How to never be Angry again | Abraham Twerski

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1misanthropist : "How to never be Angry again " Simple: Never come into contact with humans again.

Django Mango : 2:07 : "harboring your resentment is allowing someone who you don't like to live inside your head without paying any rent"

Charles Dahmital : I believe it was Confucius that said (paraphrased) Harboring anger is like swallowing a poison and waiting for the other person to die.

JJ K : This man is so wise, I'm sure he could tell me why my girlfriend is mad at me.

B L : If I am enraged, it doesn't hurt the other person as much as it hurts me.

Citizenthirteen : The 4th stage is when you take a baseball bat to the person who made you really angry.  Not the smartest response but man it's the best 10 minutes of your life.

Sean McGrew : I had to stop watching this cause it made me feel angry

Béatrice de Laat : There’s even a proverb, that says ; « One minute of anger, costs us 100 minutes of shame »

brandon west : This is pretty pornograghically insightful

Shirley Ware : Thank you, enjoy the knowledge you share!!!

Mickey Jewnyear : not that kinda guy to let somebody live rent free...cause hes a jew

Micka Datwist : anger is a natural human reaction. If u wont get angry at times ur dead

Sholom Shwarzberg : Everyone has issues. At some point you learned that as a kid it's accepted to be mean sometimes. But as you grew you realized that if you want to be happy and have relationships you must learn to be a nicer person. The problem arises when people have a tough transition. Whoever's fault that is is irrelevant. It could be they dropped out of school, or maybe their parents put them in bad situations that they couldn't cope with, or maybe they were in great situations but they just had a hard time putting it into action. Regardless of how it happened, these people are hurting. As a kid the bully is the big guy with all the money and he seems to be the happiest, but as we grow we realize that the bullies are the weakest. They lack respect for themselves. They don't know how to cope with emotions and in turn release it on their loved ones. Heck, I don't think you're perfect. I'm sure that there are those days you come home and start letting loose on the people you love. Maybe I'm wrong, but unless it's a focus to work on, we all do the same on some level. Maybe not all the time, maybe not to the same extent as the"mean guy", but we do it. I learnt this from a teacher "if I see a flaw in someone else, then I possess that trait. Even if it's only a bit." And I hate to say it, but every time I remember that after I get upset at someone, I see that negative trait in myself, and it's not just on a small scale. To end this I'd like to say that there's a reason it's so hard to control yourself. Because it's worth it. If it's worth it then it will take hard work. Believe in the goal and fight. Life will get allot happier for you. Good luck :)

Robert Yoshida : Just tell yourself to calm down and forget about it

BOBBY D : This kind of stuff really pisses me off !!!

Y Zoro : Porn isn't a good word

chesskw : One of the wisest people I have known.

Watermelon Soda : I cant take the title word porn serious enough to suscribe, good content though. Keep it up

Conor O'Donovan : We need anger, it's one of the most primal human emotions and helps create great art.

Loose Goose : If people could control their reactions to anger, they wouldn't have anger issues. Everyone is wired differently, making an physical effort to not react to the feeling of anger for some people will just lead to it bottling up over time, whether or not they make the choice to hang on to the anger or not, or the resentment. It's the difference between the guy with a short fuse yelling at a cashier over some minor thing and getting it out of his system, and the cashier who takes the abuse all day long and finally snaps and shoots everyone in the store. These days we are expected to deal with being treated like shit, put up with it with a nod and a smile which just builds up the resentment under the surface, and are also expected never to react to it or snap.


AbleApe : He says you can't control feeling anger, but he is wrong. Anger is just a conflict between vision and reality, or, things not going the way you envisioned them. Once you realize this, you can control anger.

Jan Sveen : Most of my anger concerns me, nobody else to blame but me.

EJ : "How to never be Angry again" No Answers, just platitudes. THANKS.

Josh D : It'd be nice to show this kind of information to people, but I never will because you call it word porn.

Michael Angelus : I became angry at a rattle snake for biting me. The snake died.

djvasforever : Meditation helps. When all said and done it comes down to directing attention to your being angry and finding better ways of handling it and at night brain plays it over and "installs" the new solution bit by bit. Very simple.

william crow : Abraham Twersky. yea, the guy who invented twerking right?

