Worst Stutter Ever (Original Video) | Medical Incredible

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Versaucey : He sounds like he's gonna do the sickest drop in EDM history.

A Drum Tsukumogami : *Speech 100*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : sounds like he is about to rap

Petrified You : *Eminem got nothing on this guy*

Lessa Robinson : Please stop the closeups on his mouth we know the stuttering comes from the mouth and not the eyes my goodness

Mobile User : It's truly sad, but when the narrator said "he is now stuck on the letter m" I just couldn't help laughing.

Randja : I feel like I'm the only one that feels sad for the guy

Dawg Haus : All jokes aside. My heart warmed up after I saw him fully speaking. I felt awful for laughing, but bless him for overcoming it

Sakman Nakki : 0:11 *I'M GONNA SAY THE N-WORD*

xDestroy : *Eminem has left the chat*

Check My Playlist : This is the father of "have you ever had a dream" kid

Elias N : Who else died when he said ”Erik is now stuck at the letter m”

Georgi Yankov : 2:12 when you try to start up your old honda civic

beatles memes : Mom: He's gonna stay his first word Dad: Omg yay Baby: DaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDaDa

Mr.brutality : top 10 rappers Eminem is too scared to diss

Kariyu : If someone made a remix of his stuttering, would he be happy or offended?

Reza bogel4 : Im going to hell laughing at this

DashFlash- The Life : 0:12 when you see your black homie and remember you’re white at the last moment

Xenocide - Agario : I feel bad for this guy, and the doctor who has to control his laughter when he speaks to the doctor.

ZyKon : At 2:12 play at x2 speed sounds like a 2 stroke motorbike

Oscar Armstrong : It's crazy that the voice playing back fixes his stutter. Because there's this test that's been done to see what happens when people talk with a delay of what they're saying playing at the same time and it usually makes people slur their words or speak very slowly and kind of stutter. Crazy that it does the opposite for someone with a stutter.

Gravy_ Gamer : I am sorry for bursting out laughing im so sorry. But i feel bad for the man and i hope they find a way to remove the stuttering :)

Benjamin Luu : Anyone else going to hell with me?

Moe21 : Why is it zoooooomed right into his mouth it just triggers me

SamuelXD9 : “Erik is now stuck on letter M” “Imagine that at a job interview” The narrator is mean and i cant stop laughing Happy for him at the end ☺️

Oscar Armstrong : Everyone making jokes in the comments. Am I the only one who feels extremely bad for this guy? This guy has stuttered so hard that it clicks his teeth together and has mishaped them.

Sack So : Mumble Rapping to a new extent

{ Amoose } : He should try to singsong his words. It works very well for me

HitzCritz : He looks like he's trying to spit a beat I can't.

Gio : Hope he gets better 🙏🏽🙏🏽

DD80_rules : I feel so bad for laughing at this but I can’t stop

juicy booty fuck me papa : He’s so cute too :(

Brian Camacho : 2:49 *Imagine that at a job interview* LMFAO the narrator has me dead💀💀💀

KxS : 2:12 when your parents want you to explain why your grades are bad

rap kid B20 : 0:12 I’m waiting for the beat to drop😂😂😂🤣 I’m so sorry this ain’t funny but I had to get it off my chest

Night Wolf : I feel horrible for laughing but he sounds like me in cold weather

GeckoGuy : The sound you make when you nut and she still sucking.

I do it all Nate : Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman

Hybrid Athletix : I'm really happy to see that he's been able to maintain a positive attitude, and even happier that he was able to find a solution to his problem. Great video.

Lorses : 2:29 Maybe that's just the name of the team ?

Sneaky Skrub : “I’ve been just a stepdaughter and since I was four...” turn captions on at the beginning.

Epix : 2:13 When you try to start an old car.

Lord Voldemort : I laughed at the intro of this video, but as I went on, I became more depressed.

Kariyu : Anyone else get recommended this again?

DONØ\/!N : These comments are killing me 😩

Eric Fortune Jr. : This is interesting, I’ve always wondered what the root cause was for stuttering. I’ve seen people make vast improvements through speech therapy and you’d never known they had struggles before.

Shrimp TM : 2:12 get ready for take off IMSORRY

i hate my profile picture : Me trying to talk to my crush

Symeon Pitchford : So many people in the comment section are going to hell.. Myself included 😂😂😂

Goroto Jr. : Top ten rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss.