The Cranberries - Zombie (ACAPELLA)

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babaganoosh1969 : A beautiful tribute..this exceeded my expectations of what a acapella version would sound and David are awesome people..please never stop making music 💙

T-Bone : This needs way more views :) beautiful cover

Create Logic : This is so cool!

Bruce L. : Julia and David, you have a big fan here in western Canada! You two are a gorgeous couple and make beautiful music together.

Serega Da : Классненько!

David MeShow : You are the best ma petite poule!!!! :D <3

Alex Lander Community : Awesome, j'adore !

EinerDerAnderen : Ok, don't get me wrong. The musical production is nice and easy to consume, but the song looses every message without emotion in the vocals.

Lilly 143 : Do you guys know what I mean when I say This cover....I really feel it...i REALLY feel it

Fafouin Maddog : Suggestions : Indochine - J'ai demandé à la lune (Clip officiel) Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" Meghan Trainor - Better When I'm Dancin' Jean-Pierre Ferland - Une Chance Qu'On S'a Auli'i Cravalho - How Far I'll Go

Peter Hollens : You were born to sing this one.

Boost : Does anyone else instantly get goosebumps when she starts singing?

Downunda Thunda : Holy crap, this is one of the best covers of Zombie I've ever heard! You just earned a sub ;)

Tom Marak : beautiful

TheSparkTime : Your voice is amazing and you nailed it for this song!

Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming : I love it!!! :) R.I.P. Dolores

EvilMonkey7818 : I legit got chills a couple of times. Fantastic.

Eduardo : Love the first 20 seconds, I need a full song like that.

sexy korean girl : the miniskirt girl is the best singer out of all

Matthew Markuson : Bad

OniricFlow VR : Amazing cover.

vlado majkic : This is so beautiful and relaxing. I am amazed. Good job.

VlogsGamingMusic : Beautifully sung . Good Job Girls.

Rebecca Diaz-Cortes : she is the 21 centery Enya.DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS TO COME BY!?!?! YOU CAN HAVE MULTIPLE TABS OF THIS SONG AND IT STILL SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL. I DARE YOU TO TRY IT. seriously, keep it up!!!.💖💖💖

Simon Greaves : Amazing! Wow!

Коля Ш : 01:20 что там делает Амвей921 ?

Exodus fivesixfivesix : That was nice. Great Job! One of my favorite songs performed by another artist and it is actually almost as good as the original.

Artemad Niherase : Удивительно.

Broda ty : Most people loves this cover, that's OK, but... Probably I'm the only one here who simply don't like it. Why? Amount of unnatural sound. On the better music equipment that can achieve more than ordinary headphones connected to computer, these background buzzing bursts eardrums, and the autotune is extremely annoying. The multi-dimensional sound effect also seems terribly unnecessary to me. I listened to the whole and I was shocked at the difference between the technically changed voice and the natural one that is spoken at the end. The song has nothing to singing, it's just well-adjusted sliders on the music and sound regulators.

MF acoustic music : Wow, i have no words for that awesome acapella cover! Love it :-)Best wishes to you!!!

krilstian : dimond pink floyd

krilstian : no do chris rea road to meanig with that you are so sing so beutifull..but that song should not go sing in this area?

krilstian : i am here beutiful sound.

broadbandtogod : This is stupidly good

DCBARNONE89 : great video......kind of sexy!

itygucy : Very gooddd😢😢

Riya Dhakal : Ahhhhh THIS IS AMAZINGGGGG

Kyle Gaul : this is awesome

superhunk1989 : Seriously love this angelic cover.

Markus Linneweber : Absolutely wonderful and amazing Performance from a beautiful Stargirl :)❤️ And you really chose a cool Track! I Love It!

kall tuss : Beautiful, love it, and I like your hair too.

Jamie Kirby : I can't stop listening to this!!!! It's not very often that a cover catches my attention! Loveee this!!!

VladjoSK : Hello, Julia I loved your singing. Would you do 39 by Queen please?

The Rejects : Holy lord. Amazing!!

Stephen Boggis : awesome track and very well executed :D

kelt wert : Это обалденно!!!

Lolololol lolololol : Omg thank you i love this song so fucking much

Andrey Makarov : Отстойная аранжировка👎


Badger BadgerBadger : This is my favorite choir.