Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime (in order)

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willam Estrada : And while you have nightmares and guilt of killing.. politicians having cocktails and caviar. Thanks for your service.

adarsh sirsat : That blank stare and lack of eye contact...he is obviously a bit ashamed, thanks for sharing old man

David Minogue : god bless this guy at some points he almost looks shell shocked


Nick Nitro : we're not all evil, not intentionally, we try to do what we think is right but in the process, when reality sets in, when it comes right down to it and all that's between you and another human being is a gun. that other person has a family, loved ones, and a home. you took another's humans life who was no different. -and it never goes away, that moment you could never take back happens. you're left remembering it for the rest of your life, the fear, anxiety, the self hatred, and mere thought of being a murderer will never wash away. you can never be redeemed the person who matters most, to yourself the one who lives with it everyday. it plays in slow motion for the rest of your life. as a fellow human who hasn't experienced such a thing I shed tears in pain, for the one who died, and the one who has to live with it.

Ben Logic&Facts Shapiro : Damn, they’re so old they still aren’t in color.

Gia Lam Nguyen : It's interesting, and worrying, to compare the Vietnam vets to the Iraq war one. You can feel the pain in the first two, very evidently, and they're talking about killing uniformed enemy combatants. The Iraq war vet uses some jargon, gives geographical information, mentions what type of gun it was exactly. It feels like he's debriefing, talking in a professional tone about how they usually don't kill women, but this particular time, he killed one. The people in charge of mentally conditioning soldiers have gotten better.

Donald Martin : No one hates war more than those that have been in one.....

Michael Benedict : 1:04 My can see the horror in his eyes.

Snowy Mexican : Isn’t it weird how time slows down when you’re in a life threatening situation.

MooGant Lee : When a war is over there is no winner, only who is left.

Reddome Jodeci : Never ask a man on killing someone from war . Never

Daniel Van Evera : I saw 2 people shot with a 12 gauge dead (gang altercation) coming home from work at papa John's in the 10th grade.these guys were messed up bad and one was lying in the gutter on the 2 lane road I was driving on like looking right at me laying in his side with flood coming out his eyes nose and ears.....didn't really bother me I thought then that night I just woke up put of nowhere and threw up all over my floor. It's funny how trauma will always work it's way out one way or another.

Bleach Valuepack : “Only the dead see the end of war.” - Plato

wafflecougar : Imagine way back when the only way to kill someone was by hacking them up with a sword or something. Bullets are a fast death for the most part.

† Armitage Soulshroude † : Disasociation is the only way you can get through it. Once the battle fatigue kicks in, it's always a "you or me" situation. For me, it was a few kids with rifles. Those kids weren't even teenagers, yet. Bosnia, late 90's. I still have night terrors to this day and high PTSD, and mostly culture shock syndrome. I'm particularly anti-social for a reason. USMC, LCpl. 8th Comm. Bat.. 2nd Mardiv, 24th MEU.

Hor Net : I came from a war torn country, as a youngster I'll never forget a soldier who came back from the front line still in his full gear, after having had a few beers he came out of the cafe and walked behind it where there were no people, he sat down pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin. Us being kids and very close to it we ran quickly to see what happened and had to hop over bits of flesh and even laughed at one boy and teased when a bit of meat got stuck to his slippers. They wouldn't let us get too close, thinking back now poor soul probably killed himself before he would kill anyone else or he couldn't take the pain because of what he did or saw. I'll never forget the loud boom and the shape of the lines on the wall from impact and everything else in those moments. When life deals you shit cards your only option is to play them or fold I guess, I feel sorry for anyone who had to go through all those scenarios and young stupid people who pick up weapons for fun have no idea what awaits them.

Brandon Valdez : Why don't presidents fight in the war?

Mongoloid Mike : The first Vietnam soldier trying to explain himself was heartbreaking

scott poe : I killed many in Iraq and Afghanistan killing wasn’t hard but living with the killing is hard thing

Anthony Long : My dad’s a war vet. He absolutely refuses to talk about his service because it triggers his PTSD. He’ll talk about his basic training but that’s it.

