Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime (in order)

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willam Estrada : And while you have nightmares and guilt of killing.. politicians having cocktails and caviar. Thanks for your service.

Supreme Reader : Do I really want to see comment section? Video was better than I expected. Respect for these guys; they were just so young...

paul reid : If politicans had to fight in wars, they'd end tomorrow.

Reddome Jodeci : Never ask a man on killing someone from war . Never

Green2Blue 30 : I joined the Army to kill. I was in high school when I saw the video of Nick Berg, a civilian engineer working in Iraq, getting beheaded, and I decided that I was going to go over there and kill. It was like a switch got flipped. I deployed to Iraq in 2006, and had been in a few firefights doing mounted and dismount patrols, and we’d been hit by a few IEDs. I had visual confirmation that I killed for the first time in April 2007, during Arrowhead Ripper off of Route Vanessa when we were clearing AQI out of Baqubah. We were conducting a dismount patrol screening ahead for our Bradleys, when we started taking small arms fire from a two story structure and RPGs from down a side street. I was carrying the 240B, and was tasked with suppressing the RPG with my buddy Spc Lamont, using a burned out car as semi cover. We were suppressing the rocket when two guys with AKs bolted out down the alley towards us, about 50 meters away. I shifted to the right and squeezed off a 12-15 round burst. They were so close that I really didn’t have to aim, I saw the first guy drop, and his buddy behind him stumble and try to turn and run away, but he wasn’t fast enough. I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt over killing those two guys, and still don’t 11 years later. I know that people will read this and think I’m a terrible person or a psychopath, but whatever. US Army 2004-2009 C 1-14 Cavalry 11B

adarsh sirsat : That blank stare and lack of eye contact...he is obviously a bit ashamed, thanks for sharing old man

Just Jammin' : My Vietnam vet dad says the exact thing when he talks about the war. He says he isn't sure if he killed anyone. But when he gets drunk, he tells us, in bits, what really happened. And then, a blank stare. That's when you know to leave immediately or things get violent pretty quick...still to this day. And he's 70. Thank you all for your service. Never forget.

† Armitage Soulshroude † : Disasociation is the only way you can get through it. Once the battle fatigue kicks in, it's always a "you or me" situation. For me, it was a few kids with rifles. Those kids weren't even teenagers, yet. Bosnia, late 90's. I still have night terrors to this day and high PTSD, and mostly culture shock syndrome. I'm particularly anti-social for a reason. USMC, LCpl. 8th Comm. Bat.. 2nd Mardiv, 24th MEU.

Serge Girard : Very touching. One question: would your american viewer be ready to see and hear a similar video from survirors from the other side? I mean vietnamese and iraki soldiers talking about there feelings about killing americans, including a comment in the same taste as Josh's "fu*k'em they chosen their path". How do you think would the american viewers react?

Hor Net : I came from a war torn country, as a youngster I'll never forget a soldier who came back from the front line still in his full gear, after having had a few beers he came out of the cafe and walked behind it where there were no people, he sat down pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin. Us being kids and very close to it we ran quickly to see what happened and had to hop over bits of flesh and even laughed at one boy and teased when a bit of meat got stuck to his slippers. They wouldn't let us get too close, thinking back now poor soul probably killed himself before he would kill anyone else or he couldn't take the pain because of what he did or saw. I'll never forget the loud boom and the shape of the lines on the wall from impact and everything else in those moments. When life deals you shit cards your only option is to play them or fold I guess, I feel sorry for anyone who had to go through all those scenarios and young stupid people who pick up weapons for fun have no idea what awaits them.

David Minogue : god bless this guy at some points he almost looks shell shocked

Antonio Valcarcel : Treat war veterans like your brothers.

Mark Baker : the sniper who shot the woman, he would have shot a 4 year old if he had the chance. saying "I'll kill anyone who threatens my family" doeasnt really cut ii when they're in Ohio and you're shooting peasants in the middle east

TLay : You can tell a piece of that first guy died along with the first guy he killed, he’s traumatised

alex Debroux : 7:11 Probably the most hypocrital statement ever. You were invading another country. What gives them not the right to protect their families?

