Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime (in order)
Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime

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Original: This video is NOT monetized. The purpose for uploading is to get the stories without the cuts.


Hooli Fruli : this first veteran...when he said that to the camera, man he relieved it al over again...

Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus : In peace , sons bury their fathers. In war fathers bury their sons

Max T : Nobody: People in the comments: “ “

Arthen : “Outside of war, it’s mostly never justified”. You won’t understand why they did those things because you’ve never been to war.

paul reid : If politicans had to fight in wars, they'd end tomorrow.

Wolf Coyote : My great uncle served in WW2 he said "I never shot to kill until I realized they were trying to kill me"

jeff Brown : At 70 i still remember the first i killed and the others not so much. It got too easy, it was an after thought. You were there to kill as many of them as you could in any way you could. After coming home i had trouble adjusting to civilian life. I tended to seek out other vets and couldn't relate to past friends that did not serve. I still sit with my back to the wall. Look for exits in buildings, and don't feel at ease around strangers. My blood pressure goes up when i see a doctor or in a small confined place. Semper Fi

Derrick Vineyard : My father is a Marine, served in Vietnam. Every 4th of July my mother would close the windows turn the AC on and turn the TV on very loud. As I grew older I learned why. Seeing my father jump and flinch at fireworks breaks my heart.

Corn dig : “It goes from dreams and aspirations.... to nothing”, he then goes on to go into detail with that quote. That was haunting and chilling, I have never heard death summarized so perfectly. Thank you for your service.

Jasmin Masic : "Us and them, and after all, we're only ordinary men."

TechnicallyToxicity : “War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other” - Niko Bellic

Killa Play : Was always told never ask someone in the service if they killed someone.

ObBVi XX Rage : Imagine if War was a polar opposite. If the Leader of the country would fistfight the other Leader of another country.

TLake : You can tell a piece of that first guy died along with the first guy he killed, he’s traumatised

TerraVidz : The first guy was right it's every man for themselves.

Kilkenny plays minecraft and other random stuff : 1:04 you can tell he is having flash backs from Vietnam poor guy

Mark the shark : You know your dead when the ______ A) Trees start to talk in Vietnamese B) Snow starts talking Finnish C) Rubble starts to speak Russian D) All of the above

rippen lips tv : “In war there are no winners... only survivors”

rOoKiE O : "Neither side deserves to die, really. They fight for what they believe in and you fight for what you believe in"

DoomPlague57 : Its hard to realize how fast someone could just disapear from existence

Mr. Wizard : That first gentleman had what they call "A Thousand Yard Stare"! Did you see it? He had that stare after he said he could see a silhouette! That stare...I've seen it a few times in combat! Green to Blue had it right...its like a light switch being turned from on to off!

Invader Zim : "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." ~ Winston Churchill


Mele Nico : First guy is traumatised he relived it and has the 1000 yard stare.

Oneispi Spike : Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifice Welcome Home God Bless

Raikz : Your first ever kill will always leave trauma. This is why 90% of people never forget their first kill unless they're a psychopath.

micheal groves : There are some things that shouldn't be relived! Welcome home gents! SFMF's

Salmijakki : The second one looks like count Dooku

The_ToxicBadger 2 : The first dude Relieved something. He just got a burden off him. He just told people something he’s probably never told anyone. He had trouble saying it then after he said it he was relieved he was freed from that burden.

squid : "War isn't a motivation to hate. It's a motivation to love the men next to you." - Sons Of Capable Starring A Death In The Face

Wils The Limit : You don’t realize the horrors of war until you see the effects, thank you for your service

Marshal Marshall : I would like to point out that these men have great beards.

William Menendez : My grandfather volunteered for the front line in Korea and he was almost killed when a grenade blew up near him and sent shrapnel into his chest that nearly missed his heart. He killed men in Korea and had to live with it for over 67 years. He got a few medals pinned to his chest and a promotion to an officer rank, but was it even really worth it? I’ll never know

Dave Taggart : Thank you for uploading this. Thanks to the interviewers who shared their story. God save us all.


Invader Zim : "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin

spikedwk : Seems pretty edited. Would like to see the longform interviews before I believe these stories.

Gurfi28 : It is fascinating to see the difference between the older vets and the young Afghanistan vet. They probably were drafted, sent into a war they didn‘t wanted to be in in the first place. The young man on the other hand probably chose to serve, to fight and go to war. I do not wanna judge any of these men for what they did and why they did it. It is just interesting to see the difference age and circumstances make when talking about the things they did.

Universal _Wisdom : Not enough can be said about that first guy. I can't imagine what having a flashback of killing someone is like as you're talking about it. It really marks a deep memory in those moments of certain death.

Punisher - DONKS : One of my buddies said you cant treat them like real people or you will remember them and get flashbacks but if they are just a target they are nothing

j1200 1200 : You should never ask a soldier whether he killed anyone or not. It is very bad. It will be hard for any soldier in the world to answer it. So please.........😤😤😤

Nick Peterson : Very interesting video... makes it real who the people ARE outside of war on both sides....

RAY VAL : I would feel bad asking any war question 🥴

Enazmi Sey : The first guy nearly brings me to tears, the trauma of killing a man on his psyche is so obvious, and the way he tries to justify it so he doesn’t have to feel that guilt... that’s awful.

Red River : Excellent video here. I have watched this maybe a dozen times. You all did an fantastic with this.

Tiel Master : Remember folks, unlike the old days, when politicians declare war, it is not them or their own kids that will fight it. They will never see the battlefield until it is on their doorstep in which they will try to run. God forgive the brave lives who were lost on such useless political conflicts and bless their souls.

Jackson Mullen : Between 0:55 and 1:10 breaks my heart every time. The little pauses he makes, you can tell he remembers every exact detail

YA BOI2244 : And old man in a profession where men die young

TorpedoKiller 4023 : We need more war stories from guys in Vietnam. Because before too long, many of them will be gone.