Man Poses With Tomi Lahren

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H R : My dude, doing god's work.

Gnomesmusher : Aww look at the downvotes from the overly sensitive right wingers. WAHHH!

David Hurst : This is great

Josh C : He'll yeah dude Shawn that was so lit 🤙✊✊✊stay woke 🙏🙏🙏

Chris Bartleet : Doing the Lord's work. Praise be

Corbin Buesch : Left or right... Be careful what you say about people in public... Libel and slander suits are the highest in American history right now

Kabby : Ultimate Soyboy

Philitron128 : Lmao

CankerousBooch Arís : Awful lot of low IQ spicy brownness in these comments wahey

MyOwnDesign : Oh great. Insult a lady. Feel brave yet?

LiamsMusic78 : What's going on? By the way OP going up to strangers no matter who you think they are and being rude after falsely pretending to want to take a photograph not only makes you look like a piece of shit but you also accomplish nothing. I don't know what she has done, but doing this is not going to change anyone's opinion. She will still be her, and you will still be you. The only thing happening here is you ruining someone's day for internet points.