Freestyle dancing in wind/flight tunnel. Maja Kuczyńska of Poland.

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Comments from Youtube

User : So are we living in the future now?

jm8080 : That was beautiful, she's like just flying in there effortlessly.

Johnny Threefour : I feel like this is both amazing and ridiculous at the same time.

tranquits : wtf I wanna do that

Tajbir Singh Kaler : Anybody remember that water ring game that we used to play by pushing 2 buttons in a small machine....She is like that ring 😂

J L : *Very cool skills, but extremely basic and lame normie background song.*

Jared : Needs more tassles.

The Drunken Swede : They should made this into a proper sport. 1 vs 1 combat with blades. Two enter, one leave.

ファクシFakushi : Fuuuuuuutuuuuuureee That exit was AMAZING

Dawid Małek : pikne :D

joe biden : You should make tunnels for trains and cars in Poland.

piriformisjoe : Maja.   Thanks.  That was wonderful.    I hope when you look back years later as a casual performer as I have done on my only youtube post, you will appreciate all of your work.    Watch me at,   'laser baton in a wind tunnel".     You are great!

franckdebank : "music" ruins it all

Wolf Pack : I love the song and the video😍😍😘😘😗😗

Anonymaus20 : Song??

Will Patterson : bravo

Xantteboy : wtf

sampletext34 : OOF

Jaime Wess : HOW!

Titus Soke : 1234 not 1233

ahuachapan2 : Is he or she, cause my buddy down there is confused.

königs blau : the BEST VIDEO i EVER See! !!!!!! AWSOME!!!!