Tons of snakes under a piece of wood

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Luis rodriguez : Once the snakes ran, I’m running too.

Autello : You just stumbled onto an orgy

Da Kawaii Fox : It's a load of nope-ropes.

T R V P L X R D : I was expecting all my friends to jump out under that wood

Madcatlover : Those snakes are cute :3 I would never do that in Australia, that’s a free ticket to hell

Karl Chrilders : Garter Snakes

EpicZeroGod : Too many kevin durants

Incredible football : Tons of snkaes😂😂😂😂😂

Melody McDaniel : When I was 6 I found a garter snake under a big rock

David Porter : I can't help but wonder if you tried talking to any of those snakes? Since if you tried, and one talked back, you could of captured Satan and killed it, thus destroying evil on the planet for eternity. /Sarcasm

Jimdandy Pearl : Garder snakes wont hurt u

lego my eggo : Aww what cuties. I wish i could find that many snakes at a time. I haven't held a snake in so long.

michael macdonald : This was filmed on a potato

Jamal Crawford : YouTube need to stop recommending Kevin Durant's video...

Samantha Ong : Oh look! All my ex bestfriends in one place!

Bork Bork : Too many Taylor Swift's in there.

Tailynn : What a goddamn nightmare

Ricardo Rodriguez : snakes everywhere!!!!!

Walter Young : 0:32 that's a weird looking pair of ear buds

Scooter1 : pass me the flamethrower

kawaii kitten : awwww the snakes are so cute

Michael Brewer : No

Wanderlust89 : What would Bear Grylls do?

Its Carlito : Kevin durant and his family in their natural habitat

Matej Čepel : thats lot of weed man

Gliapi : Is that Marijuana?

princess barcelon : Here in philippines we called them kuyog

akhilesh bhoir : U might haven't slept for 2nights . If those snakes have bitten tht little boy

sb luv : hell to the nahhhhh

Balwant Singh : More snakes than pixels in this video

Thomas MELCHER : I don't know what's worse the snakes or the camera angle.

Jacob Oram : Where are the tons ?

Swagger Right : So how many tons of snakes were there .

Azumarill : This gives off 2007 vibes

Ashley Hernandez : 0:43 * snake throws bottle on the ground * *SCATTER!!*

Emet Gaming : I got a snake in my groot

Eshan Bangladesh : U call it tons of snakes how funny

CrashStudios : 0:32 When you discover there is a bunch of homework you didn't do due tomorrow......

The Truth Hurts : Would you eat them if you were stuck on an Island alone?

Naji Johns : I see a lot of erika costells

Juan Kelly : Should’ve used a flame thrower

Red- -Dreamz : I wonder how all my classmates fit under that piece of wood......

Mark Rillon : I thought that is a big snake but im wrong threre are little cuties

Hido F : Amazing. You kids are really brave!

Tyler Mcay : That's grim mate

Jorsen Joao : This is what nightmares are made of

J E R R Y : pulutan mga pre 😍😍😍

shigeo tokuda : Tons of snakes....😒😒😒😒

Anthony Blue : kill em all

bappa max009 : Snakes run 2