Dinosaur Jr - Feel The Pain
Dinosaur Jr Feel The Pain 1994

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Dinosaur Jr.'s music video for "Feel The Pain."


ladistar : These guys are sick , why didn't they get big like nirvana , Pearl Jam, sound garden , etc? Way underrated.

Daniel Marquis : I love 90's Alt Rock!!!

Jonathan Rodriguez : The snare drum in this track is sick. Alot in the this track just works.

robbie czajka : pre 9/11.. twin towers in background, life was so much simpler then, i feel old

Poison Joe : I just want to meet a nice girl with blue hair that listens to Dinosaur Jr. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?

Arkham Tuncer : Bethpage Black brought me here.. :)

adriana maletti : i feel the pain of everyone then i feel nothing

MrOmegaBeams : I like how Jay talks about feeling the pain of everyone then proceeds to clobber people with his golf club!

Jason Cihlar : He took took five strokes on that hole   Not bad for a 16,000 yard hole.  I don't know about the assisted stance out of the water--looked like a violation.

Shlick Smit : Spike Jonze makes cameo at 3:03

louin Green : real life mordecai and rigby

slint69 : I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing Is it up to me? You won't wait to see Screwed us both again About as close as you dare I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone Then I feel nothing Is it up to me? You won't wait to see Screwed us yet again About as close as you dare Hey now, take it back Get off me, you're sad Trailin' on your scene Just try and keep it clean

Frank Hansen : so briliant and so unknown like a barrel of gold laying in  the road unnoticed

Brendan A. MacWade : August 1994. One of the most fun music videos ever.

Dragon4Fire : This would have been SOOOO fun to film, tearing around NYC in a high-powered golf cart, nearly running over pedestrians....

Dude : so '90s. why don't you know as a kid what's really important?

the Beauty and Belief Society : Wasn't that dude in the Upright Citizens Brigade?

steven montero : How its possible that me, i'm 28 years, i love this era!!!?

mato : I fell in love with DJr. first time I heard that song...masterpiece...video, and song...one of the most underrated videos of all time...

Matt LaForce : Wait, did J Mascis drive by himself playing guitar on the corner? I barely recognize him bc hes so young in this video

UnderCoverStrongGirl : :( underrated

NickCusick : "He's trying to get a bunghole in one"

AlcoholicBeachedWhale : One of the most underrated rock bands ever.

zacatecanjack : thanks for coming back to Australia J. We love you <3

Zach Cleary : Can really hear a New Order/joy Division vibe in the baseline and chorus

Eric Cuevas : Alguien más escucha ésto el 14 de febrero!? 🔥🎶🚬

zsazsageorge : Great song. No one beats J Mascis at guitar. Some brief Spike Jonze eye candy as well (yes, I know he directed it).


Hyper Sonic : 0:46 Hole 23rd (5th?) Yards 16007 Par 5. I wonder how big this golf course is, seems larger than Manhattan!

TheRomundus : Best golf movie ever, except for "Caddyshack".

Miranda N : I happen to be listening to this after New Order's "Temptation".

BaronofBooya : This song played in the movie HOUSEGUEST, starring SINBAD & PHIL HARTMAN. Remember when Sinbad talked to the gothic daughter?

mike home slice : best song of the 90s?

Adam Ford : Looking forward to seeing these guys in a few months. Missed them their last time on tour.

Johnnie Black : The year was 1994.

Yiannis : One of the best songs of my childhood and the best video

John Doe : For me, this song is THE definitive nostalgia song that encapsulates alt 90's music

RX productions : The only reason I know this band is because I picked up the guitar that the lead guitarist uses and the guy at Guitar Center told me the name of the band

D F : These guys bring back alot of memories, lots of chill days spent skating and listening to DJR

supafuckinmingster : What a tune.

Mitch Bergeron : A friend of mine said: “Ever heard of Dinosaur Jr?” I was like i heard of them.... glad im listening to your guys tunes. Amazing stuff.

ediddyish : Dino Jr to me was always the forgotten kid in the Indie Rock genre.

Dragon4Fire : This is my fantasy golf outing, depicted here.

han bueno : They are big..just go to their shows....you'll see👀👀👀👀🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲

Joel Johnson : Ah the 90s. This is a great song. Memories remembered fondly.

heckity : I'm in love with the cover of without a sound. Idk whats so amazing about it but its cool.

Ewa Dryka : Sorta Like a Rock Star brought me here Thank you, Quick

C M : Always sad seeing those towers in the background but amazing nonetheless.

Nyneva Kyte : This video concept is pure metaphorical genius.