Synzap FN : “Only the dead see the end of war.” - Plato

leeleelee00 : iraq war was a fraud, george bush and tony blair should be tried for war crimes , all soldiers in iraq died so big oil corporations could steal iraqi oil , $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ oil money

Radu Vlase : That guy, the sniper. Lock him up. He's crazy

Shahaan Saleem : 6:48 : you were in her country. They were defending themselves. They were doing anything to defend her family.

gabe ortiz : War makes losers of us all

Mongoloid Mike : The first Vietnam soldier trying to explain himself was heartbreaking

Marc Ribaudo : When your sitting behind enemy fire during wartime, then you can hold judgement on these men. It's a terrible thing war.

Damnit Bobby : 6:03 That guy has no soul.

BROOKIE BROOKE : My dad was in the front lines in Vietnam as well. And hearing these stories breaks my heart. My dad passed from cancer in 03 but he never would really say too much about what he had to do there. Only thing I witnessed was him still waking up screaming from nightmares 30 yrs after that war. These boys were forced to do this and how dare our american people spit on them when they came home. They were just the messengers.

594bolt : I worked with a guy who quit high school, joined the Marines, went to 'Nam, volunteered for tunnel rat duty, had seven confirmed kills and had no problem talking about any of his experiences. My brother-in-law got drafted for 'Nam and won't speak about any of it.

Kissuh Mass : When I was a child, I felt like no one understood me. A Vietnam Veteran on a wheelchair would visit my school and dedicated his time teaching me to read when my teachers had much too quickly given up. To me, this person was a hero! My respect for those who've served stem from 2 very influential people in my life: my Grandfather who served in the Korean war and this man who served in Vietnam. They are why I am still here and they form a part of the collage that is my Raison d'etre! From the depths of my heart, thank you all!

Dustin Noobs : War is terrible! It's kill or be killed...You can tell their conscience is eating them alive. God bless all these men and may they find some sort of peace.

MILITARY EDITS : My Grandfather went to Vietnam 6 times 4 time with the Marines and 2 tours in the Army, His First kill was in the marines at this time he was a grenadier he was on patrol with a squad to go help some guys setup up a ambush, And while on patrol My Grandfather team leader ask him and a corpsman to go up ahead of the squad with him to do some recon while up a head my grandfather team leader made them walk on a trail which in my grandfather opinion was dumb so while on the trail they heard something approaching so they moved off the trail and could only see silhouettes of what was a approaching because it was night once the enemy was what he describes two or three yards of them they open up on them my grandfather shot one guy with his service issued 1911 and empty a mag into the guy, the guys body fell back into a bush still standing so my grandfather feared he was still alive and emptied another one in him their where three NVA or Vietcong total the corpsman and team leader took the other guys. My grandfather has never had any regrets killing that I know of he's always describe killing as Turing a light switch on and off no emotion behind it, But this is coming from a Man who's went on to be recruited by Marine 1st recon where he was mentally changed into a ruthless killing machine. Only thing he regrets was losing friends and one guy under his command due to friendly fire.

Paw Paw : Unfortunately war is a RACKET. Autonomous terminator killing machines are the future. Check out DARPA for reference.

Vice Is Real News : The first guy nearly brings me to tears, the trauma of killing a man on his psyche is so obvious, and the way he tries to justify it so he doesn’t have to feel that guilt... that’s awful.

Rock Hayes : Have no regrets of killing them either, my job was to come home to my wife and kids alive not in a casket,and I didn't give it a second thought male or female.

Adam Stewart : This is a real Vietnam flashback

cloud day : Soldiers are like forced to fall into sociopathy and not feel guilt about it. So sad.

I Your Ancestor : my dad killed in the military. he is still a jolly fat man. never suffered ptsd or anything. he was 0331 desert storm.


