Chickens Running to meet me!

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Justin Y. : I bet this guy gets all the chicks

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : He protecc He didn't atacc But most importantly He got his owner bacc

West Senkovec : A food that serves itself. Did science go too far?

mylovelyanime : A total chick magnet lol

Sweetø bird Animations : At 0:07 who saw the cute rooster run into the wall?🐓

霧裡探花水中望月 : They turned away after realizing he had no food to give them. Beautiful unconditional love from the chicks.

vivianta75 : this video makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside : )

Pescador Gallo97 : chicken: "what? no food" :(

Silenced Games : I clicked on this expecting a Skyrim clip

Getsuga Tenshō : Must touch the fluffers!

Dynamite_Gal124 : Little fluffy balls of gold!

Nefarious Cookie : Their feet are fuzzy

PICOPICO 2 : their fluffy feet make them look short

Miss Menchen : They're sooo cute! 😘😘😘 When I was small I also had a white female chicken, her name was Snow White. I had her when I was five. She was a fat and loving chicken. She died at around 12 years old, when I was in high school. My heart broke. 😢😢😢

Mori Animation : theyre so cute

Andrew Tang : hhahaha, you can barely see their legs!

Ronald Macdonald : their so cute

Jennifer Esa : aww that's so cute

Marie 87 : CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😗😗😗😗😗😗

Michael McBride : Beautiful fowl. Are they some kind of Silky? I'm just familiar with the white kind.

Jennifer Ledbetter : Aaawwww!!!! 💜💜

Jeanette Martinez : Awwwe so cute fat chickens 🐔😍

Aleena Oh : im never eating chicken again

S Lian : lolll they are like corgi version of chicken

ASMA ZAREEN : I can't call them chickens ... they r fluff bags for me 😆😆

santi04091 : And then to the stove :v

Enforcer Lucario : I like these Chickens they are Golden & Fluffy XD

Khushboo Pannu : Tell me honesty..... Do you have seeds wrapped all around your body?🤔

SomeDumbGamer : Such sweet things.

White Tiger : They are hungry 😎

Anivie Redillas : why does a random video about cute chickens running from 7yrs. ago pops up in my recommendation and why did i click it

Flare Bolt : I want hundred of them

Ahmed Dip : Cool


tubesabo : so cuuuuuuu!

Ben Llanes : So wholesome!

Xeno Morph : Ed: "I love chickens!"

Erin Smith : Awwww! My chickens do the same!! Yours are so fat and cute!!!

Candy B : Aww how precious even tho lol one of them hit the wall😄

Rose M : so cute! what a great way to be welcomed!

Raitis Pujats : Funny looking chickens

dustpills : why do we eat them when they're so innocent and adorable?

Open World Gamer : What mod in Minecraft is this

Super Pony 3 : I love chickens! :D

Manish Mahanti : I would have named them: 1. Roast 2. Grill 3. Soup 4. Fry Come to papa babies....

Charisma Alexus : I watched this yesterday and couldn't stop smiling when I thought about it so here I am again! 😍

Sovereign Rex : That moment when you realize you don't want to kill and eat the dead bodies of chickens anymore

nagget : Update -Glitch fixes -Chickens wont come to you any longer unless seeds are equipped

Buddy Ujung : THICC Chicken

Tane Murphy : This is amazing. Anyone here 2018?