The Cranberries - Zombie (ACAPELLA)

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David MeShow : You are the best ma petite poule!!!! :D <3

Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming : I love it!!! :) R.I.P. Dolores

T-Bone : This needs way more views :) beautiful cover

Create Logic : This is so cool!

K SS : Love the skirt

babaganoosh1969 : A beautiful tribute..this exceeded my expectations of what a acapella version would sound and David are awesome people..please never stop making music 💙

Justice Coulam : Absolutely LOVE her style. She's so pretty. And that VOICE😍

Zoe Eisenberg : My mom listened to this song then told me about it. She said they dont know if it was something else or suicide how Dolores died. But i listened to it and it touched my heart. It is really sad how she had died. I heard this song in History class while we were working, my heart sank when i heard this, just thinking about the cranberrries qnd how they feel about Dolores' death. I didnt know much about her but i feel so badf😭😥

Alex Lander : Awesome, j'adore !


Peter Hollens : You were born to sing this one.

Siddhesh Girase : There were many videos I was interested to click on.... Clicked on this one. Feels like I have won a lottery although I have never won a lottery😂

Arren pff : i vote for the skirted 1....😉😆

Barry Shitpeas : The question IS: WHY do those legs look so good in the short skirt but less so in the skin tight pants?! there is no logic in that, I'm so confused. Top grade legs yet it makes such a difference. Oh yr talented too, good job.

STUFF4RC : What do you think of Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven?

OniricFlow VR : Amazing cover.

Lilly 154 : Do you guys know what I mean when I say This cover....I really feel it...i REALLY feel it

Laser Bean : I like how the vocal singers will suddenly be wearing a skirt.

loskevanos : Phenomenal cover of this beautiful rendition... so well done... keep up the good work

dennis christensen : snälla sound of silence gör den :O

MF acoustic music : Wow, i have no words for that awesome acapella cover! Love it :-)Best wishes to you!!!

Matthew Markuson : Bad

R.I.P reddy 5/2/17 Dopey joins the circus : STUNNING JUST AMAZING ❤️🇬🇧👍

evaderik Mammon : Sexy skirt. :3

krilstian : dimond pink floyd

superhunk1989 : Seriously love this angelic cover.

TheSparkTime : Your voice is amazing and you nailed it for this song!

EvilMonkey7818 : I legit got chills a couple of times. Fantastic.

Pedro Ramirez : i love your outfits on all your videos, im subscribing with my two accounts <3

vlado majkic : This is so beautiful and relaxing. I am amazed. Good job.

Larry Rogers : Wow, this is a beautiful emotional bit of PERFECTION!!! Thank You for doing this song, Miss Julia. Big love from fans in New York.

kall tuss : Beautiful, love it, and I like your hair too.

Amor Benamor : I love this music you are so soo supeeeer

Erwin Chung : Love it.

digger muehlenkamp : It 's great.WOW

The Rejects : Holy lord. Amazing!!

EinerDerAnderen : Ok, don't get me wrong. The musical production is nice and easy to consume, but the song looses every message without emotion in the vocals.

Alfomus : You are beautiful

GGManiac Man : NICE VOIS!

Exodus fivesixfivesix : That was nice. Great Job! One of my favorite songs performed by another artist and it is actually almost as good as the original.


MrFreeGman : I turn away from the mic to breathe in

Chase Postell : Amazing :)

Chad Rudiaschy : Don't forget the tiny flouncy skirt for extra views.

ZooMZaZooM : *Amazing)*

Daniel Ferri : Ive been watching you for years. You’re amazing

bob V : What happened to your lovely hair, Bleach Accident ?

Berny Soto : Horrible !! 👎 Louser !!

Emi Khan : Your hairs 😙😙😙😗😗😗😗

SoyIttara : Incredibly beautiful.