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I actually like Linkin Park, believe it or not. Consider this like one of those Comedy Central celebrity roasts--it's all in good fun...that is, until Jeffrey Ross makes Bea Arthur cry. I wrote this song back in 2005! I decided to make a video for it when I heard they were releasing a new CD. Then I found out there was very little rap on Minutes to Midnight which pretty much rendered my song obsolete. But, what the hell, I decided to do it anyway. And, no, I don't think their CDs belong in the bargain bin although, being the cheapskate I am, I would very much like to find them there. Here are the lyrics: When I rap I talk about the pain inside The problems you went through back in junior high. Computerized beats We got 'em from the start Then Chester comes along and "Sings this part". Then I rap some more I say it all again like I did before. Formulaic flow, one guy wears headphones Here comes the same old chorus You know the way it goes. I just scream and shout Don't know what I'm so pissed off about Our success is hard to figure out. Now I'm rapping again You thought that I was done Just like rap/rock back in 2001. We never sold out, we had nothing to sell Is your CD on repeat? "You can't tell" It's all the same We gotta DJ even we don't know his name You do what you can when your a TRL band And 12 year old girls are your number 1 fans Now I break it down I'll sing soft and not so loud We are masters of overproduced sound Time to yell again Still pissed off my god it never ends (I'm gonna rap a little here) Our CDs belong in the bargain bin.


Dr. Forrester : I can't get enough of the DJ slapping the laptops. "Even we don't know his name"

1q3er5 : the guy hitting his drumsticks over the keyboard kills me lol

Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald : It's somehow funny but.... .... in the end it doesn't even matter

Remrafcb : "I'm gonna rap a little here" - brilliant

Steele Man : RIP Chester. He can no longer come along and "sing this paaaart"

jess_the_kid : I'm a die-hard linkin park fan, but I still died laughing watching this video

yoe91 : "Still pissed off, my God it never eeeeeends" *I'm gonna rap a little here* best part, really funny shit XD

Artsy Fartsy : It's obvious these guys like LP because only a LP fan would know all this.

Mega Bryant : I love linkin park but this is so on point

Maideneer : lol Is your CD on repeat? You can't tell...

MyNightfall17 : I like the guy with the paper bag on his head and just keeps slapping the laptop every beat:)

FuturisticHub : "I'm gonna rap a little here...." LOL

Saturn666 : Can't believe this is already 10 years old :o

horsepony : Even though im a linkin park fan, i kinda think this is funny.

Erik Ahl : I just noticed all the characters are played by the same Guy... I've been watching this for YEARS wtf!

Captain Falcon : the "Im gonna rap a little here" made it for me

Pacopenia : i'm gonna rap a little here


Cazka : Man, some people can't take a joke hahaha

Fobia's Bizarre One Man Band : "We never sold out, we had nothing to sell" I LAUGHED SO HARD, OMG And, I actually enjoy Linkin Park but Mike doesn't repeat the same verse that much tho', still enjoy the parody, well done! c:

Eypi Freeley : I thought this was a new LP track until I read the comments.

Phipp no : Compared to the Disturbed parody, the comments here are telling me that Disturbed fanboys got a lot more humor then Linkin Park fanboys .-.

Nav : it's even more funny because the guy actually likes Linkin Park and all the butthurt fans are still raging. even I like Linkin Park but found this funny.

Andi Banane : im gonna rap a little here

ToasterNinja : I remember this being one of the first videos I watched on Youtube. Years before I even made an account.


Badtanman : The laptop drums always get me

Hell'sFury56647 : Do you think you could consider making a parody of Hollywood undead?

ouijia bored : Why are some people so butthurt? This is totally accurate and hilarious. And Linkin Park is still fucking amazing.

SegaSky : I came back to this video because I needed to laugh after these past few days. I love LP and this video is still hilarious a number of years later.

Sinners Are Winners : Linkin Park is my favourite band, but holy shit, this is funny!

ThatGuy : After 8 years, this video still makes me laugh. The 2nd verse is just genius.

Kevin Goeltz : It's funny because it's true.

Svend Schouby : # im gonna rap a little here hahahha

Josh White- Puller Of Strings : can we please go back to 2007

Derek Spradling : I think the fact that they got the instrumentals spot on shows that they do like Linkin Park! lol It's good when you can see the humor in things that you like.

Random Rosemary : Haven't watched this for ages... Still funny, but RIP to Chester

Kz Hard : Limp bizkit feat. johnny sins

Yngve Tundrali : God damn, the "drum kit" kills me every freaking time.

thewildwhisper : Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2016

Zachary Werner : Even after Chester's demise, this is still comedy gold. "TIME TO YELL AGAIN, STILL PISSED OFF, MY GOD< IT NEVER...EEEEENNNNDDDDDDS"

Brady Galloway : 2019: CDs in Bargain Bin ($5 for Hybrid Theory and Meteora at Wal-Mart)

Ruslan D.R. : I actually found a copy of "meteora" in a salvation army store.

Seth Kasey : Lol "still pissed off my god it Never eeeeeeennnddss!!!" Ok that's my favorite part lol

nothing : I'm gonna rap a little here

Andreiux : this is gold and im a hardcore linkin park fan

Opus the Fox : I'm not going to say I don't like the video, but it's just stupid. But, that Joe Hahn impression was exactly like the one in the video. =)

_AkumaGaming_ : LP was so middle school for me 2004... they are ok i guess

_shole : im gona rap a litle bit here, im dying xD