The Cranberries - Zombie (ACAPELLA)

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Peter Hollens : You were born to sing this one.

David MeShow : I am having fun reading comments about "too much auto-tune"! First time I heard Julia's music, I asked her if she uses auto-tune. She did not know what it was. When I heard her singing live, I just realized how crazy in tune she is all the time. Perfect control of her voice! She is truly amazing!!!

Madelyne : her hair 💞💕💕

HayleyTheWolf TheAnimalLover : 2 seconds into the song and I’m already obsessed

〈Clex〉 : I feel like an idiot now... I thought that when it said “Zombie”, I thought it was speaking a different language... *“Zahaumbi”*

openyoureyes : You must go through a lot of shampoo!

me smart : Rip Dolores (the original singer)

Heirwalk : You should tackle all the things she said by t.a.t.u. you would own that track.

Grace Mallia : You look likeAnna Kendrick

OniricFlow VR : Amazing cover.

Dina G. : 1.9 Million People don't understand that your music is a Collaboration of total genius Strategy in Vocals & are FAR to used to auto tune, which is NOT Music or Vocals at its finest! So, Many of us Love you Dave & Julia💢💙💜💙💢💋

curious angel : Sometimes i have dark thoughts when i hear this song

Martyna Stachyra : If Barden Bellas were real, u should be one of them!

Nova Johansson : I would love to hear this version without the beat-boxing. Don't get me wrong, I like it but I think it might sound even more epic with just the singing*w*

Alexander Yoho : Can you do "Taking Over Me" by Evanescence?

Johan2 Ofinlohigh : This is one of my favorite songs, and you performed it beyond beautifully. You did the song justice and added a natural elegance. Hearing it performed like this was euphoric.

kitty crasher : Who is crying???

sassy muffin : Your hair is so beutiful

MIY Make-Up : Love this. Dolores would love it too 💔

hammouda mustapha : hello julia i'm a fan from morocco can you please just sing time to say goodbye i just can't wait to listen it

Ксения Дмтриева : офигенные волосы, моя мечта 😍

rose queen : Your voice is so cool!! And on a side note I love your sense of style

Твоя Подборка : Лайк на первых секундах!

Dmitriy Menyushin : КЛАСС! 👍👍👍

jööbi jööti : Next one, five finger death punch lift me up! Like if you agree.

Chante Moody : Beautiful singing! Your hair looks so pretty too. <3

Juandi Alfino : I like this song

Potranquita S : q lindas voces

Keown Thomas : This is so beautiful I'm on the verge of crying

Amor Feram : I....I....I just.... WOW !!!!!!!

Arturr Kabałaa : Hi Julia! I'm looking for a place to download all your music. I'd like to listen to it in my car. P.S. your versions are amazing, so much passion, so much talent! I'm waiting for more! Cheers!

Lauren Coyle : Beautiful, honestly so beautiful, you're going to make me cry. Any one else think she's Anna Kendrick's long lost twin?

Liliana CatPat : Love the song! But u thought that the guy was having hiccups at first😂😂😂

[WIDMO]TroY _PL : She is Beautiful !!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Руслан Харлампович : Это было прекрасно!!

Mass73 Maroz : Девчёнки всё супер респект 👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘

Алексей Тиан : Cool , nicely

carlson ioteve : Magnifique prestation les filles je bouge quand je vous entende chanter super😄😄👍👍😎😎

Broda ty : Most people loves this cover, that's OK, but... Probably I'm the only one here who simply don't like it. Why? Amount of unnatural sound. On the better music equipment that can achieve more than ordinary headphones connected to computer, these background buzzing bursts eardrums, and the autotune is extremely annoying. The multi-dimensional sound effect also seems terribly unnecessary to me. I listened to the whole and I was shocked at the difference between the technically changed voice and the natural one that is spoken at the end. The song has nothing to singing, it's just well-adjusted sliders on the music and sound regulators.

David Chamorro : Yes😻🙊

Sophia Theresa : this is more than amazing 😍

CEKROM : Only Wow.

Красавчик КИКИ : Круче всех !!!

Catwoman • : Woow

ميمي - تشان : تستاهل اللايك و الاشتراك البنت المسكينة و الله مبدعة تعبت عليه كثثيييررررر

juan spano : "acapella" - - - - -then adds sound effects..-

Luciano Galindo : Super talentosa

babaganoosh1969 : A beautiful tribute..this exceeded my expectations of what a acapella version would sound and David are awesome people..please never stop making music 💙

Paul Suen : She sings very good and very beautiful !👍🏻

min yoongi : I'm in lovve with this