SLL : Used to work with a veteran and he told me some stories on what happened on the battlefield and it just put a hole in me. Stay safe everyone

Yik Tuum : I always found it so fascinating how death works. How we perceive it. That first guy described it the best - "There is nothing. Nothing there." I had to carry some corpses while I served in the army and it was so bizarre. Seeing people you know dead, no personality, no will. It's as if they're KO'd, but forever. And how sudden death would come. That guy just asked you to give him more porridge and thirty minutes later you're counting his teeth, money he had in his boots and hold his belly, so the corpse doesn't fall off the barrow, because it's swinging back and forth like jelly. I remember how I was fighting a guy who was larger than me and I realized that I don't really have to "fight" him, I can just kill him or in the very least seriously injure him, because he was rather slow and was open most of the time. Instead of swinging fists around I just picked up a cone-shaped rock and he understood what I was thinking about and backed off. It's so weird to understand how fragile we are and how easy it is to simply "remove" somebody from reality, that only thing that stops you is the law and morals. But not everybody has morals and you can easily ignore the laws. I think majority of people don't understand it nowadays because of how safe our life is for the most part, and minority that does is even more dangerous because of that.

michael craig : Thats the one thing you NEVER ask A Vet. "Did you kill someone?"

DrumWild : This is why military service should be a requirement for political office. Too many politicians sending kids to die, and they have NO IDEA what is going on. No regular civilians, and most definitely NO draft dodgers. Maybe then we'd have fewer wars that are about actually defending America, instead of a multitude of wars for nothing more than profits.

Mark Baker : the sniper who shot the woman, he would have shot a 4 year old if he had the chance. saying "I'll kill anyone who threatens my family" doeasnt really cut ii when they're in Ohio and you're shooting peasants in the middle east

alex Debroux : 7:11 Probably the most hypocrital statement ever. You were invading another country. What gives them not the right to protect their families?

TheRealPDizzle : Josh and the two Vietnam War veterans in the beginning (Lonnie and Dan) differ immensely in their remembrance of killing in war. It's actually quite terrifying, what's happened to people down the generations. Lonnie and Dan are ashamed, heavily saddened, and eternally haunted and burdened by what they've done. They went into the Vietnam War completely innocent. Even Lonnie himself said his family never even had any weapons in their house. And came out privy to something only a very small portion of people understand: the horrors of war. Josh, of my generation, is clinical, calculated, even animated in his detailing of killing that woman. No remorse. He's completely desensitized to violence and killing. This is what the elite have down to the American public through Hollywood, the video-game industry, Porn addiction, MSM, and social media. Innocence is gone in children and young people now. This guy was already desensitized to it before he even joined the military. He likely even got a rush. He doesn't care. After he says "fuck em!". I fear our sycophantic, brainwashed masses will go from indifferent to downright enthusiastic about killing. Drone strikes are conducted with XBOX 360 controllers, after all. Look at music videos nowadays: they're fucking hideous.

Scott Kazmer : I was surprised the first time I fired an m16. It was to easy. To easy to take a life.

Marc Ribaudo : When your sitting behind enemy fire during wartime, then you can hold judgement on these men. It's a terrible thing war.

papapapist : Sad that low iq , lower states, high school kids were forced into that shit storm. Mcnamara was a lunatic and kissinger complimented the evilness.

Survive the Jive : its funny how people didn't used to get like this after war and killing in the centuries gone by. People have changed, or at least soldiers have

Zane Kelley : The first guy nearly brings me to tears, the trauma of killing a man on his psyche is so obvious, and the way he tries to justify it so he doesn’t have to feel that guilt... that’s awful.

Gabrielk 2024 : "What's your kill count, gramps?"

