Middle School Weezer Cover Goes Horribly Wrong

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CZsWorld : The bassist has to turn away because he's smiling so hard.

pokerworld : He should’ve sang “lying on the floor, lying on the floor, I’ve come undone.” mic drop.

Michael Ormsby : I like how the bass player had a broken pinkee

whatsmyageagain : lol, the timing of the keyboard fall is so perfect, right when he starts singing. looks like it's from a sitcom.

PhantasyJL : The drummer should've been like.... BADAM TUSS. Then it wouldn't be so awkward lmao.

Olivia Grace : Hey, they were still covering a Weezer song though. #respect

Justin Brown : Pretty sure someone is going into labor at the beginning

Noct Smurf : tfw they couldn't get guitar feedback so he screamed instead

Trippy. _7 : I like how he just stands there looking at his keyboard lying on the ground 😂

K9 : Even though the keyboard fell, the performance was pretty cool. Hard to explain.

Roberto Nome : Covering a weezer song at that age? Respect

b1ack c0wboy : This is something out of a comedy skit, i like it! But yeah if the band is reading this, don't be too embarrassed. It's only middle school, so most people expect the performance to already be bad!

Valentin : I realy wanna hear the cover now,

nancy boy : kid screaming in the beginning sounds like the immigrant song

Bawsh : Kinda want to hear what the actually sound like...

Simón Papaletas : the scream at the beginning was a sign.

Branden Clarke : This is a quick metaphor for how I feel after every romantic bedroom attempt.

MrDooney - Gaming Funny Moments : k I like them for doing a Weezer song, but why, just why the sweater song.

The Halfways : Hell yeah. You want that guitarist in your band. Hell of a bandmate. Keep going. You're better than most already. 

Jonathan Carr : "History's first rock n roll smashed keyboard." Trent Reznor wants to have a word with you.

YouShouldntBeDancing : What's the band name?

MrDooney - Gaming Funny Moments : 0:53 when you think of a fire ass comment in the midst of all this

Zoran425 : Hey, this is pretty good. Not cringe at all!

Oliverbeaver22 : 0:00 immigrant song

WIZARD : the two cymbal hits post-incident is what makes this video an absolute bloody classic

elvislives81677 : That is fricken awesome.  I wouldn't applaud, but give em credit for not running off stage.

Kadin G. : Timing is awful. #practicemakesperfect

Jennifer Wicks : It's all good guys :) the only thing wrong with the performance is that you didn't get to continue it :(   It was sounding really good though!! Keep it up :D

w/e : yo, that's when you hit the floor with it and keep playing

Alex Miller : Thank you for uploading this after they took it down, too funny. Still not as bad as my first performance though!

Lenard Sciancalepore : Good job guys! Hold in there!

Andrew Napierski : that keyboard fell faster than WTC7

Raul Portillo : How were they gonna get away with saying goddamn?

Davian Lomboan : i wish the drummer did the badum tsi

Matthew Scales : So is the full video out? I'd like to see it haha

X-Ray : what song were they doing?

larshoneytoast33 : This is the coolest thing. Years from now when they are rocking they will look back on this and that’s awesome. That’s rock

fanofhands : That keyboard was laying on the floor once the stand had come undone

Vape Dude : Oh no, it's gone. Bye bye ... Awesome choice of Weezer track. No shame here boys, stuff happens. Keep rockin'. 🤘

Ava Mills : I relate

Nash Avi : That was funny!  I'd be the only one in the audience laughing and I'd say 'screw you, you wuss' to anyone who would be offended by my laughter.

FNAF FAN 101 : Oh no Wht a reck my cusin used to hear weezer but he died but they did good:)😋😢

Kajo Retry : still better than me

Seb _ : tbh that really sucks, poor kids

Daily Dose Of Vince : I don't think there friends anymore 😂

Quiltface : love the awkward clap, any idea what they are clapping for?

bbomg02 : That would be my luck lmao

Fernan Lauro : damn, that crap killed my vibe


Stephen Powell : I wouldn't be laughing so hard if the same thing hadn't happened to me in a band once.... Had a drummer who bought a gong and decided to build a stand out of wood. Halfway through the show the stand fell forward knocking his drum set off the riser. GOD I WISH I HAD THAT ON VIDEO!