THE TRUTH Behind Dr. Manhattan's LIMITLESS Power!

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The Imaginary Axis : Sorry for the late upload. Got lost on my way here. Won't happen again.

JaxBlade : Don't call it a comeback HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!! haha great to see ya uploading again!

Guy Hat : I can name someone who is infinitely more powerful than Dr. Manhattan.... His writer.

sjgarchive : So if someone shoots your head, they’re not really killing you. They’re just braking your antenna. Got it.

We eb : Dr. Manhattan vs waluigi Like if you want it

Jp Killer : Rip thanos

Syrus7sk : I feel smarter. Quite a strange feeling to get from Youtube.

colburn888 : I am dissapointed in you Thanos. Very dissapointed.

Dat Weeb : “Officer I didn’t murder him I just cut his connection to his body that all”

joseph jackson : So Dr. Manhattan is basically God but doesn't have all of the "omni" traits?

20GRIZZ20 : Manhattan is basically what happens if you give string theory a consciousness

MrTrueFury : This is why I am ok with waiting for videos to be released every month or so. It leads to higher quality and better thought out content.

CJ Rocky : if you cough while having a poo it comes out quicker

Iron Davis : Are you okay this came out 5 months ago

Astitv Shandilya : Dr. Manhattan IS everything that exists(whatever that means...) And he isn't "powerful", he is the power...

Brayden Scott : Hey Tyler, it's been a while. We all miss you. I hope that whatever is going on, that I want you to know that you can go through it. And we will be here for you when you go through your complications. I hope to see you again soon.

Knight Warrior : YES! It's always a treat when you upload.

Console MonsterX : It's called the spirit. That's why there are ghosts. And anyone that isn't an idiot, knows that ghosts are in fact, real. I know first hand.

Steven Galiniak : He still couldn't beat One Punch Man though.

Vin : I think he got lost in real life!!!

EPiphany : 5 uploads in a year. I love this channel but I am disappointed on the uploads. Almost 5 months without a video. That is just ridiculous for me. This channel has so much potential for growth and to be a full time job for Tyler, he’s fortunate enough to have us as a fan base but he doesn’t seem to appreciate how lucky he is to be able to make a living out of this. And this is not a useless channel. It’s filled with info that breaks things down to make idiots like me understand. Just thought I’d put this out there. Hurry back Tyler with a better upload schedule.

Artonline : So how is batman gonna beat him? Probably some sort of spray he has on his belt.

ERROR : How can a man made machine create a god? Thats so BS for me .. 😑😑😑

Jacob Thomas : Even though live action movies are not always cannon to the original comics. Dr. Manhattan is pretty clear in the movie about his experience of time being different but still very linear. Although he has 2020 hindsight and foresight, he still experiences time one moment at a time. The blurriness he talks about is a result of having no age, infinite knowledge and not being restricted by the speed of his perception. Dr. Manhattan is not a time traveler...

ArnoldsK : Deep AF

Conner Beierle : Where are you?

A jar of pickles : Thanks for explaining what the strong and weak nuclear forces are, the Internet has seriously let me down in that regard

Supersonicstella : Meet me at Youtube Headquarters, the funeral for Tyler starts at 10:00 P.M

Qwerty Saur : dr.manhattan or the presence?

Ali Supreme : Maybe animals have consciousness, they just don’t question it.

bip dip : If your conciouse gets cut off from you're body doesnt that mean your a ghost

The Journey to Christ : Man I missed this channel.

Mark Fritzler : Very good existential insights.. Sub'd

A Smart Lemur : He is not powerfull he is the power

FuzzyMelon! : i like how at 6:59 all the heroes except for saitama is unhappy.

raider 126 : Dr Manhattan vs infinity stones(gauntlet)

Aminium Music : he's back!!!

Garfield Arbukle : I feel that OnePunchMan and Dr. Manhattan shouldn’t be analyzed for their power, their whole point is that isn’t that they’re the strongest, but how being that strong effects you

TheWinter : I never got how people can debate whos the most powerful FICTIONAL character while using real science terms that make no sense in that context because its about a universe in which they mean nothing... almost like a fundamentalist trying to make sense from the literal interpretation of the bible... but hey... I envy your commitment to this...

Osmosis Jones : A mind with out a body pasific prospective and identify is that you . or is it just ?

Just Austin : At first I thought this could easily be disproved simply due to the fact that if Manhattan can do it, why can't everyone? After you die a physical death shouldn't you have the same power as him? But after a bit of thinking I came to a better, if not a bit darker, theory. Perhaps in mind-body dualism, even after your physical body dies, your consciousness is still linked to it, it just can't control it anymore due to the damage it has sustained. For the rest of time these two are connected, even after flesh decomposes and only a skeleton remains, even if you were vaporized in an atomic blast and the only remnants are dust; you are that skeleton, or those flakes of dust. But Manhattan's case is different. His body didn't die, it wasn't vaporized or scattered by a reality bender, it ceased to exist entirely. This is what allowed his consciousness to roam free and connect with anything else it wanted to connect to, it's host body was entirely gone. Then again, that's just a theory, A COMIC THEORY! Thanks for reading!

El Barto : Okay so this guy, who is practically a god, turned himself into a blue giant and used his limitless power to... kill Vietnamese rice farmers that were just defending themselves? Yeah, murica

Keon Morningstar : Dr. Manhattan vs The Endless

Praskovya Krylova : Where the hell is Tyler?

The legend : 3:56 That Moment you realize he used the Avatar intro...

Guy VG : So Manhattan discovered that our consciousness controls our bodies from the outside. Puts his famous line into context. “We’re all puppets Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.”

grotto king : hey it seems like we have found the real life sheldon from big bang


ProGuns : are you vsauce4?

kyle pence : What is this backgorund music called?