Lenawu : It’s hard ☹️

Penguins for the cup : Kinda hard to not be angry when youre depressed af. Just seeing other people happy makes me mad.

Sterling Lowery : Another good Motion Picture of never ending principles like spending too much time on things that don't count, and not enough time on the things that do count. How I would answer the how question in the video title is don't have too many rules on how others should behave. If one never changes their rules to where they won't be upset all the time, then they'll be upset their entire life. Trust people, but don't let them deceive you. And be kind to people, but don't let them take advantage of you. Or else they might mistake your kindness for weakness.

Meno Passini : Chinese proverb; the one to raise their voice first in an argument, loses. In Asia culture confrontation is looked down on. They accept the fact the some things will not be resolved. Very few lawyers in Japan, U.S. very high ratio, because we are taught to get our way at all costs. A Chinese business owner told me, the first thing he noticed about Americans, they waste so much time being right. If you make a general comment in passing, they immediately jump on it and state how that is wrong. The Asia will not react to the American's gotcha moment. The American takes the Asia's nonresponse as if he won something. The Asia looks at the American as foolish person, for making an issue out of nothing. Common American terms; Going Postal, Triggered, Ballistic. .

Jan-Martin Ulvåg : The cause of anger is your interpretation of the other person. And another reason could be that you gave that other person to much power over you and now you want it back.

fragolegirl2002 : Someone read my anger journal. I found him on the floor in fetal position sucking his thumb

peace matters : My dad also thought me the same thing as this respected old man's father did. More you grow old more you realise how wise and mature ur parents are. :) I'm happy that I'm wrong in so many ways and learned so many things from my parents

alex rgi : Brilliant, laughed so hard when he talked about feeling sorry for the other guy, because its so freakin' true :)))

Tristan Max : This did not help at all... A bunch of rubbish to me

TheGrandMasterFunk : i pitty tha fool -

Roger McFaddin : This video made me angry.

follow Jesus! : you have much to learn Young Grasshopper! ♡

Yvonne Mariane : I'd straight-up change the name if i were you.. i don't want to subscribe to something w that word in it (contains much pain) just cuz i hate seeing it constantly under the person talking. This is the first video I see on this channel and I may not be a rarity: just find that name unappealing/offesnive.. Even "word gratification" would be okay .. course I don't even know the mojo yet of this channel, so suggesting a new name is premature..JUST got here lol ..

# Gladiator : Wisdom. Now I don't feel angry he wasn't twerking.

Axel Vasa : Anger saves lives,,,,

Richard James : Why on Earth would you never want to be angry again ? Anger is a perfectly natural response to threats in the environment. Without Anger you are always going to be a weak victim.

Kermit O Corretor De Gramática : 1:46 PRAISE THE SUN

jeff kennedy : i choose to hold on to my anger and maintain it at a manageable level despite my good nature urging me to let go of it altogether. why? because letting go of it is basically going back to the state of where i was before acquiring it, thus inviting the source of it to strike me again and spike my rage levels to new and unprecedented heights. Doesn't mean letting go never works, but it becomes pointless if the cycle keeps repeating itself.

MizunoIronMan : Wise man , has he been married for 22 years though 😀

Shashlik bashlik : I literally was watching "I dare you to ask the universe by Jim Carrey" and I got notification as soon as I finished that I played this and watched 3 times to completely understand it. Thank you very much for the best content :)

Sam Lockhart : Anytime someone makes me angry, I like to imagine it like they have drawn a sword on me and aimed it at my heart. Instead of turning the sword back on the other person, or trying to get rid of it (because that usually just leads to repressed anger that ends up blowing up in other ways), I like to imagine myself taking that sword from the other person, turning it outward, and then walking away with it, to fight future battles with whatever new knowledge about them, myself, or human nature their offense has given me.

Maryrose Mitchell : Well you actually left off the first stage of anger. It's the thought! The feelings come after the thought. Once we become mindful we can separate the thought from the feeling and often times we never even get to the feeling. we see the thought for what it is and we allow it to float by without attaching to it or taking it personally. When we become extremely conscious and mindful we simply don't mind what happens in life . we don't resist. Anger is resistance of what is. Mindfulness and meditation are the best ways 2 learn how to let go of anger.