Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo - in Shenzhen, China

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Strange Parts : Edited by auram -

SDG Danny : That's the coolest looking iPhone I've seen! Can't wait to see what's next.

Experimental Fun : Removable micro SD slot!!!! :)

Moynank M : Give this man some time and he will add a micro SD card slot and dual SIM in that IPhone !! Btw Awesome work man .

OsKi : hes gonna add 512gb storage too it

Quick Look n Teardown : try to build custom mobile phone from scratch, doesn't have to be thin

Farhan Ullah : Recently I upgraded my 16gb iPhone 6s to 64 gb in Wuhan. It just cost me 260rmb. I think your next project should be this, it would be exciting I guess!

Shiba : Could you use the first back to make another laser engraving design?

Bhavya Talwar : I challenge you to add Touch ID on iPhone 4,4s or 5!!

Hemali Shroff : can somebody give props to this legend for his work


just me : What’s next? A custom strange parts software? AWESOME! PLEASE

HΞLLBΞNT : Damn she's cute.

MrFreakYT : Are you planning on changing the memory chip from 16GB to 128GB or maybe even 256GB?

Geryanek Hakar : That Eileen girl is cute


Alex : _where the wild things are_

KiloSierraAlpha : This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

maks bogaers : after you do the 512gb storage upgrade take it to an apple store and see how they react

Still Evolving : i’m so proud of you making many videos in a reasonable amount of time , keep it man we appreciate your hard work <3

AxeTaker : Eileen is really cute, and she seems really friendly and helpful. Looking forward to the next mod.

Spicy Meme Boi : 5/10 no RGB

Steven Brown : Thank you for these videos, it is so changed my idea of China.

Martha Fockur : The Chinese are really cool people as you can see in the video. Very friendly.

Tech James : I really enjoy watching your videos, i always watch them right to the end!

Rudster14 : Can you please do a video about your background? Like how did you get to be where you are now?

Abhay Achal : Wow, you and China impressed me. You think, try, try again and again, find the way, problem sovled, work gets done.

Detchy Detchu : Damn that girl was cute

Nano Mine : I was about to rant about the 16G sticker, cos you put so much effort into this and then put a 16gb board in there. But now I'm excited to see the upgrade on storage.

BigMax : It has ios 10 omg jailbreak it

MeLike2D : Is that Milk?


xXxZGixXx : The reason the the logo isn't quite lighting all the way up is because of the logo split down the middle which defracts the light in a different which point you need a secondary lighting coming from the half that's dimmer..either way great job this is totally a win in my book thank you so much for inspiring me to do my best as always:) !!!

NH' Soriahz : 16GB -> 32GB/64GB.

Savage City : Looking forward to see that iPhone get that sweet 256GB upgrade. Ps. I am the the Bitcoin boi

Sudarshan Singh : Hamare yaha to blade se hi kaat dete hai bc xD

jerkdad : Is it possible to add wireless charging to an iPhone 7 or 6 and still use ur lightning connector?

William's Visual Effects : 512 GB iPhone

mounorman : very nice video the Chinese workers were very nice and helpful end result pretty sweet too

Tech tamik : Super pro nice video asome

ORAN DSOUZA : "Where the wild things are" Yeah sure "Wild Things"

zombie gamer8 : Yes you listened to me 😀😀 I wrote that thing in the comments and your replied and since then I was holding your beer Feel blessed

Magestic : Their attention to details is awesome & they take responsibility personally. Very cool!

Rex : Eileen, what a cutie!

Brycen Stephens : You need to get rid of the white screen and get matching buttons

Vyrkhan : "Where the WILD things are" <-- that T-Shirt xD

Chaoba He : fun fact:Didi bought Uber China and took over its business

Ivan Dimitrov : Wow I feel the SD card mod coming. Show Apple how it is done!

SOURAV DHODHAVAT : Ohh wow I don't have iPhone But still interested to watch Your video bro :) #Android

J4CК : 1Tb storage iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!