Wilcutt Records : This stuff moves me so much because it’s so damn sad. I’m a older student, but am far younger than any of you, and am studying political science and minoring in history. So I’ve been taken probably around 13 history and government classes in the last two years. And recently I had to interview a veteran for a history class and so I elected to interview my father who voluntarily joined the army because of the draft, which put him in a carpool with other mechanics and out of the infantry. My mother was in the room and when the interview started every was normal, but the further it went along I can’t even explain how awkward it became to sit across from my dad knowing he could have been killed several or even a dozen times, because make no mistake, those carpools still had to blast and there was no easy way about being in Vietnam though many men had a tougher road. Anyway, we were upstairs in his office surrounded by pictures of family and his grandkids and when I got to the question ‘did u ever kill anyone?’—because I really knew up until this point, there was pause in time that I’d never felt before. And up until this point is never been floored by reality before, but he goes into the story about leading his carpool up a hill when shot were fired on his group and that there were a couple of Viennese put down by return fire. He ended up saying he didn’t kill anyone that he’s knows of because a lot the firing he did was on targets in the distance. I later found out that he may have ordered the shots of the casualty/casualties. Also, that his best friend ended taking his own life when they got back home to the states. I feel for you men and I’m no war monger and know that 99% of you aren’t. But there’s just something about the disrespect and hate in which some of you were treated that will always hurt me. Yes, my dad joined ‘voluntarily’ but was it actually voluntarily? And if he hadn’t, wouldn’t that have put him in a different position and would he even be here? You will always be heroes because you are the ones who were brave enough to serve when no one else would, and that’s the bottom line of the definition. Many blessings to u all and thank u!!

Three Dog : I love when the comments blame America purely for these wars. Cause Vietnam and Iraq were completely innocent countries that america invaded right?

Damnit Bobby : 6:03 That guy has no soul.

A Glass of Orange Juice : And they went through all of this... for virtually nothing. Vietnam was an absolute failure, waste, and did nothing but kill millions, decimate the landscape, and cause disease and trauma for those involved.

Dustin Noobs : War is terrible! It's kill or be killed...You can tell their conscience is eating them alive. God bless all these men and may they find some sort of peace.

Don B : in my eyes you are a brain dead sheep if you join the military.

KillerDavis 68 : I fought the war I fought the war I fought the war But the war won

Pottor Fhasz : The first thingy you must check in the video: the war they were in. In the Gulf wars, Kosovo of course they were trained professionals, they speak about their first blood lightly. But CONSCRIPTED Nam vets. They are just "regular Joes". Students, Tv repairmen, mechaninc etc.

Stephen 1982 : I've been in firefights but I don't know if I've ever killed someone. It must be a burden to know if you have. I tell you one thing, as a veteran you join the military for your country but you fight for the guy sitting next to you. You quickly realize how capable you are at squeezing the trigger. You don't want to die and you don't want your friends to die. War is a strange thing. Today, for some reason, war is still considered an acceptable means to deal with conflict. In society killing is the most taboo and immoral thing a person can do to another person. It's allowed in war though. Kind of boggles my mind thinking about it.

Rocky MCMXXLIII : I find it hard to believe anymore that the elites of USA and their Allies fight for truth, justice and liberty when they co-operate with China. If China was a small country it would be getting the same treatment as Cuba. Think about that. The west trades with China and western companies set up factories there and their goods are all over amazon and eBay. No western politician ever complains that China locks up millions of people just for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person about the political situation in China.

CoolMan Caravan : Taking a life for the first time is a very intimate and powerful experience. More intimate than sex in my opinion. More permanent too

ANTI HERO : I mean to be fair, ALOT of the humans in this world (if not most) probably SHOULD be dead.....just sayin

Wilder Napalm : "It's a hell of a thing, killin' a man. You take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have." -Will Munny, The Unforgiven.

HeavyIzThaCrown - : Anyone shaming these guys is unappreciative and un-American. These men have made extreme sacrifices for our safety and they should be honored.

Your Father : Shouldn't have to explain yourself whatsoever , thank you for your services.

trippie bread : This is sad to watch God understands what you had to do and let there be no guilt on your shoulders I'm not of age to join but when I am surely joining so I can see America for the next few generations