Middle School Weezer Cover Goes Horribly Wrong

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CZsWorld : The bassist has to turn away because he's smiling so hard.

pokerworld : He should’ve sang “lying on the floor, lying on the floor, I’ve come undone.” mic drop.

nancy boy : kid screaming in the beginning sounds like the immigrant song

whatsmyageagain : lol, the timing of the keyboard fall is so perfect, right when he starts singing. looks like it's from a sitcom.

PhantasyJL : The drummer should've been like.... BADAM TUSS. Then it wouldn't be so awkward lmao.

Michael Ormsby : I like how the bass player had a broken pinkee

Roberto Nome : Covering a weezer song at that age? Respect

Trippy. _7 : I like how he just stands there looking at his keyboard lying on the ground 😂

Olivia Grace : Hey, they were still covering a Weezer song though. #respect

Jonathan Carr : "History's first rock n roll smashed keyboard." Trent Reznor wants to have a word with you.

Justin Brown : Pretty sure someone is going into labor at the beginning

b1ack c0wboy : This is something out of a comedy skit, i like it! But yeah if the band is reading this, don't be too embarrassed. It's only middle school, so most people expect the performance to already be bad!

Simón Papaletas : the scream at the beginning was a sign.

K9 : Even though the keyboard fell, the performance was pretty cool. Hard to explain.

Noct Smurf : tfw they couldn't get guitar feedback so he screamed instead

WIZARD : the two cymbal hits post-incident is what makes this video an absolute bloody classic

Oliverbeaver22 : 0:00 immigrant song

Bawsh : Kinda want to hear what the actually sound like...

Branden Clarke : This is a quick metaphor for how I feel after every romantic bedroom attempt.

w/e : yo, that's when you hit the floor with it and keep playing

Valentin : I realy wanna hear the cover now,

The Halfways : Hell yeah. You want that guitarist in your band. Hell of a bandmate. Keep going. You're better than most already. 

ARBrasch : "You're a crook Captain Hook, judge won't you throw the book" *clang*

elvislives81677 : That is fricken awesome.  I wouldn't applaud, but give em credit for not running off stage.

MrDooney - Gaming Funny Moments : 0:53 when you think of a fire ass comment in the midst of all this

MrDooney - Gaming Funny Moments : k I like them for doing a Weezer song, but why, just why the sweater song.

Jennifer Wicks : It's all good guys :) the only thing wrong with the performance is that you didn't get to continue it :(   It was sounding really good though!! Keep it up :D

Zoran425 : Hey, this is pretty good. Not cringe at all!

YouShouldntBeDancing : What's the band name?

Lyrick : I would like to hear them finish the song

fanofhands : That keyboard was laying on the floor once the stand had come undone

spartan876 : It was sounding pretty good though honestly

Alex Miller : Thank you for uploading this after they took it down, too funny. Still not as bad as my first performance though!

Raul Portillo : How were they gonna get away with saying goddamn?

Stephen Powell : I wouldn't be laughing so hard if the same thing hadn't happened to me in a band once.... Had a drummer who bought a gong and decided to build a stand out of wood. Halfway through the show the stand fell forward knocking his drum set off the riser. GOD I WISH I HAD THAT ON VIDEO!

larshoneytoast33 : This is the coolest thing. Years from now when they are rocking they will look back on this and that’s awesome. That’s rock

nohtanhojable : To the group of dudes playing this jam together, no worries guys. I've been playing in bands for a long time now and you guys rock! Keep practicing and playing. This stuff happens to even the best.

Davian Lomboan : i wish the drummer did the badum tsi

Matthew Scales : So is the full video out? I'd like to see it haha

andrew Spreeman : Did they finish?! I want to see that if they did, that sucks but don't worry too much about it!

Kadin G. : Timing is awful. #practicemakesperfect

Nash Avi : That was funny!  I'd be the only one in the audience laughing and I'd say 'screw you, you wuss' to anyone who would be offended by my laughter.

Vincent Valadez : I don't think there friends anymore 😂


Lenard Sciancalepore : Good job guys! Hold in there!

X-Ray : what song were they doing?

Vape Dude : Oh no, it's gone. Bye bye ... Awesome choice of Weezer track. No shame here boys, stuff happens. Keep rockin'. 🤘

Andrew Napierski : that keyboard fell faster than WTC7

Vulgora : im just glad its not katy perry or escape the fate

Jenna Betry : still better than me