Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime (in order)
Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime

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Original: This video is NOT monetized. The purpose for uploading is to get the stories without the cuts.


Wolf Coyote : My great uncle served in WW2 he said "I never shot to kill until I realized they were trying to kill me"

TechnicallyToxicity : “War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other” - Niko Bellic

Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus : In peace , sons bury their fathers. In war fathers bury their sons

adarsh sirsat : That blank stare and lack of eye contact...he is obviously a bit ashamed, thanks for sharing old man

quantumphaser : "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato

Killa Play : Was always told never ask someone in the service if they killed someone.

Max T : Nobody: People in the comments: “ “

Vitaliy Juterbog : My grandpa didn't eat meat for almost a decade because "it looked of human flesh he dragged from the treads of a T-34 with a crowbar"

paul reid : If politicans had to fight in wars, they'd end tomorrow.

rippen lips tv : “In war there are no winners... only survivors”

Rarriez YT : Imagine if War was a polar opposite. If the Leader of the country would fistfight the other Leader of another country.

Mele Nico : First guy is traumatised he relived it and has the 1000 yard stare.

DoomPlague57 : Its hard to realize how fast someone could just disapear from existence

Lake : You can tell a piece of that first guy died along with the first guy he killed, he’s traumatised

ron : My father served with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. He NEVER talks about his three tours it has been 50 years. Took him to The Wall once. He went to one name and he just broke down.

Raikz : Your first ever kill will always leave trauma. This is why 90% of people never forget their first kill unless they're a psychopath.

Kilkenny plays minecraft and other random stuff : 1:04 you can tell he is having flash backs from Vietnam poor guy

Eddie Ca. : My grandfather fought in WWII. He was shot in the neck and he’s still breathing today. Much respect to any veteran ✊🏽

The_ToxicBadger 2 : The first dude Relieved something. He just got a burden off him. He just told people something he’s probably never told anyone. He had trouble saying it then after he said it he was relieved he was freed from that burden.

Easy Company : He goes from dreams and aspirations to nothing. That's a sobering thought.

Tiel Master : Remember folks, unlike the old days, when politicians declare war, it is not them or their own kids that will fight it. They will never see the battlefield until it is on their doorstep in which they will try to run. God forgive the brave lives who were lost on such useless political conflicts and bless their souls.

Mr Martinez : But people on social networks act like killing is easy....Everyone is a tough guy or girl behind the phone or computer until you are put in that situation where you need to take a life.

Junior Mudd : my best friend (vietnam vet ) recently passed away....he would never talk about killing.... i respected his wishes knowing he had seen " alot"... rip tim mccorkle

vladimir poutin : My russian grandpa was a sniper in ww2 and he didnt talk much about the war but what i do remember what he once siad to me Its diffrent to kill someone with rifle then with a knive.

Invader Zim : "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." ~ Winston Churchill

Ian : I used to work with a guy from georgia.he was a soldier in the early 90's . We all knew where he came from and there was rumors that he had killed in the army. 1 morning after a nights drinking a fellow work mate still under the influence asked him did he ever kill anyone. In that second that man turned and said in a voice I've never heard him talk in before or since "I don't talk about that" .then he walked away . Scary.

michael craig : Thats the one thing you NEVER ask A Vet. "Did you kill someone?"

Blake Harvey : My cousin has told me stories from when he was in Kosovo. The one that always stuck with me was when he told me about a time he cleared out a rape camp and had to beat a guy to death with his bare hands because his gun jammed. I was considering joining the army at this time and his exact words were "don't do it, in war you have to do things that will change a person and you won't like the person you become."

Mark the shark : You know your dead when the ______ A) Trees start to talk in Vietnamese B) Snow starts talking Finnish C) Rubble starts to speak Russian D) All of the above

Pete Mcfucks : 1:07 Look at how his pupils opened up. The emotions he felt at that moment must have been incredibly hard to deal with.

Marshal Marshall : I would like to point out that these men have great beards.

4th QRT Zee : My grandfather who fought in the Vietnam War name is Lonnie too. He died in 2018 after a 7 year battle with Alzheimer’s.

Hunter Zolomon : One guy said, "If you mean to do harm to myself and my family, I'll do anything I can to prevent them from doing it."... I wonder what he was doing in Iraq...

Wils The Limit : You don’t realize the horrors of war until you see the effects, thank you for your service

CarolinaCoinChaser : 7:21...Johnathan. I served with him OIF III. I was his Medic.

j1200 1200 : You should never ask a soldier whether he killed anyone or not. It is very bad. It will be hard for any soldier in the world to answer it. So please.........😤😤😤

Ainslie Wood : My father served in Vietnam. He had no choice, he was in the navy off the marines. He was a radioman, one of the most deadly positions. He was forced, as well as the brother closest in age to him. When you ask my father if he killed anyone, he says he had a gun and knew how to shoot it. He won't give you that answer. There are things, being his eldest kid, I will never know, and am lucky when he does tell me stuff. Even 50 years later, it is still traumatic for him. He served 2 tours and I feel lucky when he is comfortable enough to share any info with me about his service

Daniel Morales : "Why do they always send the poor, why don't presidents fight the war?"

Universal _Wisdom : Not enough can be said about that first guy. I can't imagine what having a flashback of killing someone is like as you're talking about it. It really marks a deep memory in those moments of certain death.

Hooli Fruli : this first veteran...when he said that to the camera, man he relieved it al over again...

markorevan : War is where average people either are killed or become monsters,while politicians smiling in safe places,

Limit AK : There are so many different variables that effect how someone can remember their experience serving. Both of my grandfathers served; 1 in Korea and 1 in WW2. I never asked either if they'd killed anyone. But my Grandfather that was a fighter pilot in WW2 would speak of his service as a proud accomplishment. And my family and I would think of it as such. I also have a friend who's father was in Vietnam. Watched his best friend's head get shot off less than 2 feet away from him. We never asked him ANYTHING. He was permanently fucked up from that war. You could see the trauma he carried with him in his face, every day. It's so different when you're on the ground face to face with the enemy. People that fought in the same wars can have different lasting impacts; some empowered and proud. Some horrified and traumatized. Seems like Vietnam was the one war that sent everyone home traumatized, though.

White Taco : The way he referenced to them as targets and not people is the only way to make it through a war.

BAD VIBES : My grandfather had told me his first and last kill was hand to hand combat making a last stand with his platoon, him and one other man survived out of his entire platoon.


Stoned Immaculate : You don’t ask a Veteran if they killed anyone for 2 reasons: 1. You will probably make those that did have to kill feel guilty. Probably. But still, not cool to ask. If they wanna tell you they’ll tell you. 2. You will make any Veteran that didn’t kill anyone feel like their service wasn’t shit. Every Veteran makes huge sacrifices. Shit, even fobbits who never went outside the wire were hit with mortars, rockets and small arms occasionally.

Doc Spears : They didn't choose their path just like you didn't choose your path, Their government chose that path for them. If the people in power were the ones being put on the front lines there would be no war.

Clayton Batten : Combat is hell. Something you will never forget. Never

Abel Borg90 : Josh was pretty detailed on his kills. My pops uncles served Vietnam and will enrage if you ask him a kill question.