Asking ANYONE for the password.
Asking ANYONE for the password

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When you ask anyone for the wifi and they end up flippin and turn into angry ghost. Music TEK.LUN - Dancin all jolly like! eevee - house of memories


Baker Boy : That dude summoned his alter ego

Thekatattack : "RUN YOUR *_HAAAAAAAAANDS_* "

marquez brady : _Went from a friendly conversation to a hostile interrogation_

Andrew A : "But we can run *h* *a* *n* *d* *s* "

Vi Vi : anyone else having a Caleb City marathon? Edit: OMG!!! 17 likes??!!!! That's just amazing!! OMG!!! I'm shaking right now!!! I would like to thank my parents, teachers and friends for the support they gave me on my entire life!! And I would like to thank you guys for making this possible!!!! OMG!!!

King Xavier : We’re gonna step outside, and we’re running *F* *A* *D* *E* *S* 💀

Maximus : Sure the password is: FIVEWORDSALLLOWERCASE

Jaden : 1:08 “We gone step outside and we’re runnin *F A D E S* 💀

Mystèry : When you realise that might just be the WiFi password

Toribash Arctracer : I wanna stable connection but we can’t have both. We can run hands. HANDSSS

Patrick Anderson : Where's the wobbly ghost music??? I feel deprived

ChR!5t0fUr : WHY!? I just wanted wifi... Well I want a stable connection We can't have both But we can run these hands Haaaaaannnndddsss

Ryan Phan : so like, which hand holding the gun lol

Smoney71102 : I want wifi, well I want a stable connection, I was dying when he said that.

Riley Freeman : OOF, i almost hit you with this handle that had me dead lmao😂😂😂

Jayalex Beats : 1:10 The way he said that tho😭💀💀 "And we're running *_f a d e s_* "

Tolu Dosumu : That akatsuki jacket fire. I need a link to cop 🤧

TheTrueWay 300 : The akatsuki jacket look fresh where you get it from?

Dezerea Horowitz : "We gonna step outside and we're running... *f a d e s* IM WEEEAKKK 💀💀💀

Zwarrior X : We gone step outside and we’re running fades 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

shadow : He always wanna hit somebody😂

Nyanna Ross : Why did it turn into a billie eilish song at the end?

Serpent XI : He coulda just guessed it. It was prolly "12345password".

Teddy Oshirak : Caleb the way you film and edit this makes the perfect illusion there are two people in the room.

Heavenly Controller : I just check the back of their router to avoid this situation

Florida Boi : That right there that right there. STOP THAT, STOP THAT😅😅😅

Surrenderzz : We gone go outside and were running F A D E S

MrTady15 : Watching this a year later on data😅😂

sandriel39 : When he said “that’s craaaazy” I lost it 😂😂

BlackTEK : yo this dude is hilarious. Random thought: He would be dope voice acting in anime.

Focus Ghoul : We can't have both... But we can run hands 😂😂

Karim Selkridge : We're Running FaDeS! Run Your Hanndddssss! Lmaooooo.

Cutipop Lerez : The music wasn't always there at the 'run your hands' part... re-upload?

kremit : 2000: it's "password" 2018: it's "despayeetocheeto"

gausm warhole : I thought it was only because mom is the only one who knows the 200 letters long password but not right now she's sleeping. Or because the password is some wtf number behind the modem wich is burried 10.000 fts under furnitures and book you spent hours putting in a nice spot and that you can't lift unless you're the rock

Yousef Gamer : That’s a really long WiFi password

Brandone : Is he pointing the gun at himself?


Crystal Sugar : Okay but really though Back in 6th grade my friend came over and she asked for the WiFi password while we was playing the splatoon testifire( its the splatoon 1 demo game before it was released for a limited amount of time on one day) And eventually we finished playing and She kept asking and I asked for what She said “to Watch YouTube and show you something” So I said “okay” and pulled up the internet on the wiiu and went to YouTube and gave her the gamepad “here you go”

Selwyb Codjoe : “With my bandwidth” 😂

Namii Tv : I just wanted Wi-Fi Well I wanted stable connections😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Brian : I was eating a waffle and spit it out from laughing so suddenly. xD

Don’t comment about my profile picture : The boy flipped his switch when he asked for the password

ach'wa Official : But we can run hands lmao

Dell : *Legend says that he proceeded to fold Mr. Hyde like an omelette, earning his respect, and full access to his friends bandwidth.*

EzNeptune AWD : *Unlimited Data squad where u at*

AZZAMNO1 : you can view saved password easily on laptop. no encryption no hacking, just type a single line command on CMD and all saved password will be display.

MyAshyKneeCaps _ : We can run *HANDS* *HAAAAANNDS* *HAAANNNDDSS* *HHHAAANDS* Run your... *HHHHAAAANNNDDDSS* I need your *FADES* (he sound like he got possessed)

Kheng zhe Yeoh : Me:hey brain whats the password to my phone again? Brain: 'pulls out gun' Me:you know what i didnt need my phone anyways