attitude is really scary. This is one of my coolest bucket list adventures.


Ishan Amin : Who in the hell downvotes such a great informative video (2.1K Downvotes????) One of the best explanation I've heard on such a complex topic.

elneutrino90 : How to land a brick on a pencil from another room without looking

Nx Doyle : I was lucky enough to be invited to JSC by a relative who works there. With the Shuttle program done, there was a tinge of sadness, especially in the old simulator which was, when I was there, essentially gutted. But I was able to go to a few places in the centre that aren't open to the public, which was a privilege and an honor. NASA is one of the finest organizations we've ever had. I lived very close to JSC for a couple years, and used to take the long way to work, hanging a right from NASA Road One onto Saturn Ln so I passed between the replica Shuttle (which in 2014 was placed atop the 747-100 transported from Ellington Field to the JSC by massive trucks) and the Saturn V rocket. It was a five min longer journey to work, but what the hell, right? I mean, it's fucking rockets.

Stefano Borini : at the same time the worst glider ever made and the one that any glider pilot would give anything to fly

Conosis : Alright I'm ready, send me off.

birther1968 : The computer could land the Shuttle but as you say no pilot would let that happen so they would nudge the stick and take over. Another point, notice in all the flights they never missed. NASA had great concern back in the 70's when it was developed. Lastly my father designed the Shuttle computers and software and his comment about the megabyte of RAM, "only bad programmers would need more room".

Cheb : Thank you for this video, was having some problems landing mine.

Spacebar311 : 10:12 if it were windows 10 we would crash because it would be updating

Dluisiproductions : how do i land it on a aircraft carrier?

Kuba Výmola : "Like a really bad airplane. We have no engine..." as a glider pilot, I'm now triggered! It was a great talk nevertheless, perfect explanation.

WamblyGrain : You all made this way too complicated. Just land the thing! Calm down I'm kidding

charron : This guy is confused between two careers. To be an astranaut or to be a standup commedian

Charles Beers : I did this on the hardest setting at the Alamogordo New Mexico, Museum of Space History's shuttle simulator. Then I got recruited as a Starfighter.

Agogohome Agogohome : Did you know, the computer controlling the wing surfaces for landing had just 250KB of memory and code! Compare that with what your smartphones has :-)

Hayden Lau : Imperial units :(

Nehemiah Snyder : Ted X NASA

cole royer : now i know how to land the space shuttle ill keep it in mind if i ever have to land one lol

The_ Joker : But but nobody has exited the Van Allen belt!.......Oh and the earth is flat 😂

Atak Snajpera : Seriously! NASA still does not use metric system?

Mister Moonjelly : What an amazing presentation style. You have a gift. Thanks for making learning so fun!

A L : I swear one flew over my primary school about 5 years ago, it was surprisingly quite and going soooo low down

FalconMasters : Dude, this is amazing. I wish I was a pilot or an astronaut on NASA.

Crashramp : Just imagining someone whos about to go to space frantically coming to this video the night before launch like a person looking through math videos before their test the next day that they just didn't study for or understood its content.

joseph jackson : This video seems to have been obsolete for the past 7 years, just based off of the first 37 seconds of the video. Still incredible explanation of how to do something seemingly easy, but deceptively hard.

Toy Soldiers Studios : Right as he said stop I started buffering

PrydainFawr : The gayest/most theatrical and best representative to young NASA fans. Great job bro, I hope NASA gets you on stage more!

KartoffelMann21 : Wait... the pilot talks the commander through landing?

HurricaneDeclan : I was the 2,169,000th view

Chand S : Loved it. Brilliant story teller you are.

Robssuttie123 : Not sure why this was recommended to me but i actually found this very interesting

giuseppe3010 : Very good, boy!! I can't believe you're a pilot... you look+talk like a teenager that goes to a junior High!!!

Tentatek Ltd : Basically they stall the -airplane- glider at a 40° angle of attack

Jake Bracey : fantastic presentation! So amazing that the shuttle is approaching at terminal velocity!

Joan Clayton : Does he remind anyone else of Reese from Criminal Minds?

Tracomaster : "imagine getting on board of a space shuttle during de-orbit burn and hearing these words:"does anyone know how to fly this thing?".

Jimmy D : Richard Bacon. The coked up astronaut....

argsgsgs gnngndg : this is useful information next time i'll have to go to the groceries store

ISPANEC25 : Очень интересное и познавательное видео.

BornToRunBarefoot : I would just press the autopilot button.

ryan xie : Now lets try this out on kerbal space program

Pítęr Пиздец : 99% of The Views Are from me😂😂🤣🤣🤣