Worst Stutter Ever (Original Video) | Medical Incredible

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Comments from Youtube

boi : Why they zooming in to his mouth tho😂

bnbro nubs : this channel wrong for not disabling the comments bru😭😭

Roko Dadic : Just wanna hug him Such a nice guy God bless you man

Neutral Bruh : 2:18 The narrator made it funny.

Rick rolled bitch : Well any girl he dates gonna be blessed with that mouth no need for a vibrator no more

Name Withheld : Seeing him being able to talk without stuttering was such a happy sight. He looks so much happier too. Aaaaah im so glad for technology

I'm. not. Famous. : Worst Stutter Ever Girl who sneezes 12,000 times a day: Hold my beer

Life Expectancy : My favorite part is around 3:15 . Thank God there’s always hope! ❤️❤️

Ghxst : Top 10 Rappers Eminem was afraid to dis.

ツ1k Subs with no videos challenge : Why they z-zoom into his mouth?...

Strats : 2:09 - 2:50 😂I'm going to hell.. damn you narrator! 🤣

Symone Watkins : who takin this ride to hell with me

Shani Shay : I hope anyone doesn't clown this man because of his disability. He's still handsome and smart. God bless his heart

Gamer Aditya : Am I the only one who feels sad for him.

YBN Youngan : It's sad its just the narrator who Making me laugh

Mark MAXWELL : Why they gotta zoom in on his mouth though 😂

sam tertipis : everyone is sick for making fun of this person. Imagine the pain he’s going through because he can’t explain how he feels.

Shamarsii King : I feel for this guy man Frfr But i died laughing in first 10 seconds god forgive me

Milan Jovanovic : Bless him i wish nothing but the best for him but around 0:12 i died

It’s _.mxary._ : This narrator is going to hell with whom ever laughed 🤦🏾‍♀️😭

Bartavius : 0:12 I’m gonna say the N-Word!

Harambe : i feel awful for laughing at this shit lol

tommie baylor : God bless his soul. Y’all don’t even know what this man is goin through. He can’t even explain how he feels. All y’all clownin him wrong. He’s afraid to talk. I feel so bad for him

Duskstriker : Good that they helped him stop stuttering, god bless his soul

Supreme league 842 641 : 2:09-2:50 I’m going to hell but he sounds like a motorbike

tyson leota : *Harved:aye bruh if you can make a motorbike sound you in bruh* *guy:Mehememeheemhemeheheememmeeeheheemehheem*

Samuel J : Oof nenenenegative I feel bad for him my stutter is not bad 🤧

Mr. Nice guy : *Every rapper has left the chat*

e mc : 0:13 me trying to talk to my crush

ScorpsJunk Nstuff : "This is now Eric's 4th attempt"

Chiwazii Dorara : "He's stuck at the letter M" "This is his fourth attempt" "Imagine that at a job interview" This narrator is killing me 😂😂

PowerHouseBoys : That’s actually crazy!! What a good video made me smile

Mobile User : It's truly sad, but when the narrator said "he is now stuck on the letter m" I just couldn't help laughing.

Glass Heart : Poor him. I hope he’ll getter better one day. He looks so sad not even be able to talk

GRIMM REAPER : A year ago I would be laughing my ass off but now I’m gon mature I’m trying my hardest not 2 laugh...🤭🤭🤭🤭

SuperTryHardKid : Play 0:11 at 0.25 speed sounds like a song

Melvyn Joseph : Whoever made this device is a genius, brilliant 👍👍

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 98

Siddha Torne : He can mumble rap that would really sound cool

A.A : I'm so happy for him😭 god bless whoever developed and helped him developing this device.

FreasStyle : Top ten rappers Eminem was too scared to dis

Kayla Blake : I swear to God I feel bad for him and I tried my best not to laugh but I accidently did and I feel so bad because it was not intentional. I'm going to die in hell🤦🏾‍♀️

Dawg Haus : All jokes aside. My heart warmed up after I saw him fully speaking. I felt awful for laughing, but bless him for overcoming it

Peekz : He stutters faster than Eminem Rap God song Edit:I got this recommendation a year later

timothy Samuelson : I cant fathom the challenge this poses. You’re in my prayers. And use the morons in the comments to motivate you.

Menia : He just got to slow his mind down and find a start word❤️ bless his heart

Rick rolled bitch : It appears Tyler1 has some serious competition for machine gun sounds

P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9 : Imagine having to call 911 and you're this guy

Captain falcon : The man looking cleaner than most of the people watching this video