Wilcutt Records : This stuff moves me so much because it’s so damn sad. I’m a older student, but am far younger than any of you, and am studying political science and minoring in history. So I’ve been taken probably around 13 history and government classes in the last two years. And recently I had to interview a veteran for a history class and so I elected to interview my father who voluntarily joined the army because of the draft, which put him in a carpool with other mechanics and out of the infantry. My mother was in the room and when the interview started every was normal, but the further it went along I can’t even explain how awkward it became to sit across from my dad knowing he could have been killed several or even a dozen times, because make no mistake, those carpools still had to blast and there was no easy way about being in Vietnam though many men had a tougher road. Anyway, we were upstairs in his office surrounded by pictures of family and his grandkids and when I got to the question ‘did u ever kill anyone?’—because I really knew up until this point, there was pause in time that I’d never felt before. And up until this point is never been floored by reality before, but he goes into the story about leading his carpool up a hill when shot were fired on his group and that there were a couple of Viennese put down by return fire. He ended up saying he didn’t kill anyone that he’s knows of because a lot the firing he did was on targets in the distance. I later found out that he may have ordered the shots of the casualty/casualties. Also, that his best friend ended taking his own life when they got back home to the states. I feel for you men and I’m no war monger and know that 99% of you aren’t. But there’s just something about the disrespect and hate in which some of you were treated that will always hurt me. Yes, my dad joined ‘voluntarily’ but was it actually voluntarily? And if he hadn’t, wouldn’t that have put him in a different position and would he even be here? You will always be heroes because you are the ones who were brave enough to serve when no one else would, and that’s the bottom line of the definition. Many blessings to u all and thank u!!

Rocky MCMXXLIII : I find it hard to believe anymore that the elites of USA and their Allies fight for truth, justice and liberty when they co-operate with China. If China was a small country it would be getting the same treatment as Cuba. Think about that. The west trades with China and western companies set up factories there and their goods are all over amazon and eBay. No western politician ever complains that China locks up millions of people just for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person about the political situation in China.

redwood1133 : I love the first mans thoughts, confused, its the way we all should feel in that situation

Boneless Tofu : "I thought I was dead...I didn't realize I was the only one that got off the bus." ...damn

michael craig : Thats the one thing you NEVER ask A Vet. "Did you kill someone?"

ToDie4 : How could Afghani people do harm to your family, that's what i would ask guy from the video.

CPU Purple Heart/Neptune : I find kinda annoying how people vilify war so much in modern times, war is an unfortunate tragedy of being human, it is part of our nature, we have always fought something, the whole history of humanity is war and conflict, we fight disease, we fight the elements, we fight each other, we fight nature, to survive. We fight wars to further the interests of our group, we fight wars for strategic areas of the world, for strategic resources, geopolitical influence.

jamesdond1 : The lie continues that somehow America is free today because guys like this were sent to kill 3 million Vietnam people so the French installed dictatorship could stay in power. Freedom for Americans does not come from killing people in other countries. Thankfully the Vietnam people won there freedom three years after America's invading army left this beautiful country.

nodgelyobo1 : The Vietnamese were fighting what they believed in, the Americans were fighting for what their politicians believed in...

ÆSTRAL : It's pretty scary americans lead so many wars that shall have nothing to do with them at all. None of the wars besides the WW II were about them defending themselves, all of it is just greed and fight for the global power, not defense of 'you and your family'. Exemplary Mohammad in a country on the second side of the globe did nothing to you or your family, or even your country.

Ken K : And the excuse for the Vietnam war was the total fabricated false flag gulf of Tonkin incident. The hell these patriots endured is unimaginable.

Mrs&Mrs Eggers : I would never ask my father who was drafted and served in Korea and Vietnam war about killing someone..... It was so long ago and he can't even watch war movies

jeb419 : Guy from operation Enduring Freedom seemed to get a bit of a hard on over killing that woman.

Pottor Fhasz : The first thingy you must check in the video: the war they were in. In the Gulf wars, Kosovo of course they were trained professionals, they speak about their first blood lightly. But CONSCRIPTED Nam vets. They are just "regular Joes". Students, Tv repairmen, mechaninc etc.

Plmncvb : You can criticize the overall political ramifications of war and ideology all you want, but when it comes to the troops---anyone who has never been in combat cannot possibly understand the experience of being in that situation and all the factors involved. USMC 1966-1969, Sergeant 12/1/67-2/19/69 (date of separation).