Shawn Walthall - The Real Rap God

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Lee Jones : This is by far the greatest thing I have seen produced by the internet this year.

Jarsh : 0:42 Huh pi zup yo Shubidi gayugida guh! Huh pu chuh chuh! Huh pumpa chumpa chaka ta. Atama tama tanka ta. A tanka ta tah ta tah. Huh poopty scoop Scoopty poop A scoop a doop a doopa Boop a doop. Suu ba di su pa scoop ba doop. Foomadi foomadi goo. Boopa doopa AHHHHHH zu doo ba doo! Uh dubba di dubba doo! Uh muh di do mi di do. Uh Subidee zoo. Zubidee zoo, zubidee zoo Zubidee za zoo. Di za ba duh guh DUH BI GAAARRR gI DARi GUUH! DARI MI DARIIIIGUUUH, DARI MI DI DARIIIII!

Erica LeBow : This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

TheBigLebowsky : Could this humble mattress salesman be the greatest rapper who ever lived?!

reixmolon2 : This is a badass sample for some DJ

Smruti Thaker : This video is so underrated

Projects To Mansions : Something about having rap in my life makes me happy !

cancerboy77 : THIS. IS. AMAZEBALLS.

Dan Mchugh : His lyrics spoke to me on a personal level

Night Of January : He is CLEARLY dissing Eminem with his straight bars 😂

Shoaib Ahmed : Hahahaha hahahaha

VinnyMartello : If Eminem and Bill Cosby had a baby with Tourette's Syndrome.

dlahair : BARS

ed dalton : fuckin hilarious

ice msp : Start from 0:57 heh-

gat tina : That's obviously Zed (Police Academy!) in disguise.

Josh Steinhauser : Ha ha! Dude sells mattresses. LOL!

Misha Honegger : Rap battle of the year Eminem vs this kid Eminem kills it right? Then this kids does this confuses eminem so much that eminem blacked out and this kid won

Darth Wilkes Boothe : Willy Wonka Productions

Anni Redfield : Where is the rest of this?

Ian Nicely : Lmao... AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

sergio gior : A 0:20 inizia la leggenda

Peter Farley : Absolutely fuckin fantastic, I can't watch it without laughing

crazy dave : Wtf, are you ok?

monkey lodge Panama : He need help

Simon Dawe : Better than Lyricold (kidbehindacamera)

Ken Silva : 🔥

Karlin Carlson : He's literally the real rap good. Like if you agree

Homer Pimpson : The ending sounds like a turkey getting strangled to death. I love it

Jesse Diaz : Omg this made me laugh so hard. Very funny man.

Mike Stanley : Wtf😂😂😅

Michael Barnett : zed from police academy😂

Carfire77 : Still better than MGK.

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MrRay2990 : I’m gonna share your video bro

Tigerman : Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaaha