Woman Takes One Photo Of Herself Every Day For A Week

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okrajoe : Exactly as advertised.  Would watch again. 

Steve27775 : I really admire that kind of dedication to a task. Every single day for a whole week. I don't think I've ever done anything every day for a week. It's inspiring.

Vollystri MKII : such a brave girl

Pipe Walker Montana Malverde : I was about to kill myself until I saw this video. Truly inspired. <3

sizzle9000 : She looks so young in the first photo.. Time realy passes you by :)

dana scully : really makes you think. <3

hoodedbob : woW! thanks for inspering me to lyfe my life to winner the FULLEST

Jon R : Such an amazing display of patience and commitment. This is proof that women need their wage raised.

MilkyDischarge : Life changing

VicVinegar : what a transformation.

Don Xeon : Bravo....a week, I did not make it through the whole thing...can you imagine if she did two weeks?

Soo Tripyy : This is unreal!

Faizan B : It's crazy to see how much u changed over the time!

Captain Neckbeard : It takes till about 0:04 to get interesting.

Andrew Hill : I laughed way too hard at this video 😂

mipmipmipmipmip : the last photo was so sad

Henrik Westgaard : Amazing, you can see how her life got more depressing twoards the end. Feeling inspired to live my life to the fullest.

Noah Schuler : This comment section is the best 😂😂😂👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Mr. Stanforth : Kind of looks like a cross between Arya Stark and Marie Schrader.

Nathan Petrohilos : wow!

StratophonicMusic : AND THE RESULTS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY *facepalm*

Saintnick90 : Wow, she went from wearing one shirt to a completely different shirt! Don't take time for granted. It passes by before you know it. Soon we'll all be wearing different shirts, and nobody will recognize anyone.

MarcBrewer : And none of them naked?!!?

Danny McCoy : What an inspiration

Passacaglia582 : Beautiful. Nothing has made me cry this much in over twenty years.

Bobby Woods : It makes you begin to wonder where all the time has gone to

x x : Surreal, she got so old in such a short time.

Aydan Curry : well i just wasted 7 seconds of my life....

bernith herting : truly inspiring

Michelle To : I don't get this video

One Smug Mug : She changed so much!

Jayme H : This is possibly the most inspirational video! I fell like a changed woman. I feel like I can do anything after having watched this video!

Lychee The Fruit : That really blew me away. Wow.

SnoConeWars : You can really see how much she's changed. That youthful smile at the beginning? Gone by the end of the week.

Adam J : The amount of sheer dedication and hard work that went into this is mind boggling.. so many trials and tribulations were overcome and she faced so much adversity to get to where she is, it’s awe inspiring to say the least.. proud of her and this brought tears to my eyes, thank you to whoever raised her to be that disciplined and committed to something so meaningful and beneficial.. great work.


Emerson Booth : A reminder of how short life really is.

Vidhu Shah : Amazing transformation! Keep up the good work.

Joshua Kennedy : the amount of people not understanding this a satire is astounding...

Brandon Rutledge : simple amazing.

AWE5OMEANT : Something tragic happened that last day. She looks sad. It's remarkable she could finish the whole week.

InsertName125 : She looks older in the last one.

Lauren Elliott : 5 years = WHAT how did you do that ?! 4 years = awesome 3 years = I couldn't do that, HOW just HOW 2 years = YEY 1 years = keep going ................................ ............ ...................... 1 week = now I can do that

ImaTissue : my whole family died in a toaster and seeing this just makes my life happy again

RyanPerson : This was more beautiful than the birth of my child.

Charlie B : 7 days....

dattebayo155 : You should only watch 1 clickhole video a day - too much to ponder

SKID TV : im dying because of these comments lololol

Minecraft Master : woah this girl is so confident great work truely insperational