How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space

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Useless Duck Company : You have a talent for explaining things in a manner that is clear and entertaining, you need to make more.

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : COME ON TARS!!!

Shay J. : They're not flying, they're falling with style

Kerbal Workshop : 16:39 Pilot: You’re a little bit high Commander: I agree

Seraph X2 : Wow....not a single laugh at the CSS joke. Not many developers in that room.

Ishan Amin : Who in the hell downvotes such a great informative video (2.1K Downvotes????) One of the best explanation I've heard on such a complex topic.

Nadox : Thank you, now I'll be able to land my Space Shuttle !

Shishaka : 13:14 shit's so slow, that the night turned into the day

Charles Beers : I did this on the hardest setting at the Alamogordo New Mexico, Museum of Space History's shuttle simulator. Then I got recruited as a Starfighter.

Eric V : So if you under or overshoot the runway you pretty much die

Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish : 10:27 the CSS joke is underrated

joseph jackson : I've already watched this video twice now Edit: 3 times now

Twig : Not the cost effectiveness they hoped for. Nor did it carry the heaviest payloads. But damn the Space Shuttles were amazing.

elneutrino90 : How to land a brick on a pencil from another room without looking


Nicolas Funes : 2:35 Not anymore, thank you Elon Musk!!!

Neil Farvolden : The shuttle doesn't get hot on re-entry from air friction; it's due to the adiabatic compression of air caused by shock waves forming from the nose. You have a lot of kinetic energy and potential energy at the beginning of your descent and skin friction alone is not enough to slow you down. This is also why shuttles have rounded noses instead of the pointed noses you see on other supersonic aircraft. The round nose creates a larger shock wave and the heat is dissipated around a larger area instead of being concentrated at the nose.

KartoffelMann21 : Wait... the pilot talks the commander through landing?

FalconMasters : Dude, this is amazing. I wish I was a pilot or an astronaut on NASA.

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : People on YouTube tell me that the Earth is flat and stationary, so this won't work.

Krystyna Doran : As a Navy aviator (technician, not a pilot), what got me was that the computer bank he showed looks EXACTLY like the ones we still use in F18's in 2018 lol. And we used a lot of the same terminology, including SSD.

Can I die please : Currently on my decent right now! Thanks this really helped.

UltimateCharge : Test the craft in KSP before launching it, add more struts and boosters.

BreezyProGrams tv : I'd like to have this guy as a teacher

ErrantChordier : "How to Land the Space Shuttle... FROM SPACE" Ah, thank you for clarifying that last bit! I thought at first this was going to be about how to land a Space Shuttle from underwater.

SanFranciscoBay : 12:36 Descent rate of for the Shuttle is 10,000 feet per minute which is the standard descent rate for Skydiving Airplanes, compared to 750 feet per minute for a Commercial Airplane. After the jumpers exit at 12,500 feet and open at 2,500 feet taking 1 minute, then a 2 minute parachute ride to the ground, the Skydiving Airplane beats the jumpers to the ground.

Joan Clayton : Does he remind anyone else of Reese from Criminal Minds?

Ziggy Stardust : Excellent communication of the complexities of reentry and the energy management of a Space Shuttle reentry. I like that you can impart such energy to your explanations without sacrificing accuracy! It's astounding to me that they never got the energy management wrong on all of the Space Shuttle approaches.

Bert Rich : what could go wrong...

PIAviation : Now THAT's a presentation!

Jason Yin : "This isnt rocket science" OH YES IT IS

Michael McGuire : awesome video brother, really good job. Great graphics, great information, great presentation of said information. Thank you so much! This was very entertaining and informative.

Koushal Patel : Thanks for the video. This is super informative, interesting to know. Now I will pay more attention to the news "Space shuttle" landed than to just merely scroll it down. Thanks.

cdeacious : Started watching it, thinking I would close it after the first few minutes, stayed for the whole thing. Well done! First comment I have left in years.

Deidara Senpai : Its 2018 and im still in a state of denial the space shuttle is still in service in my world

Pedersen : This was so fun to watch

crazycase092 : honestly i would just side slip the shuttle

TeamXhussam : Commander: "Oooh I want to send this picture on Instagram". Pilot: "wAiT tHe cOmPuTeRs wIlL oVeRhEaT"

Sean Lee : Bravo, Bret - great job. I found your description of landing captivating as you mixed your great respect for the aerodynamics, engineering, piloting and multiple constraints. When you described it, I’m thinking: “this is a dumb idea!” But we did it! Many times over! It’s clear you geeked out a bit ... but you *love* it - and that’s remarkable! Even, touching. We need guys like you to be virtual docents who can accurately and passionately explain to us why what they achieved was so marvelous. And just maybe ... inspire younger aspiring Elon Musks to say: we can do this better!

Patrick Star : Don't you just hate it when you're in space and forget how to land your space shuttle? Happens to me everytime.

Andries Keyter : I don't know what your real life job is, but you would make a brilliant science teacher!

Melchor Bongato : This video keeps popping up even though i’ve seen it 3 times already lol love this guy

Tracomaster : "imagine getting on board of a space shuttle during de-orbit burn and hearing these words:"does anyone know how to fly this thing?".

jagodude : Even though I have no connection in this field, it was very interesting to watch. That descent from 37K feet in 3.5!

Oliverleo2007 : This is the third time I've watched this

Turkey John : Excellent! Great video. Thanks for this!!!

Nehemiah Snyder : Ted X NASA

ryan xie : Now lets try this out on kerbal space program

Zohaib Ahmed : lol just play KSP and MAKE SURE Jebediah Kerman is your pilot

holmiumh : normal aircraft terminology every shuttle landing is a crash landing? Seems to me any space mission is a suicidal mission, can't even imagine how much papers they have to sign to get themselves out there lol.