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channelmb1 : GHOST RIDER vs POLICE 2 GHOSTRIDER - THE ONE Ghostrider on 4 Wheels - The Fast Run ! Ghostrider GHOST RIDER - HAYABUSA RIDE

HDSurfTV : Cops running his plate are like "That's weird. Plate belongs to a Fiat 500 owned by an 87-year-old grandma?"

Amon2012able : LOOOOOOOOOL you were teasing them for over 4 min.

Wizard : at 4:35 they must be like,  "oh"

B orama : At 3:00 when they are already obsessively profusely salivating he suddenly removes the bone and bye bye, a dot in the rear mirror...Epic!

killer14bee : Smoke them like a Cuban cigar, Ghost!

Areel : Phil hellmuth angry

Reef Tank 413 : Badass...period

marychid : "Brilliant"!!!

miclam : owned

Sorry-but-i'm-ITALIANO : and... what is the end ?

emosh73 : Americans would make him look bad! Don't mess with the Americans fools!

mrsiborg : Ahh I'm off, cya lol.

marlb0r015 : Can't wait till i have my motorcycle license and a nice bike!!

may hem : he can only do it in Europe,  rest can't drive so he would

Texas Moto : i guess this is what happens when police drive minivans

Game & Strain Review : There needs to be a ghost rider in america. imagine if he could evade different big cities and small town cops all over the states recording and getting away with police chases. would be legendary.. This could only be possible on a fast street bike though, (As much as I love the STi chases)I don't think you're getting away in L.A. in a car. Too much traffic and heli's are always up and ready. Also, you should only be risking your own life.

Walt Allan : weaponise yer bike wi compressed air and oil in an aerosol can n pipe pointing out the back for murderous cops that like to attemt murder using the cars as rams,blocks and dangerous weaving,cops are criminals wi badges they believe gives them a god complex to do whatever it takes...bikers death or not

Сашок Советский : Если это не подстава, то полицаи в европе, такие же козлы как и у нас в России. Volvo отстой!!! Полицай придурок!!! ХаХаХа. GHOST RIDER THE BEST ! ! !

Hunter Lamparter : Like a boss at 3:00....just letting you coppers know I got 2 more gears to eat the road alive. I love it, I do.

thisish0ly : Все видео ждал пока он начнет топить :)

Charles Dziki : Just Like That...

markiootje : see for first ghost rider movies hahhahaaa wil go see all wil only see it safe behind my pc when i on backseat of bike wil be i need clean unterwear hahahaa go on ghost rider who you are makes me not out

André Azevedo : Awesome music, can anyone identify it? Shazam couldn't =/

Frejmarian Films : Used to love this videos on street racer online

tsdxfounder : Svenska polisen är ett stort skämt :)

Astronaut Forex : Awesome! No cop can catch the Ghostrider!

Сашок Советский : Не хило навалил в конце...

Virus Visions : Nice one.

Vetter Burns : 4:30 Buh-Bye!

Sabrina Benny : Best riders

CazaBrujas48 : jajajaa ese pendejo de rider les da esperansa a los policias para que al ultimo los cague akslhdkasjdas (Y) :D

bilkone : and more and more.

Parrot : MUSIC ???????????

TUNÇ YUSUF OLÇAY : lose the tail ))

Jarrad411 : I like how he was only in 2nd gear or whatever for the chase.

Papa Moose : and there gone


Jesus Leon : what  the song  name

pipobendix2 : 3:28 he down 2 speed ! the stress ?

lobelia1997 : he loves toying with the cops

Paulie Cash : The ghost is playing whit the fuzz , they haven a hope 🍀🍀🍀

ahuj71 : Joku päivä tapahtuu se pieni herpaantuminen ja sivulinen kuolee tai loukkaantuu tällaisten idioottien vuoksi.....miltä tuntuisi jos se olisi sisaresi tai lapsesi? Peukuttaisitko edelleen ylöspäin??

elver kutic : bravo

chuck raisch : patrik furstenhoff is an amazing drver

NorthWriter : Ha ha. If he did this in Italy the Carabinieri would just shoot him and be done with it.

Jack Dempsey : What song is that?

Clark N : I would love to see him run out of gas

rilzey1 : what the hell was that guy riding !!!!!!!!!!!!

Vykara : Lol they thought they could go 350+mph