Dinosaur Jr - Feel The Pain

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ladistar : These guys are sick , why didn't they get big like nirvana , Pearl Jam, sound garden , etc? Way underrated.

Poison Joe : I just want to meet a nice girl with blue hair that listens to Dinosaur Jr. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?

Giacomo Canevari : Sonic Youth, Dinosaur JR, Pixies .. Essential pieces\base of indie rock.

robbie czajka : pre 9/11.. twin towers in background, life was so much simpler then, i feel old

Shlick Smit : Spike Jonze makes cameo at 3:03

ItalianBeauty4 1111 : i feel the pain of everyone then i feel nothing

Jonathan Rodriguez : The snare drum in this track is sick. Alot in the this track just works.

MrOmegaBeams : I like how Jay talks about feeling the pain of everyone then proceeds to clobber people with his golf club!

Zach Cleary : Can really hear a New Order/joy Division vibe in the baseline and chorus

louin Green : real life mordecai and rigby

John Doe : For me, this song is THE definitive nostalgia song that encapsulates alt 90's music

BaronofBooya : This song played in the movie HOUSEGUEST, starring SINBAD & PHIL HARTMAN. Remember when Sinbad talked to the gothic daughter?

Daniel Marquis : I love 90's Alt Rock!!!

Mattia Dall'Aglio : I was born in 2002 but I actually like 90s music more than today music

Kendall : Raven wearing a Dinosaur Jr. shirt in ECW brought me here.

Frank Hansen : so briliant and so unknown like a barrel of gold laying in  the road unnoticed

Nimrod Funk : are those the twin towers at 4:23?

UnderCoverStrongGirl : :( underrated

mato : I fell in love with DJr. first time I heard that song...masterpiece...video, and song...one of the most underrated videos of all time...

AC. Bishop : Old MTV :):

carb rock. : These guys were Pete Yorn before Pete Yorn was Pete Yorn.

Hyper Sonic : 0:46 Hole 23rd (5th?) Yards 16007 Par 5. I wonder how big this golf course is, seems larger than Manhattan!

Matt LaForce : Wait, did J Mascis drive by himself playing guitar on the corner? I barely recognize him bc hes so young in this video

John Granstaff : It’s 2017 and we still here 23 years later

FireNinja606 : Reminds me of going to downtown Sacramento and messing around with my friends.

zsazsageorge : Great song. No one beats J Mascis at guitar. Some brief Spike Jonze eye candy as well (yes, I know he directed it).

mike home slice : best song of the 90s?


Jadson Charles Pawlowski : Guitar Hero 4! :) ;)

Madeline Maldonado : Spike Jonze 3:01 🤟🏾

Dude : so '90s. why don't you know as a kid what's really important?

Meta solipsistic : Greatest golfing video ever!

Matt Ludlam : One of the few "alternative" rock bands that had a smooth transition into the new millenium. Of course in 2000 they didn't actually exist anymore, but their music doesn't feel outdated in any way, whereas Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden etc kinda does

Richard Fukuda : Such a great song! And love the music video, too!

greatest ever : What in tarnation!?! How does this only have 240k views?? tf

Gina Mori : Screwed us both again... Lol

Tom Bauer : These guys were were way ahead of their time.

malespecimen : That guitar at 1:55 looks so fucking good

supafuckinmingster : What a tune.

Nelson Regan : Cinemasins sent me here

TheRomundus : Best golf movie ever, except for "Caddyshack".

Jacob Harrison : kind of overated... loved their earlier stuff like bug and living all over me though

blackmonolith : Director: "So J, we wanna get you in this video" J: "Umm...Im good."

Adam Ford : Looking forward to seeing these guys in a few months. Missed them their last time on tour.

Miranda N : I happen to be listening to this after New Order's "Temptation".

Artemus Sanders : Guitar hero brought me here!

Liam Curran : Jesus havent heard this song in yearrrrs. Damn not greaat lol

AlcoholicBeachedWhale : One of the most underrated rock bands ever.

cafeledavid : this is the song that got me into them back in 94 and love this album/band

Patrick TAYLOR : Pure swag.