Man intentionally gets in high speed pursuits to toy with police

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HDSurfTV : Cops running his plate are like "That's weird. Plate belongs to a Fiat 500 owned by an 87-year-old grandma?"

Amon2012able : LOOOOOOOOOL you were teasing them for over 4 min.

cw brancaleone : If you come to brazil to do that,the police will shoot you,kill you,put a gun in your hand and say you shot first,the just did self defense.

B orama : At 3:00 when they are already obsessively profusely salivating he suddenly removes the bone and bye bye, a dot in the rear mirror...Epic!

killer14bee : Smoke them like a Cuban cigar, Ghost!

Reef Tank 413 : Badass...period

Fortnite King107 : Phil hellmuth angry


달무극 : ㅋㅋ도로의무법자

DynamicShotz : Ultimate getaway driver.!!

COVENANT007 : como a 300 KM x 1hr

COVENANT007 : A perrooo, estas perro, esos Polis humillados jajajajaja

Morphinery : is there someone driving that bike? wtf :d

dzihad Juseni : are you sure that this is patrick fürstenhoff., i dont no .,., are you realy sure 2elite4you??

dzihad Juseni : yes yes yes., on 03.02min is so good., haha best lol acab

dzihad Juseni : haha., i have see hundrets of ghostride videos.,., but this is one of the best ever., love this gay., and all the crew., =)

Sami H : Whats the music?

Viking : I'm Swedish and I can definitely and honestly say that the average Swedish police can not drive. I'm a truck driver and I see a lot of stuff out there on the roads. And why do they even TRY to stop this powerful bike with a volvo? In the beginning I understand why, because they do not know how skillful this biker is or how powerful the bike is. But after 1-2 minuets they should understand both of it and stop chasing him.

Ysn Ylmz : lol

Mgumgbu : utter humiliation of state resources

2elite4you : /watch?v=S4bvhQjz2K0

2elite4you : his name is Patrick Fürstenhoff

2elite4you : yes

M Ribita : nice

Wizard : at 4:35 they must be like,  "oh"

UptoMePapiYongKukKuk : Absolute Legend!!

Josh Seaton : epic

Marc B : Fucking love it!

Fares Ayyash : Ghost rider is freaking awesome.

Texas Moto : i guess this is what happens when police drive minivans

Lukas Popelka : Nice, wonderful

rebels yell : Correct me if im wrong but didnt the ghostrider pass away not to long ago?

mrsiborg : Ahh I'm off, cya lol.

emosh73 : Americans would make him look bad! Don't mess with the Americans fools!

BackTrack Bug : I mean, the police cars look like they can do 140 kph tops (about 85 mph ). Any stock Japanese bike could be the ghost rider in Sweden.

Paul Lorenzini : this is not the Ghost rider video's from before, it's propaganda.

mark farrimond : the police helicopter only does 174mph so basically the road is yours until the tank runs dry n then it's the heavy bracelets!!

markiootje : see for first ghost rider movies hahhahaaa wil go see all wil only see it safe behind my pc when i on backseat of bike wil be i need clean unterwear hahahaa go on ghost rider who you are makes me not out

Vetter Burns : 4:30 Buh-Bye!

Sorry-but-i'm-ITALIANO : and... what is the end ?

Jarrad411 : I like how he was only in 2nd gear or whatever for the chase.

Frejmarian Films : Used to love this videos on street racer online

Johannes Buckreus : gta real life

miclam : owned

Big Country : The only way they will ever get there Hands on him is if they are Scraping him off of Something.

Gerth Johansson : Det har polisen tid med och fara och jaga utan mening det finns mycket värre brott men det hinner dom ju inte då

marychid : "Brilliant"!!!

Parrot : MUSIC ???????????

pipobendix2 : 3:28 he down 2 speed ! the stress ?