Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China

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Strange Parts : Edited by auram -

Experimental Fun : Removable micro SD slot!!!! :)

Moynank M : Give this man some time and he will add a micro SD card slot and dual SIM in that IPhone !! Btw Awesome work man .

Karan Shroff : can somebody give props to this legend for his work

OsKi : hes gonna add 512gb storage too it


Bhavya Talwar : I challenge you to add Touch ID on iPhone 4,4s or 5!!

Steven Brown : Thank you for these videos, it is so changed my idea of China.

Quick Look n Teardown : try to build custom mobile phone from scratch, doesn't have to be thin

Martha Fockur : The Chinese are really cool people as you can see in the video. Very friendly.

maks bogaers : after you do the 512gb storage upgrade take it to an apple store and see how they react

Invisible Gamer : If you use an android in real life but you are still interested in ios video..only strange parts can do this :D

SR FIFA : Make your own MacBook in China

Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo : It seems like they went through alot to achieve this logo design for you but in the same time you introduced their company to the whole world. I am sure their time and hard work will pay off 👌🏻

SDG Danny : That's the coolest looking iPhone I've seen! Can't wait to see what's next.

Alex : _where the wild things are_

Chaoba He : fun fact:Didi bought Uber China and took over its business

Shiba : Could you use the first back to make another laser engraving design?

Waldo P : Amazing China yah

Ayush Sharma : Looking forward to see that iPhone get that sweet 256GB upgrade. Ps. I am the the Bitcoin boi

mounorman : very nice video the Chinese workers were very nice and helpful end result pretty sweet too

Thugasaurus Rex : She's so cute oml

Magestic : Their attention to details is awesome & they take responsibility personally. Very cool!

Jagger : I've been saving for japan, but every time a new vidio of yours comes out i keep wanting to go to china insead !

Still Evolving : i’m so proud of you making many videos in a reasonable amount of time , keep it man we appreciate your hard work <3

Gautam Diwan : Man this person should be in place of Tim Cook. At least he is doing some innovation.

Quesition no 1 v : From where u get money to do all this things


KiloSierraAlpha : This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

rasmus9311 : Wow no other place in the world where you could just walk in a get that amount of personal help with a small project as that. China keeps on impressing me.

Rudster14 : Can you please do a video about your background? Like how did you get to be where you are now?

RaisinCookieGaming : He kinda seemed very condescending

Nidhi Goyal : Is it possible to add touch id to iPhone X. It is not possible to add in front as there's no room for it. But it could be put in the back of the phone and maybe even in the apple logo. But the glass back of iPhone x makes it more challenging than previous iPhones.

Spicy Meme Boi : 5/10 no RGB

SOURAV D. : Ohh wow I don't have iPhone But still interested to watch Your video bro :) #Android

MeLike2D : Is that Milk?

Sudarshan Singh : Hamare yaha to blade se hi kaat dete hai bc xD

Richard Forrest : It would be super cool if you visited IFixIt

SIR' TRAP - RELOADED : Bro, forget about the little imperfections. It shows that it's your phone that you've built according to your dreams you had and now it's a real thing! The little imperfections just remind you the awesome time you had doing this, meeting awesome people like the laser guy or Irene (hope I wrote her name right). Not everyone can relate to a phone the way you will, trust me. Cheers

Tech James : I really enjoy watching your videos, i always watch them right to the end!

J4CК : 1Tb storage iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damodar Gargaspal : Can you make your own iPhone X or an 8+???

Jeffrey Bozko : Those people you worked with seem really nice people, great video again.

Magestic : Question if I may, are Samsung Galaxy S phone parts available like you pieced together your custom iPhone or not really because the iPhone is so crazy popular there? I'm an Android guy & it would be cool to build a Galaxy S-me phone.

James Grimwood : The more of these videos that I watch, the more I'm amused and impressed with the Chinese attitude towards this. In the West if you went to a machine shop they'd complain it wasn't worth their time, or too expensive, or generally not want to know. You could see the people in this video were just as interested in making it work as he was. I'd take the phone to Apple and show them, to see what they think ;-)

Vansh Dhir : make a 512 gb iphone

Vyrkhan : "Where the WILD things are" <-- that T-Shirt xD

Tsifrokayf : Сделай видео с кастомизацией Samsung Galaxy S8+

Shawn Stuckey : I would just get an Apple sticker, put some glow chemical on it, stick it on the phone, then charge $1000.00 to $1200.00. For every extra sticker, add another $100.00🤣

BangDroid : Next video: Storage upgrade; possible desolder and installation of 256GB chip and partition and re-installation of iOS