Jolly Roger Bay 10 Hours - Super Mario 64

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Vectrex28 : Doctor: You have 10 hours to live Me:

Nikkolo Makaveli : Amazing how they have an orchestra doing the music I noticed Nintendo games are always very memorable and have a amazing music. Nobody has a franchise like Nintendo idk why they continue screwing their loyal fans up the ass with no lube.

Daisy Jacobs : I grew up playing this game with my big brother and this was his fav world. hes no longer with me but when I hear this song it grabs my soul and makes me feel truly alive very transending

deCypher0 : I wonder if video games will ever return to this. No DLC, no season passes, and no disc-locked content. Just a game.  Anyway, this music is truly beautiful, and reminds me of simpler times.

HueyHuey209 : It's annoying to have to play the replay button every 10 hours.

exo szn : This music helps me sleep at night.

Zaturon : Reminds me of, a better world.

T431 : This is probably the best ocean theme ever created.

jakedasnake 109 : doses anyone want to have like a waterproof phone and listen to this while swimming in da sea with water proof headphones

Qi Smith : This song is like a Vietnam Flashback. Everythings all good until the eel comes.....

obnoxiousoboe : Nintendo's water levels can be annoying, but they make up for it by providing probably the most relaxing music in their games.

A Dagher : Probably one of the best video game tracks of all time, especially considering that it was made for a water level.

Shyke Prodz : Oh... shit.. CHILDHOOD :'(

Producciones SolidMan® : Imagine a remake in wii u of this game

ToxicButFriendly : You guys wanna go for a swim?

Wind : *Listening to music* Me: "That Eel looks promising." Eel: "Soooon...."

A Simpleton :I : How am I supposed to be calm if there's a really scary eel in the background?

Cory8120 : I'm gonna be honest I put this o fell asleep woke up next morning music still playing best night of sleep in my life

BaronNedTheFirst : Even though i'm not so old, I LOVED this game when I was little, unfortunately for me, my nintendo 64 was thrown away (for some stupid reason) and even though I hated this level *due to that damn eel* the music was amazingly soothing.

Extreme Kiwi : Annnnnnd... This is why after all these years I stick with Nintendo

Ash Ketchum : 4.20/10 Too much chill, not enough action -IGN

Pelon Holguin : This is pure nostalgia flowing from a waterfall into a beautiful ocean ♡

mike zdanowicz : Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

Mugiwara Lee : Man that pedal drum tho.

FutureGaming3000 : The music is so good, its so ambient. This game was a landmark in every way.

Kyle Creager : I used to play Mario 64 when I was little and this brings back lots memories

Trend101Warrior : I listen to this music in my sleep at night for at least 7-10 hours.

PikaSamus : This was supposed to be ten hours, but it's only nine hours, fifty-nine minutes, and fifty-nine seconds! I want my one second!

Javial12 : get another youtube tab and type in calming seas ocean sounds along with this song. thank me later

Synthetase2 : I used to play this level just to hear the music

iiPedrø : This is like a song i would listen to in like hawaii or on an island or something... Anybody else?😂😂😂

TheHarperbow : Summer evening, no school the next day, windows open, parents already in bed, playing this with sunburn from being outside that day. Glorious childhood, this brings me back.

Keke is me : Seems peaceful. Sometimes when I play this level it's because of the music. It helps calm me down when I'm stressed.

Truemarioplayer 3512 : To be perfectly honest with you, whenever I hear this particular song, I think of my old daycare center and how I used to be able to play Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. Days go by and I still miss being at my old neighborhood and I still miss being a little child and being able to play this game has never been so satisfying. Well, so I thought, there was this mean kid at my old daycare center that I went to when I was little,his name was Kyle, the system broke somehow and so his idea of fixing it was to put glue in the Super Mario 64 game card, so for the rest of the days that I went to daycare there, we weren't allowed to play with the game system. The day before I moved, the system somehow managed to get back into shape and so I couldn't play it because by the time it was my turn on the Nintendo 64 game system, was time to say goodbye to my friends forever and ever. This made me feel really sad after I left. Look, all I am trying to say is that this song really brings back memories of the good-o'l-days and to that I say yippy!!!!!😀😁😂😀😁😂😀😁😂😀😁😂😀😁😂😀😁😂😀.

Cynthia Bell : I like to think of this song when I'm sad because it is both relaxing and happy.

ryhansen1 : 32 people got eaten by the eel.

Steve B : I'm amazed still by how incredible these games are. I hold them at a higher value than any video game of current age. Never forget the hours spent playing n64 with friends and family. Gaming isn't like that anymore

RaccoonSora : Anyone else here who calls it Jolly Rancher Bay?😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Dexterously : I always hated underwater levels. But this song makes you fall in love with this level.

Boost2win99 : One of the best games that this generation will never be able to expierence the same we did

Captain Sparky : This is like sleeping pills without side affects.

Super Luigi : Definitely a relaxing tune. One of Nintendo's greatest songs!

HUSH : Pa PaPa PaPaPA.. Let'sa Go!

Storm : This music lets me think of all the fun I had (and still have) with my Nintendo 64.....(:

TheBiz Is 01 : I used to get scared with song I don't know why

Nibbbiesss : This is my jam. I am break dancing to this stuff. Everyone we should a party!!!!

William Harvey : Slept with this music on, iPad was at 88% when I clicked on this video, dead when I woke up. Best 9 Hours, 34 minutes and 21 seconds ever. #SoCloseToTenHours :(

Tim G : once again Nintendo showing off how great their music is

MinceMeatz : This music was amazing for studying my tests and doing homework. Just purely awesome!

MiniVoltar/Yoshfin : *Normal Speed* Mario is swimming peacefully in the water. *1.25 Speed* Mario is about to drown.