Improv story: The Roast Chicken

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Puff,TheMagic : Did you lads hear the bad news today? Rest in peace Benny Harvey. Cannae believe it. Miss you, big man

ASMR Muzz : 75% ASMR 25% Pishin Masel!

nostalgia junkie : asmr divorce

dirtyflame : This is why she turned the weans against him.

fred fred : Thom Yorke has really let himself go. His singing sounds like a Scottish man talking to himself. Good lyrics that said.

dankcushions : one of the best laugh-cryers in the business.

An Onymous : This is hilarious. Even better as it was clearly filmed late at night and he’s trying not to wake the woman and the wean.

lachlanmoir79 : That chicken ripped the heart oot this community

Gary McAdam : Better production value than an episode of Corrie

Generic White Male : tbh that chicken is a tank, been in an oven at 280 for an hour and its still flappin aboot

Adam McCarthy : Heard Ken Loach wants to make a film out of this.

Thermingt0n : This is the kind of stuff I love seeing from Limmy. I'm fucking dying of laughter by the end of this!

Shadz : Watched this live, the long build up of him setting up the backgrounds was hilarious too

gh0ul gh0ul : Your faither would be proud

Gary McAdam : RIP Benny Harvey

George Billingham : 6:58 I love this radiohead song

Generic White Male : limmy yer da is a roast chicken

DaveHedgehog : Great video Brian. Hope you are well. Take care.

Aimee : Please bring your improv sketches back, they were class!

Barry Bumphroid : My Mammy warned me about you, Brian Limond!

NDrinks : Right up there with the bank robbery.

Old Jocks jolly rural jaunts of central Scotland : And that’s why I regard you as one of the greats of Scottish comedy of all time

Vaelen : Imagine if Limmy had kept drinking.

Smegma De L’ Homme : “ aye she’s turned the chicken against me “

David Beak : If any of the issues raised in this program have affected you please call 0800-MENTAL. Lines are open until midnight tonight.

GenericCoyote : Stands toe to toe with the bank robbery, the dual angle setup is genius hahahah

KJ TOPP : you're a toilet

Lol不好 : Mate , you're hilarious. Sat there late at night chatting and chuckling to yourself. Inspiring !

Polynoxal Clementines : I love how he turns a laugh into a cry

Spongecake Squareshoes : RIP Chicken Harvey.

Asiosky211 : is this border line asmr

Kevsepticaye OG : "It's in noo" An actor only improves

Hector McGraw : Hair by Les Porter

Halli : How did you get this footage of my parents?

Kieran McDermott : Wring it's neck or al wring your neck

nigelcarren : Brian, I love your use of Green Screen here, but I find you both hilarious and ever so slightly absolutely friggin' terrifying. You sir are without doubt the true King of Scotland! 🏆

Warnerchild : Crying

and can : Actually pishin masel on the train! Hahahaha

White Rosco : Traveller how did you know there was a sarcophagus???

skillman : Genius

G Man : The last minute and a half is a pure joy to watch...... Genius...... Please do more Brian!!!!!!!! Great to see your sketches back!

Begbie : Her mammy warned her about him

Stuntman Daz : I love you Limmy. You alright, hen?

Battery Exhausted : ASMR Limmy.

Андрій Нагорний : Oh, I wish I understood Scottish

Aye Tee : Moria wants to get that Vax shifted before someone falls over it

URGUM SCURGUM : Funny as f🤣🤣k

NachoInsaño 2.0 : Best bedtime story ever

Soyuz 31 : what a belter

Daniel Keane : Well this is an era-defining masterpiece.