Patton Oswalt' s Star Wars And Marvel Cross Over Epic idea

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JaxBlade : _What if this is Infinity Wars 2 AND Star Wars Ep 9_

Matches Malone : Andy Dwyer should be the only person in the room fascinated by this filibuster.

Nightwing Josh : with disney buying fox, this may be plausable

Trent McAteer : 6:56 That awkward moment when Star Lord hates your Marvel and Star Wars crossover pitch and storms out of the meeting...

Sam I Am : Tony Stark is the first person she knows. LMAO

Erin Gallagher : The female part's a little underwritten

MetalJrock2299 : I think I found the reason why Disney wanted Fox's assets when the opportunity rose.

James Barmore : For everyone saying "they should make this," you clearly didn't get the joke. A Star Wars/Marvel cross-over would be the worst thing done in either universe, ever.

Tim Clark : starlord walks out cause he doesn't mention guardians of the galaxy

Geforce2187 : He actually got the part about Han and Leia being seperated right

DomMassi : Sooo no one is gonna talk about STAR LORD being the first one to walk out on this?

DeVstatrOmga : Fast forward to the year 2025: *Marvel vs Star Wars: The TRILOGY*

This username will enlighten you like no other : As of a few hours ago, this might actually happen.

ZannaZatanna1 : "No way, kids aren't going to like this!"

Colin Itwaru : Hate to be that guy but the X-Men's plane was called the Blackbird. Avengers had the Quinjet.

TheWhitenoizemedia : At 6:57 Star Lord just got up and left...hahah!

Kreiness : 'Cept he forgot Soul Gem, though.

Patrick : This is better than the real plot of the Force Awakens

Shreks newborn son named Larry : My wife heard this in the other room and said "why is Ben Shapiro talking about this?"

Logan Leathers : Still better than Rian Johnson’s episode 8

Logan McLeod : Jamm's "oh come on" @ 2:40 let's you know he's a nerd.

Irish : I didn't even realize he said Moon Knight, that's amazing

Liam Khan : He forgot about the Soul Gen.

SeventhSwell : Ready Player One spoilers.

SKT : still better than the last jedi

Jared Robinette : What a genius to be able to spill all of this out for what seems an eternity

Summer Hoyle : But how long has he been planning this epic movie??

Mark Calkins : Disney owns Fox now 😳

Patrick Tilton : 6:35 Boba Fett's shit--uh, ship... LOL God, I'd pay $20 to see this movie. It'd be AWESOME

Porpoise Power : Sounds like a better plot than Force Awakens

Talks Anything and Everything : Who is here after disney bought fox

Aussie Roberts : with how The Last Jedi turned out this would prob be a better story

Hoolock 52 : That was amazing, but there are some problems-- he forgot the soul gem, the xmen's ship is the blackbird, the avengers ship is the quinjet. Also he pronounced Kashyyyk and Coruscant incorrectly

Qwerty McFerty : My favorite thing about this is no rey or Disney for that matter

6EQUJ5 : Cool robot spider body with Chewie's head and Ion cannons on it.

Cas LeGault : Ya know... he isn't too far off on some of his Disney predictions here... magic. AND he's saying this to Star-Lord. lol.

Golden Slumbers : Emergency Awesome Brought me here. Btw please let this happen!!!

JOHN COLLINS : Where ya going Star Lord? This is important information you should know.

Doug Benjamin : Moon Knight!

Bryan San Nicolas : This seems possible now! Except for the Wrath of the Titans part.

Handsome Robot Productions : You know I could totally see the Avengers making a cross-over with Star Wars, but Star Wars making a cross-over with the Avengers just doesn't seem right. I know that it's really the same thing, but Star Wars is just it's own story, whereas Marvel has... Star Wars as a movie. The fact that they know about Star Wars makes it impossible for them to put their stories together. "Hey, have you ever seen this really old movie, 'the Empire Strikes Back?'" It's not like anyone in the Star Wars universe knows anything about pop-culture...

Matthew Bee : I want this movie to happen

Marco Stillo : Holy moly! It is so weird how a lot of this soliloquy kind of applies to the The Last Jedi. I'm going to be looking out in Episode IX for Snoke using a robot spider body with ion cannons lol

Duffy Boi : It's funny to think how he's talking about how Marvel and Star Wars finally meet. Well, Chris Pratt plays Star Lord, so this could be the coolest coincidence on the planet.

Alan Bayman : Had me at Boba Fett. Lost me at X Men.

espenlode : man, he butchered the pronunciation of "Kashyyyk" 4:45

Bruce Warren : Every single extra in the scene are heroes. God damn heroes.

David Stagg : And as it turns out, as crazy as this idea was at the time it's now not crazy ENOUGH! Today he would have to bring in Star Trek and Avatar too. lol.

Paolo Palanisamy : this needs to happen but what if the harry potter world is also here

Rex Longfellow : They cut most of this scene out in parks and recreation on Amazon prime.