Asking ANYONE for the password.

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Zachary Laid Finding Freedom : “I just wanted WiFi” No here’s what we’re gonna do. *We’re gonna run some fades*

PolrFlare : Swear every house I go to, I ask 4 the wifi password, they start acting confused

Depression Talks With Immanuel : *Gun click* ......password is still worth it lol

Baker Boy : That dude summoned his alter ego

Nicole 5580 : 1:31 When he starts singing *HAANNDDSSS* 😂👌

VINOS : Ok that's cool and all but what's the wifi password??

Lil Uzi Goat : “We gonna step outside and we’re running fades” *heartbeat noise* Damn I really felt that 😔

The Time Loop Guy : This video is cool and all but I'm still here for the interview

Cory Mck : and we're running _Fades_

PkedSome : I like to imagine that at 1:03 Caleb is holding the gun in his left hand and a camera in his right

EpicAntos : 1:26 Well I wanted stable connection - WE CAN’T HAVE BOTH

「Act Ecchi Nii-San」 : “That right there, stop thaaat... stop thaaat.”

Thekatattack : "RUN YOUR *_HAAAAAAAAANDS_* "

Maximus : Sure the password is: FIVEWORDSALLLOWERCASE

Chrisnxtdoor : When you can’t afford WiFi so y’all go to the nearest McDonald’s to chill at >>>>>>

King Xavier : We’re gonna step outside, and we’re running *F* *A* *D* *E* *S* 💀

Itachi Uchiha : we're gonna step outside, and we're running FADES

Andrew A : "But we can run *h* *a* *n* *d* *s* "

Ryan Phan : so like, which hand holding the gun lol

Heavenly Controller : I just check the back of their router to avoid this situation

Darion : “H A N D S” lol what is this dude, a ghost.

ChR!5t0fUr : WHY!? I just wanted wifi... Well I want a stable connection We can't have both But we can run these hands Haaaaaannnndddsss

Patrick Anderson : Where's the wobbly ghost music??? I feel deprived

Hamza Riaz : That Naruto Akatsuki bomber jacket tho

Don’t comment about my profile picture : The boy flipped his switch when he asked for the password

Toribash Arctracer : I wanna stable connection but we can’t have both. We can run hands. HANDSSS

Arctic96 : Guys check that your on WiFi instead data ya never know!

Serpent XI : He coulda just guessed it. It was prolly "12345password".

marquez brady : _Went from a friendly conversation to a hostile interrogation_

Guilty_ Fox : *You know when humanity has reached its peak when were scared of plastic guns*

Brian : I was eating a waffle and spit it out from laughing so suddenly. xD

Smoney71102 : I want wifi, well I want a stable connection, I was dying when he said that.

Selwyb Codjoe : “With my bandwidth” 😂

Krptic Unknown : 1:28 yk this was an outake by the way he said hands the second time. like he was mocking himself but stuck with it LMAO

Gremblo : You need to beat level 7 on legendary. Then say the Alphabet backwards within 10 seconds. After that you need to order the food challenge and beat the best time. Once you've won you need to wait in line for the WI-FI password.

Lonnie Alex : The levels of real are over 9000. Too accurate. Lol

FuZion XD : “So What’s The Password Again”

pablo lantigua : Wat if he whip his ass tho

Zachary Laid Finding Freedom : I’ve got like 8 different passwords

EagleJrod : What’s a fade?

AZZAMNO1 : you can view saved password easily on laptop. no encryption no hacking, just type a single line command on CMD and all saved password will be display.

Blue Jesus : *Next time on CalebCity*


Sizzerz : Y O U ' R E W E L C O M E F O R T H E V I E W S

Hex Hub Music : _Fade Runnings_

Riley Freeman : OOF, i almost hit you with this handle that had me dead lmao😂😂😂


Baby Shenron : My password is not easy to figure out

chubbs beginner : How tf is it gonna take you an hour to get to a place 10 minutes away? Without traffic. EDIT: to all the people saying walking, y'all must be walking in the negatives lmao. No way its gonna take you an hour to walk a ten minute car drive. Also this comment was a joke so no need to actually give responses; how stupid do you think i am?