Woman Takes One Photo Of Herself Every Day For A Week

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okrajoe : Exactly as advertised.  Would watch again. 

Vollystri MKII : such a brave girl

Pipe Walker Montana Malverde : I was about to kill myself until I saw this video. Truly inspired. <3

Steve27775 : I really admire that kind of dedication to a task. Every single day for a whole week. I don't think I've ever done anything every day for a week. It's inspiring.

sizzle9000 : She looks so young in the first photo.. Time realy passes you by :)

hoodedbob : woW! thanks for inspering me to lyfe my life to winner the FULLEST

dana scully : really makes you think. <3

MilkyDischarge : Life changing

Jon R : Such an amazing display of patience and commitment. This is proof that women need their wage raised.

VicVinegar : what a transformation.

Don Xeon : Bravo....a week, I did not make it through the whole thing...can you imagine if she did two weeks?

Soo Tripyy : This is unreal!

Faizan B : It's crazy to see how much u changed over the time!

Andrew Hill : I laughed way too hard at this video 😂

Captain Neckbeard : It takes till about 0:04 to get interesting.

Noah Schuler : This comment section is the best 😂😂😂👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Henrik Westgaard : Amazing, you can see how her life got more depressing twoards the end. Feeling inspired to live my life to the fullest.


StratophonicMusic : AND THE RESULTS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY *facepalm*

Mr. Stanforth : Kind of looks like a cross between Arya Stark and Marie Schrader.

Nathan Petrohilos : wow!

Passacaglia582 : Beautiful. Nothing has made me cry this much in over twenty years.

MarcBrewer : And none of them naked?!!?

Danny McCoy : What an inspiration

Aydan Curry : well i just wasted 7 seconds of my life....

Saintnick90 : Wow, she went from wearing one shirt to a completely different shirt! Don't take time for granted. It passes by before you know it. Soon we'll all be wearing different shirts, and nobody will recognize anyone.

Michelle To : I don't get this video

Bobby Woods : It makes you begin to wonder where all the time has gone to

x x : Surreal, she got so old in such a short time.

Jayme H : This is possibly the most inspirational video! I fell like a changed woman. I feel like I can do anything after having watched this video!

Chicken Permission : She changed so much!

bernith herting : truly inspiring

Lychee The Fruit : That really blew me away. Wow.

SnoConeWars : You can really see how much she's changed. That youthful smile at the beginning? Gone by the end of the week.


AWE5OMEANT : Something tragic happened that last day. She looks sad. It's remarkable she could finish the whole week.

InsertName125 : She looks older in the last one.

Lauren Elliott : 5 years = WHAT how did you do that ?! 4 years = awesome 3 years = I couldn't do that, HOW just HOW 2 years = YEY 1 years = keep going ................................ ............ ...................... 1 week = now I can do that

Charlie B : 7 days....

Vidhu Shah : Amazing transformation! Keep up the good work.

Joshua Kennedy : the amount of people not understanding this a satire is astounding...

Brandon Rutledge : simple amazing.

ImaTissue : my whole family died in a toaster and seeing this just makes my life happy again

dattebayo155 : You should only watch 1 clickhole video a day - too much to ponder

Minecraft Master : woah this girl is so confident great work truely insperational

Emerson Booth : A reminder of how short life really is.

Jared Budler : Jokes on you.  6 seconds in and I still shot my load off.

T.T Hobi : I actually re watched this video just invade I had missed something. But nope it was only 7 seconds

Matthew Geary : poor thing

Cameron Olsen : She looks visibly upset in the last photo, giving you a look into her frustration with keeping up the task, and a reason why she gave up after only a week. The level of detail in this video is incredible.