Worst Stutter Ever (Original Video) | Medical Incredible

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NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben : I feel so bad for him I hope things are going great for him

Derek Martin : Bless his heart. He seems like a really nice guy. And seems positive despite his stuttering 😞

MKSimmons : I'm trying not to laugh cuz I feel kinda bad

Lännenlokari : 0:11 God sake change the gear

Mobile User : It's truly sad, but when the narrator said "he is now stuck on the letter m" I just couldn't help laughing.

Shy Johnson : I lost my shit at 2:13

Makayla Hurtado : I'm sorry to say this but I found the meme...

FREE WILL DEFENDER : 2:12 i tried not to but i laughed. I couldnt help it 😔

The G.O.A.t : Damn man god bless him💯💯💯😇

Jay Darshe : "Imagine that at a job interview" I can't with this narrator.

creeperdragon : This is really sad. I stutter a little, but it's not nearly as bad.

Instant Happy : 2:13 I’m going to hell for laughing

Nicholas Henry : I feel bad for him

Eli : "Eric is now stuck on the letter M" I'm dead lmaoooo

aypunto : Keep ur head high bro god is with you!

Blue Mamba : ericmay.exe has stopped working

unfadeable : I'd love to hear this dude say G-unit like they used to back in the day...

JAY JAY : noooo lmao he said “erick is now stuck on the letter M”

THE HULK : I am so very happy to see he got help with his speech and I'm so happy God put people in this world to help others who are suffering and now that guy has a chance to go out into the world and be successful and I just love stories like these for it just shows that there are good people in this world

Ezra Alldredge : Man stuttering makes me really sad, I always wish the best for people who suffer from this

TheCheese : 0:24 When you're on stage and begins to sing but you're too nervous

Larisa Pearson : He sexy

Shark : Not to be mean but he can be a great rapper

ThatSaucyYoungin : 0:11 This Ain't Funny 😂😂😂😂 I Feel Bad For Laughing

Typical Youtuber : Sad but I try not to laugh sorry please

Kingly Cortney : imagine taking his order.

Morion Mcdade : Y they had to zoom up on his lips like dat

Owskaw : i love people getting better

GonnaFuu ! : “This is now Eric’s 4th try” 😂

W.E.S : Kevin durant brother

re beca : Oh hey im just mowing the grass

Devon Williams : Damn I feel for him

Kevin King Ke'rah Connelly : Yo this is a blessing. He can actually feel confident and normal. Blessed

Best Fortnite Clips : First 10 seconds of the video i had to drop under my desk, thought i was being shot at

zero : The worlds best mumble rapper.

JoJo Dad : 2:12 the meme you’ve been looking for 😂😂

JoJo Dad : 0:12 thaaaa thaaa thaaa thaaa bird is the word

Hector Muniz : But why do they zoom in on his lips

Demitrus Alder : THAT'S ALL FOLKS

Sneakerhead DotCom : Man I feel bad for him glad he’s doin better

Project Baby : I’m sorry but I was laughing the whole video

King DoNat Gaming : Sounds like my car after winter storm ..... I feel bad for this man

abnormalfootfungus : This just desiigner

I love my Jesus 1.21.13 E&K : Lord please forgive us all that laughed but I am cracking up I can't help it 😂😂🤣. I'm not laughing at him. But the stutter is funny

Bleach : he sounds like a weed wacker 😂😂😂 nunununununununununununun

MUSIC GUY SWAQQ : 1:19 *I feel bad for him but imagine a race car driving on a racetrack... again I said I feel bad* 2:14. 😂😭🌷⚘♥️♥️ *feel bad but just so funny*

JayNobili 20 : *Manray*.............I’m sorry

GodlyTony : 0:26 its so fake

ZACK extreme : Well it's a cool skill when you playing video games online instead of rage quiting just fake lag

braulio alanix : I somehow didnt laught, does that mean im a saint daddy?...Daddy???