THE TRUTH Behind Dr. Manhattan's LIMITLESS Power!

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The Imaginary Axis : Sorry for the late upload. Got lost on my way here. Won't happen again.

Kamil Zawadzki : WoW, science, philosophy and comics. What a mix. Great channel. Thanks

Reesey Me : in short, he is god

ChrisRyanMcK : pineal gland hint why he has the dot between his eyes.

TI9A GANG : tyler looks like sheldon you're funny and smart dope ^-^

Aminium Music : he's back!!!

Alessandro M. Lupacchini : String theory is probably wrong anyway so don't get too excited about higher numbers of dimensions

MultiStor1 : Dr.Manhattan vs Thanos w/Infinity Stones & Gauntlet or Darkseid w/Anti-Life Equation. Who wins?

zeusboltes gaming : If ghost rider is locked on flash could he catch him

David Brailsford : "If you've never heard that name don't worry, I'd say You'd have to be a solid 3 layers deep to really understand him" or... watched Watchmen.

JaxBlade : Don't call it a comeback HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!! haha great to see ya uploading again!

Daniloxidado : Saitama is finally happy

Trelaquix : Is this Vsauce

streetough : That consciousness explanation is how I think of a soul, and God, and metaphysical concepts in general. Why is it so far fetched to believe all of reality isn't tied only to physical properties?

Omni Man : According to quantum physics and religions like Hinduism, consciousness is the source of matter not the other way around. Matter does not create consciousness. Consciousness creates matter. Consciousness remains when the physical self is destroyed. Consciousness is who you really are and your physical self is merely a thought projection that seems solid. Many beings in the past have achieved what Dr. Manhattan has achieved. Beings like the Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna were like Dr. Manhattan.

Syrus7sk : I feel smarter. Quite a strange feeling to get from Youtube.

C-Klass : Prove the existence of the human soul in a lab?  Can't be done.  Prove the existence of the human soul axiomatically merely by contemplating it?  Every human being can do that.  Good video.  Jesus is the only real superhero.

TheBlackKnight1o1 : Whoa, this is incredibly interesting. Great video! Love this.

Kt tk : what's that story called with the big guy draining every superman for their power? Looks really interesting, I want to read it.

Dante Barcenas : I think tthis video just explained God to me.......

Knight Warrior : YES! It's always a treat when you upload.

Michael : Wait, who is this character draining all the Supermans (Supermen?) of their powers? Name please?! \(0.0)/

Saimeren : Well, sure.. If you want to put it like that.

TheDrB0B : There's all sorts of spirituality references in Watchmen, It's pretty obvious Dr. Manhattan is a theory on what happens if you detach from everything physical and feel your entire consciousness: the whole universe. Why else would the experiment that turns him be meant to literally detach everything that is physical?

Elias Bey : Dude you are an amazing video maker and scientist, absolutely loved it!!!

Artonline : So how is batman gonna beat him? Probably some sort of spray he has on his belt.

Joseph Wolfson : 1 Length in space 2 Width in space 3 Depth in space 4 Length in time 5 Width in time 6 Depth in time 7 Length in probability 8 Width in probability 9 Depth in probability

Paul : So am i the only when that thought when he is talking about the real u i thought of my soul. Or spirit

Trudolph : You should really do a collaboration with MatPat


MrTrueFury : This is why I am ok with waiting for videos to be released every month or so. It leads to higher quality and better thought out content.

Darkwing Dumpling : hate it when people talk about consciousness when they know nothing about it

N Shilts : i love the sequence in the comic where it shows you how he perceives the universe, the movie really does it justice

N Shilts : watchmen was my first grafic novel/comic book. if you're gonna watch the movie watch the directors cut it makes a lot of scenes make a lot more sense i mean it's like a 3 hour film but it stays much truer to the story of the books and makes 'the bad guy' much more relate-able

Peej - : Phenominal

Syn's Arcade : This just in: Dr. Manhattan found guilty in manipulation of 10 ^67 multiverses. Victims include DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, etc. Has Manhattan transcended everything?

TheIceThorn : the only problem is that "conciousness" isn't a "part of the brain" but the interaction between the 5 senses, the memory and the processing part of the brain. ALL of it. And time is not the 4th dimension; time is the 5th. width, height, depth, time are 4 but this misses the FIRST: amount of energy in the point. That's a dimension too. You get this just studying computer science, vector and matrix.

Aryan Jn : Plz do a Lucifer video

Mazhar : Consciousness = soul

hisoka Fucks you : Thanos with infinity gauntlet vs dr Manhattan

A jar of pickles : Thanks for explaining what the strong and weak nuclear forces are, the Internet has seriously let me down in that regard

Chem Åström : Dr. Manhattan : Jon, by the way. Dr. Strange : Dr. Strange. Dr. Manhattan : Oh, you use makeup name. In that case, I am Dr. Manhattan. But why are you here? Dr. Strange : I come to bargain.

AlienNinjaPuppy : Love that avatar shot haha

hainley simpson : Dr.Manhattan is the prophet of the Flying Spaghetti monster.

JasonSydney : Great stuff! I always look forward to watching more of your video!! So, welcome back!!!

Gutierrez Rodrigues dos Reis : best channel on youtube

jslover761 : But Tyler! What does ANY of this have to do with Dr. Manhattan?

Dylan Lane : Love your stuff bro. Never stop creatin ✊

Fawlker : I don't know about you guys, but everytime i see Dr. Manhattan i can hear he singing the music: -I'm blue, dabudee dabuda, dabudeeee dabuda...

Sergio Díaz Nila : It all depends on the type of metaphysical structure you assign to your reality, mind-body dualism isn't the name Dualism is the which establishes There are two fundamental substances (a philosophical term, not to be confused with the use of the word in chemistry) Matter & Spirit, our body is our material element, and our soul is the spiritual element, the mind exists within the soul. However there are Monisms, the idea that there is only 1 fundamental substance and every other substance is derivative of the other, for instance Physicalism (or Materialism) is the Monism where Matter is the fundamental Substance and Spirit is derivative. The other big Monism is Idealism, which assumes Spirit is the fundamental substance and everything else is derivative, this is what the word Idealism really means, that Ideas are what conforms reality and matter is like a dream, all Religions are Idealist, they say different ways of the same thing, you real you is the spirit and everything is not real, blah, blah, the sins of the meat, blah blah. And there is something called Neutral Monism, that establishes both Matter and Spirit are derivative of a 3rd, unknown Substance which is the really fundamental. The problem with your examples for arguing there is something else that is you other than your matter and the examples you give to support can be explained by Monist arguments. A clone IS NOT A COPY, that is a gigantic misunderstanding of both the concept of clones and the concept of copying. You can copy information because information is immaterial but to represent it you need matter, when you copy a document, you get new paper and new ink and then you copy all the information, when you clone a computer you have 2 completely different computers with the same information, but they are not the same matter, and they become a different system on their own. So your argument of if "there is a clone of you and we kill it its ok because there would remain one of you" can also argue against the idea of dualism, because if there is a soul and cloning is copying then why didn't the links between the soul and the matter also copied? that what gives unique ness, is information, not a mind, not a soul, and that emerges from matter.