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Mullan Media : The greatest problem with YouTube can be summed up by the fact that this was uploaded over 10 months ago and I'm only now aware of its existence

TheDAITrickster : link the creator and everything will be fine :) tired of all our videos not getting linked. ORIGINAL CREATOR!

Donut Operator : Funny shit dude

Spudgun 20 : sesame streets become one hell of a rough neighbourhood

Massive_Otaku : when elmo said "but i got the clip" i died

Zara Bee : who else here bcs saw a minute of this vid on ig?


Liyah : the way elmo sticks his hand in 😂😂😂

Zaytheog : "But I like these glasses" Sad Kermit.

MajikDoodle :p : whomever left that one dislike is getting robbed by kermit and elmo today

Silver1989 : **opens door** Elmo: ELMO GOT THE KNIFE!!

Life of Tom : Hilarious! Please do more!

Felix Gomez : the voices are pretty good!

telegh0ster : This is the best vid I've ever seen. I saw part of it on IG and went searching for it lmao.

Luna Skele-Wolf : I lose my shit every time with "Don't make me pull this on you." XDDDDD

Roman Ramirez : This is funny as hell 😂

Some Nebulous Mortal : This is literally the craziest, and the best thing I've seen in a while... Quality YouTube content right here!!! XD

Smores Universe : I have something, the clip to the gun.

vultureteeth : i want to steal your led lights also, am i the only one who originally saw this on tumblr?

Ashley Segovia : ELMO HAS ME DYING OUT HERE😂😂😂😂😂

Dane Pacheco : Don move..... Don move

Trumpy : 0:53 that moment when u see it

Kyle Matthews : Kermits voice 😂😂😂

Raven : This is so damn funny

JoyOfMachine : god bless the internet

REBEL RIDER : Here before its viral

hi, im dan ツ : I watched this a hundred times

Chillin With Clara : The ending when Elmo said “Oh I got something...” was the funniest part to me😂

Salt Drink'in Moose : wheres the original

groovyhoovy : He stole this video

David Pat : We need another!!!

Hawk The Inkling 13 : Elmo: Get on the bed!!!!!!!

Jaelin Paul : this is the quality content I came here for

Benjamin CabreraMendoza : when your girlfriend sees that your liking other girls picture 0:54

PuLseKingjulien527 : Are u super cereal


DEFINITELYNOTLOGICAL : “I’m turning it sideways, that means I’m serious right now.” 😂I died

Nathaniel Winders : can't. breath

Professer Dex : Lmfao why don't u guys post more videos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Le'Niya Harris : Kids these days don't know what real quality content is

Zylix Allen : This is a literal video of my family😂😂

Edu OPTC : I love this video

Ya Gurl LB : My favorite video ever

Michael&Jello : How does this not have more views!?

m m : make more we want more

eternal. : The greatest problem to this video is , I need to know what happened to him !!!

Kronos : what universe is this video made from because it definitely isn't ours

Logan Hobson : Where do u get the Kermit the frog puppet?

☻Here's My Opinion☻ : This is my favorite video on the internet

Jakiran Wade : I'm f dead