THE TRUTH Behind Dr. Manhattan's LIMITLESS Power!

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The Imaginary Axis : Sorry for the late upload. Got lost on my way here. Won't happen again.

Aminium Music : he's back!!!

Zacimus the master Shooter : Talk about over powered Jesus let’s hope are conscious is separate from are bodys so we could still survive after death

MultiStor1 : Dr.Manhattan vs The One Above All vs The Presence while Thanos w/Infinity Stones & Gauntlet face off against Darkseid w/Anti-Life & Life Equation. These are two separate matches so, Who wins?

Tirion : Manhattan is actually FAR from the strongest being in the DC tho,here's the list of confirmed stronger being than Doctor Manhattan Though Robot Lucifer Monitor-Mind Yin Yang Brothers Michael Demiurgos The Endless Siblings Ellaine Belloc Ultimator Cathexis is stronger (Thought they are more of a races rather than a person)

boosomentity : time exists only as a conceptual interpretation of motion in space, it is not reality; all there is is now

JaxBlade : Don't call it a comeback HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!! haha great to see ya uploading again!

Superman ASMR : Man, i think its time to do a top 10 most power full superheroes of all time (you are the only one who i trust)

Thor's Hammer : Can you do a video on monsters from the SCP Foundation universe in their true forms?

Maxio XIII : Its called the spirit the word you looking for is spirit and soul

Jonathan Bell : quantum fields are not forces, quantum fields are the medium that forces can exist in. Similarly, sound waves are not air. Air is simply the medium that we happen to hear sound in. An electron is not the electron field it is just an excitation of the field. A single song is not the totality of sound waves that could ever exist it is just an excitation of some of the possible sound waves.

Knight Warrior : YES! It's always a treat when you upload.

htomerif : Lets say the dimensional field subtractor did what it says and literally reduced all of the fields in quantum field theory to zero. Lets say that Dr. Manhattan's consciousness is somehow linked with or entangled with the field excitations making up his corporeal form. Literally reducing all of those fields to exactly zero would have the effect (via the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) of not elevating his consciousness to some higher dimension, but causing, forcing his consciousness to exist literally everywhere and everywhen at once. You could push that further and say that if consciousness is what causes coherence collapse in QFT, his consciousness would have the ability to alter in any way every object everywhere through all of time and in every dimension. The real question with Dr. Manhattan's power isnt what *can* he do, its what does he *know* he can do. Oh, also, his consciousness didn't merge with the consciousness of every other being in every dimension. It remained separate, so we know that Dr. Manhattan is at least constrained in one dimension, the "consciousness" dimension. That being the case, you would think that super-whatevers who have the ability to bridge their consciousness via telepathy or mind control or other mental weirdness might be able to get the upper hand in a confrontation with Dr. Manhattan if they were intelligent enough to make his mind comprehensible.

depression : But Tyler! What does ANY of this have to do with Dr. Manhattan?

Novis Ramada : So basically he's a mini me Doomsday. Dr. Strange could thereby easily defeat Dr. Manhattan in no time..People ask how? All there would need to be is a DC/marvel crossover due to Thanos' infinity war. Dr. Strange immune reality bending, tricks Dr. Manhattan into believing he's still alive and well. Then once he's tricked, trap him in that weak human consciousness in between dimensions.....forever KO'd. Strange did it to Dormammu finally & he still failed to stop Thanos, so Thanos could beat both...

David Tolentino : Dude this channel deserves so many more subscribers and views.

jostur3 : "If I cloned you, would you be ok with me shooting you since there are two you's now and you'll be fine?" Wait. You mean you're shooting me, or are you shooting ... ... What was the question?


joseph jackson : So Dr. Manhattan is basically God but doesn't have all of the "omni" traits?

TheWinter : I never got how people can debate whos the most powerful FICTIONAL character while using real science terms that make no sense in that context because its about a universe in which they mean nothing... almost like a fundamentalist trying to make sense from the literal interpretation of the bible... but hey... I envy your commitment to this...

MrTrueFury : This is why I am ok with waiting for videos to be released every month or so. It leads to higher quality and better thought out content.

Razion Tafari : A soul. The answer is a soul

Reasonable Guy : So how powerful is Doctor Manhattan? Well he is far more powerful then a thing that is Infinitely more powerful, then a thing that is infinitely more powerful then infinite power... God damn...

Phil PBOY : Dr Manhattan demonstrates the soul. The soul is non-physical, eternal and holds all memories and personality or 'consciousness'. Every person on the planet is a soul operating a body. It sounds far fetched, but if you can entertain the stories of comics, could you not entertain that the soul is real in our universe?

GOTTZ BEATS : Omnipresent, omnipotent, and exists outside of our reality. So he's god.

Syrus7sk : I feel smarter. Quite a strange feeling to get from Youtube.

Nate River : Please upload more, your videos are amazing

Blitzkrieg : Well speedsters (i know he easily incenerated Thawne but stick with me) using tachyons (blocking his Precognition power so he can't see his future or his demise) can kill him before he got his powers or erase him from history.

Fawze Abdelftah : My brain is on fire.

Zattla Habibi : Running 16100 meters in 7 min Suuuuuure

Artonline : So how is batman gonna beat him? Probably some sort of spray he has on his belt.

Patrick Bateman : Tyler?

Console MonsterX : It's called the spirit. That's why there are ghosts. And anyone that isn't an idiot, knows that ghosts are in fact, real. I know first hand.

NICK : oh you lost again....we miss you..😞

Danielz : He not even top 3 in D.C.

Syn's Arcade : This just in: Dr. Manhattan found guilty in manipulation of 10 ^67 multiverses. Victims include DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, etc. Has Manhattan transcended everything?

melvin st fleur : Isn't Darkseid an avatar of True Darkseid

Lil Shawn : He’s god

Nessie Andrew : So somehow the human mind is above the laws of physics in the Marvel (or wherever Dr Manhattan lives) universe?

Haywood Jablomi : You deserve every bit of fame matpat has.

Kamil Zawadzki : WoW, science, philosophy and comics. What a mix. Great channel. Thanks

Null Shock : What's a Soryline? . . .Is it like a line from Canada that is sorry? (driest joke this week! . . . Or just the lamest.)

Delta Code : He exist in Time Cube.

joseph jackson : 7:50 IT'S CALLED A SOUL!!! :)

André Thielemann : why? and how did u lost all your money Eric. I thought u continue to be the vice president of trump organisation.

A jar of pickles : Thanks for explaining what the strong and weak nuclear forces are, the Internet has seriously let me down in that regard

Tank HeavyBlast : Dr Manhattan isn't the professor that got destroyed, Dr Manhattan is the WRITER of Watchmen comics in Comic-book form. And now he's trolling every DC writer by being the most high LOL.

Reeesd Dawn : So basically he's a God

kyanaitor : time is just a way to calculate the order of motion, so therefore humans are the ones who created time, maybe that explains why characters like flash are even possible in terms of time travel or maybe the flash is just reverting motion its self.

ArnoldsK : Deep AF