THE TRUTH Behind Dr. Manhattan's LIMITLESS Power!

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The Imaginary Axis : Sorry for the late upload. Got lost on my way here. Won't happen again.

Syrus7sk : I feel smarter. Quite a strange feeling to get from Youtube.

James Franklin : Lol, some fools literally think Thanos could beat Dr Manhattan

Just Austin : At first I thought this could easily be disproved simply due to the fact that if Manhattan can do it, why can't everyone? After you die a physical death shouldn't you have the same power as him? But after a bit of thinking I came to a better, if not a bit darker, theory. Perhaps in mind-body dualism, even after your physical body dies, your consciousness is still linked to it, it just can't control it anymore due to the damage it has sustained. For the rest of time these two are connected, even after flesh decomposes and only a skeleton remains, even if you were vaporized in an atomic blast and the only remnants are dust; you are that skeleton, or those flakes of dust. But Manhattan's case is different. His body didn't die, it wasn't vaporized or scattered by a reality bender, it ceased to exist entirely. This is what allowed his consciousness to roam free and connect with anything else it wanted to connect to, it's host body was entirely gone. Then again, that's just a theory, A COMIC THEORY! Thanks for reading!

colburn888 : I am dissapointed in you Thanos. Very dissapointed.

We eb : Dr. Manhattan vs waluigi Like if you want it

Artonline : So how is batman gonna beat him? Probably some sort of spray he has on his belt.

Dat Weeb : “Officer I didn’t murder him I just cut his connection to his body that all”

20GRIZZ20 : Manhattan is basically what happens if you give string theory a consciousness

CJ Rocky : if you cough while having a poo it comes out quicker

El Barto : Okay so this guy, who is practically a god, turned himself into a blue giant and used his limitless power to... kill Vietnamese rice farmers that were just defending themselves? Yeah, murica

JaxBlade : Don't call it a comeback HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!! haha great to see ya uploading again!

Anilekle2806 : Maybe he teleports by letting go of the particals he is currently using and using diffrent particals to make another body

Jp Killer : Rip thanos

Iron Davis : Are you okay this came out 5 months ago

ProGuns : are you vsauce4?

MrTrueFury : This is why I am ok with waiting for videos to be released every month or so. It leads to higher quality and better thought out content.

Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C : Peace be to you! You sir, have gained yet ANOTHER subscriber! This is an AMAZING review and discussion! I find Dr.M one of the most fascinating characters in all of comics. Life and death are such interesting concepts to me. When I declare patients "dead" in the hospital, there is a finality about them (cold body, unresponsive to stimuli, no heart or respiratory sounds, no pulse, flat line EKG, etc.). I immediately talk about the patient in the past or as an object (e.g. "get the body ready for the family to see", "send the body to the mourge", etc.)☠. I often wonder where did that energy go that gave this body consciousness and vitality? Did it dissipate into space😱? Is the person's energy now part of the collective of energy that permeates everything✨? Is the person's 'spirit' hovering around somewhere👻? 🤔Sure, there are religious beliefs🕋⛪🕌🕍 and scientific theories🔬🔭💻🔎 about this. However, I haven't seen anything that says, "Oh THERE is that person's energy (spirit or soul)😇". I wonder if Dr.M is everywhere, everywhen and part of EVERYTHING? And because of his scientific knowledge⌚, he is able to control his powers to increasingly higher degrees. Remember when Ice man from Marvel had his body taken over by Emma Frost (long time ago for you young folks)? She was able to do some INCREDIBLE things and manifest abilities Bobby didn't even know he had. Basically, he was just a kid with power but no knowledge whereas Emma Frost was an accomplished adult with above-average intelligence and ambition (based on Marvel canon). Forgive the Marvel reference. I couldn't think of an alternate DC example. What do you guys think about my Dr.M theory?

Charmancer : Interesting stuff but you're conflating materialism, reductionism, and the mechanistic hypothesis in ways that create a straw-man argument in favor of mind-body dualism. Field theory and other types of non-linear dynamics may be a more interesting and sound way of approaching how the Dr. could actually exist. There are theories that suggest that something like a "mind" can exist outside of a brain but still be material (ecological psychology). Check out A Physics for Complex Systems (Iberall & Soodak, 1987) if you're interested in a detailed account of what I'm getting at.

Julian Kyle : 11:08 “runs a mile in 7 minutes” Weird flex but Ok

Danforth Paleontologist : Maybe animals have consciousness, they just don’t question it.

Knight Warrior : YES! It's always a treat when you upload.

Kyle Oconnor : "A clock without a craftsman" - Dr. Manhattan

Thanos Thicc : Just create a new comic book character that can kill him

Tyten Mitchell : This guy is the real life Sheldon Cooper like of you agree 👍🏽

TheAres1999 : His soul was separated from his body through his death, but separating himself from any physical limitations made his spirit to be a god like being. I wonder if he could beat Thanos.

Aminium Music : he's back!!!

Corporal Khorneflakes : blue benis

A Smart Lemur : He is not powerfull he is the power

grotto king : hey it seems like we have found the real life sheldon from big bang

Brayden Scott : Hey Tyler, it's been a while. We all miss you. I hope that whatever is going on, that I want you to know that you can go through it. And we will be here for you when you go through your complications. I hope to see you again soon.

A jar of pickles : Thanks for explaining what the strong and weak nuclear forces are, the Internet has seriously let me down in that regard

bip dip : If your conciouse gets cut off from you're body doesnt that mean your a ghost

Peter Batman : To me Watchmen was the best superhero movie ever made. All the other ones fail as far as a story goes. Also the intro of Dr.Manhattan in that movie just destroys any other superhero intro ever that has been on screen to this day. The thing that proves Dr.Manhattan is not all powerful is cause he's living, umm I must of missed something cause didn't he form himself from nothing.

Christian Craig : So Lucy is basically Dr. Manhattan?

Richard Zandburg : True power is control.

Guy VG : So Manhattan discovered that our consciousness controls our bodies from the outside. Puts his famous line into context. “We’re all puppets Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.”

Vin : I think he got lost in real life!!!

ERROR : How can a man made machine create a god? Thats so BS for me .. 😑😑😑

DaGamer 100 : But Tyler! What does ANY of this have to do with Dr. Manhattan?

Mark Fritzler : Very good existential insights.. Sub'd

Syn's Arcade : This just in: Dr. Manhattan found guilty in manipulation of 10 ^67 multiverses. Victims include DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, etc. Has Manhattan transcended everything?

Michael Lao : Are you atrractive. Yes because science said so.

Blakelikesfood : Iscmus Pideteltete?

Fushicho Kurayami : *Well My Imaginary Friends....* I nearly choked on my Twizzler at that part. No idea why....But its now my favorite line out the video.

Young Ki : I went from watching a 20 minute video from The Imaginary Axis, talking about Dr Manhattan's limitless power, to then researching on google about different dimensions, the universe and my own existence. Youtube, aye?

JUST A ROBOT : I like to think I helped you out with this. It was an awesome video, but next time don't take so long to come back.

Space : This guy is just an admin in the matrix!

Red Blue : dr.manhattan or the presence?

Adam Snyder : I would have preferred The Comedian's face over Manhattan's peen rather than a blur.