Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China

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Enough of that boring Apple logo - let's turn it into a glowing Strange Parts logo. Another episode in the quest to make a custom iPhone in Shenzhen, China Share this video: Subscribe to the channel here: E-make: My Gear: Main camera: Other camera: Main lens: Other lens: Microphone: Little tripod: Collaborative editing software: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Music -- Gravity - Gravity (licensed through Over And Over - Sample And Hold (licensed through Key To The City - Christian Nanzel (licensed through Fault - Pyrrhic Whim (licensed through Rotations - Friends With Animals (licensed through Pulsating Anticipation 5 - Johannes Bornlˆf (licensed through Heartbeating Thrills - Martin Baekkevold (licensed through Cryptic Clues 1 - Jack Elphick (licensed through Never As Lonely (Instrumental Version) - Jack Elphick (licensed through Downstream - Muted (licensed through Emotional Technology 3 - Gavin Luke (licensed through Emotional Technology 4 - Gavin Luke (licensed through Shepherd by C3NC Music - Higher Place (licensed through #StrangeParts #iPhoneAdventures #China

Comments from Youtube

James Grimwood : The more of these videos that I watch, the more I'm amused and impressed with the Chinese attitude towards this. In the West if you went to a machine shop they'd complain it wasn't worth their time, or too expensive, or generally not want to know. You could see the people in this video were just as interested in making it work as he was. I'd take the phone to Apple and show them, to see what they think ;-)

Experimental Fun : Removable micro SD slot!!!! :)

Moynank M : Give this man some time and he will add a micro SD card slot and dual SIM in that IPhone !! Btw Awesome work man .

Karan Shroff : can somebody give props to this legend for his work

Invisible Gamer : If you use an android in real life but you are still interested in ios video..only strange parts can do this :D

rasmus9311 : Wow no other place in the world where you could just walk in a get that amount of personal help with a small project as that. China keeps on impressing me.

maks bogaers : after you do the 512gb storage upgrade take it to an apple store and see how they react

Stef Channel : Hello, how much did you pay for the logo cut?

SR FIFA : Make your own MacBook in China

Martha Fockur : The Chinese are really cool people as you can see in the video. Very friendly.

SDG Danny : That's the coolest looking iPhone I've seen! Can't wait to see what's next.

Chaoba He : fun fact:Didi bought Uber China and took over its business

OsKi : hes gonna add 512gb storage too it

Steven Brown : Thank you for these videos, it is so changed my idea of China.

mounorman : very nice video the Chinese workers were very nice and helpful end result pretty sweet too



Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo : It seems like they went through alot to achieve this logo design for you but in the same time you introduced their company to the whole world. I am sure their time and hard work will pay off 👌🏻

Jagger : I've been saving for japan, but every time a new vidio of yours comes out i keep wanting to go to china insead !

Shiba : Could you use the first back to make another laser engraving design?

Gautam Diwan : Man this person should be in place of Tim Cook. At least he is doing some innovation.

Magestic : Their attention to details is awesome & they take responsibility personally. Very cool!

Rudster14 : Can you please do a video about your background? Like how did you get to be where you are now?

Alex : _where the wild things are_

Quesition no 1 v : From where u get money to do all this things

SIR' TRAP - RELOADED : Bro, forget about the little imperfections. It shows that it's your phone that you've built according to your dreams you had and now it's a real thing! The little imperfections just remind you the awesome time you had doing this, meeting awesome people like the laser guy or Irene (hope I wrote her name right). Not everyone can relate to a phone the way you will, trust me. Cheers

Spicy Meme Boi : 5/10 no RGB

KiloSierraAlpha : This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

HΞLLBΞNT : Damn she's cute.

Waldo P : Amazing China yah

Ankit Droch : love from india man ... stuff you r doing is just insane... just wanna know where u pursued ur engineering from? Thankyou in advance for replying 😊

Bhavya Talwar : I challenge you to add Touch ID on iPhone 4,4s or 5!!

Daniel T : I really hope you made it worth those cnc people's time. If not they put in some effort and ingenuity on that costume project for something that wasn't going to get them ahead in business at all. Much respect.

Flippy : This smile is never getting off his face. Love this guy and his videos! So positive and entertaining.

XxWinterFellxX : I love how positive you are when little mishaps happen, keep up the good work!

Thugasaurus Rex : She's so cute oml

Jeffrey Bozko : Those people you worked with seem really nice people, great video again.

Vyrkhan : "Where the WILD things are" <-- that T-Shirt xD

Jarrah Productions : i’m so proud of you making many videos in a reasonable amount of time , keep it man we appreciate your hard work <3

Gianluca Borchia : Will you do a memory upgrade?? From 16GB to whatever you want? 😵

Netcruzer RC TECH CARS : 7000 series aluminum, yup it's hard.

Shayan Givehchian : Your energy and positivity is what makes these videos so special.

Damodar Gargaspal : Can you make your own iPhone X or an 8+???

Chum Buck : Eileen is sooo adorable

ViperTechnologies : 3:30 Loud scream. Then it follows with an extremely loud bang.

Rush Production : Apple's Biggest Enemy "StrangeParts"😂

Machine Gun Bobby : Dude, I love chinese people. Theyre awesome.

Apar Ko Vlogs : China your the best.. Lot's of Love from Nepal ❤

John Giagkou : Putting a fingerprint scanner on the back next?