John Lennon in UK in 1971 & NYC in 1972 with his most inquisitive wandering fan
John Lennon discusses his songs with an obsessed fan

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John does not seem to recognize him. It looks like Yoko does, but she says nothing. Who is this guy??


Richard Whitfill : I think if John had stayed in England he'd still be alive

Tamera Wright-Siracuse : John was good with lost souls. It's just such a shame it was a lost soul who murdered him. So sad.

John T : Must have been a surreal experience to meet and then have a meal with John Lennon.

David Hooknail : Is that Kurt Cobain? Lol

kit pandikit : John Lennon cracks me up. “I had a great shit today and this is what i thought this morning” lol

Philip Brown : 'are you hungry'? That's the Liverpool in John.... Inviting a stranger in to his home to give him a bite..... No celebrity would do that nowadays.... They'd call the police.

Jorge Johnson : “Don’t ever meet your heroes.” In fact, don’t have heroes. Be your own hero.

Wayne Cook : John so humbly spends time with this guy to help him get past the obvious confusion he had from taking the lyrics too serious.

seyerb : Kurt Cobain asking John how to grunge...I think he traveled in time, lol.

Jesus Pobre : Typical Scouser...offering the man food. Down to earth. We were all robbed.✌

dguyiop8 : I love the look of disappointment when the guy comes thinking he will get this amazing food snd then he's dunking a piece of toast into a cup of soup. He's thinking I could have had this at the shelter.

LoungeJay : That vagrant guy looks timelessly cool, he could be a Calvin Klein model today.

Pearse MacIntyre : There's a bit of this guy in the heart of every Beatles fan. I feel for him

delinthefelon : *You Hungry?*

Dante' : After the young man had the conversation with John Lennon, he went home and wrote Teen Spirit.

Stephen Kennedy : All that time wasted when Yoko could be singing

David Ganning : We need John Lennon today

0riginalrws : Amazing. No musician, or celebrity for that matter, would do this nowadays. Invite a stalker into their home, have a chat and give them some food. Lennon Legend.

Marty Moose : amazing man. nothing more to say

Edward Valentino : That fact that he was so flippant about his musical genius. Is sad. That fact he took a total stranger into his home and fed him. Shows how beautiful his soul truly was.

Just saying : John Lennon seems like a down to earth nice guy, not full of himself

mark little : People say john was over trusting of this obsessed fan but remember these were the times when nobody locked their doors . in a time it was ok to go next door for some sugar while the neighbors were out. People trusted each other and looked out for one another. My mum only started locking the door in the 80's. Remembering that back in the old day's people didn't have much anyway not like the possession crazy people of today. People were just better back then. How quickly things changed .

Some Guy : "I'm just a guy who writes songs." John Lennon

mgerakos : John was so authentic with people. He didn't owe this guy the time of day, yet painstakingly explains the meanings of his songs and then invites him in for a bite to eat. We all lost something important on that cold night in New York City.

Nautilus1972 : Dave Glimour turns up at John's gaff.

DonVal86 : I don't think it's the same guy.

BenTinEz : And in 1987 that same man decided to form the grunge band "Nirvana"

Bri G : John’s empathy is something the world needs today...

English Man : 2:08 A lucky guy had a coffee with John Lennon. A remnant of the hippie era.

Margaret Bergman : He said something profound " if you're tripping out, everything fits" But I think John was great to take time

O Hann : Guy looks like he was running around the gardens tripping all night, got to meet John have a conversation and get a free feed in the house . Legend . But how times have changed, people were more trusting then.

Sergey Dunaev : John Lennon meets Kurt Cobain!! :-)

Rickster79 : The guy in the first part is Curt Claudio and he died in 1981. He also was not a Vietnam veteran like many have claimed. On Beatles fan site his brother Ernie posted that Curt was never in the military and died in an ultra light airplane crash in DEC of 1981 in Fremont CA.

Hugh Jones : "What about the bit that goes "You can radiate everything you are?"..." Ah maaaaan, that poor guy. John was just throwing words together for fun in that song. "You can syndicate any boat you row, YEAH!!!! you can syndicate any boat you row, I TOLD YA SO!!!". It doesn't mean anything. It's brilliant but it means absolutely nothing. It's just fun. It's not like... the key to the universe or instructions on how to live your life. This poor guy is convinced that life is a quest to find transcendent and utterly profound meaning and that John had all the answers and was revealing them in these songs. And poor old John has to explain all this to this poor confused young man. It's like the wizard of Oz "I'm just a guy, I'm not like... Jesus or something".

househansa : Would have been nice if Chapman handled it this way...

Venus Wings : "I'm just a guy". ✌😎✌ You were awesome, John Lennon.

Matthew Hamersly : "Pardon me Mr. Lennon, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"

The Weeping Willow : John had such a beautiful bad the world don't have this today....

Lee Johnson : G-D bless John Curse Nixon for this cowardly murder

Horse Zanthus : Charles Manson got a bit confused and obsessed about lyrics from Helter Skelter and look how that turned out.

Austin Ragsdale : Yoko is trippin balls at the end there

Vagina Doctor : “I had a good shit today” - John Lennon

Dennis Hill : Man suffers because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun. Alan Watts

P. Hamilton : They're just songs, bugger off....

Mark Drouin : John should have cleaned him up and made him a grounds keeper.

Armando Garcia : The day David Gilmour met John

john smith : " Are you hungry " ? what a kind soul John had

Matt Pannell : A funny looking person with a red hat and resembled a bear came round my house and asked me about my lyrics. I invited him in and made him a marmalade sandwich. 🐻

Rickkyyy : He was so wise, yet so normal. Genuinely, one of the best artists to have walked on this planet.