Chickens Running to meet me!

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mylovelyanime : A total chick magnet lol

vivianta75 : this video makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside : )

Sweetø bird Animations : At 0:07 who saw the cute cocky run into the wall

霧裡探花水中望月 : They turned away after realizing he had no food to give them. Beautiful unconditional love from the chicks.

jaywontdart : Bantams, small feet, and they are "booted" meaning that they have feathers on their feet :-)

Ronald Macdonald : their so cute

Justin Y. : I bet this guy gets all the chicks

Pescador Gallo97 : chicken: "what? no food" :(

Mori Animation : theyre so cute

Jennifer Esa : aww that's so cute

Getsuga Tenshō : Must touch the fluffers!

Nefarious Cookie : Their feet are fuzzy

XAVIERDOBBY : their fluffy feet make them look short

Jennifer Ledbetter : Aaawwww!!!! 💜💜

cccpjbr : Holy shit these are adorable

Andrew Tang : hhahaha, you can barely see their legs!

Mari Palooza : CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😗😗😗😗😗😗

124VAM : Little fluffy balls of gold!

Michael McBride : Beautiful fowl. Are they some kind of Silky? I'm just familiar with the white kind.

santi04091 : And then to the stove :v

Raitis Pujats : Funny looking chickens

tubesabo : so cuuuuuuu!

jaywontdart : @RobertRyanRanch Mr Rooster did his "rounding up"/"git in behind!"/"heel boy!" move, that kind of waving the cape to the bulls action, effectively telling the hens to stay behind him, hes the leader etc, blocking them. He didnt "run into the wall", for one, I wouldnt be surprised if he had better eyesight than us, being a bird :-) Thank you for your comment :-)

Zeitgeist TTD : Those are beautiful chickens!!! So cuute!

Silenced Games : I clicked on this expecting a Skyrim clip

jaywontdart : @132panther "to cross the road" :-) They're running to meet me, after I've came home. They like me, and I like them :-)

White Tiger : They are hungry 😎

AlternativeRobbie : SO FLUFFY :)

Sweetø bird Animations : Those chickens are so cute and fluffy they warm up my heart 😚😊😊

Joey Cage : They look like cochins, I used to have them, they have those fluffy feet

Ahmed Dip : Cool

S Lian : lolll they are like corgi version of chicken

Miss Menchen : They're sooo cute! 😘😘😘 When I was small I also had a white female chicken, her name was Snow White. I had her when I was five. She was a fat and loving chicken. She died at around 12 years old, when I was in high school. My heart broke. 😢😢😢

Ben Llanes : So wholesome!

Khushboo Pannu : Tell me honesty..... Do you have seeds wrapped all around your body?🤔

jaywontdart : Not at all :-) These are Bantams, they are naturally rounded, theres not a scrap of fat on them :-)

Jeanette Martinez : Awwwe so cute fat chickens 🐔😍

Blue Teeth : So cute! What breed are they? :)

Enforcer Lucario : I like these Chickens they are Golden & Fluffy XD

marine4Legion : i love them!!

john smith : Delicious tasting, I bet!

Flare Bolt : I want hundred of them

Rose M : so cute! what a great way to be welcomed!

Aleena Oh : im never eating chicken again

Super Pony 3 : I love chickens! :D

Keita Suminoe : i have same chicken they're feet are just like my chickens :-D so cute !!

weezereli1996 : lol how they run xD. It's cool how the rooster is so nice as well!

RecurveLife : Beautifull birds

Naomy Solís : Cute

dustpills : why do we eat them when they're so innocent and adorable?