5 Guys in a Limo (better audio)

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Kara Dennison : It's so bizarre to see faces attached to the voices. Especially the Disney guy. Well and truly awesome.

Ron : Thanks Tim.

Paul Payton : In a world without Hal Douglas and Don LaFontaine, Hollywood seeks a new generation of baritone-voiced men with natural reverb and a throaty, authoritative yet genial tenor of enticement. For some, an impossible task. For others, an opportunity to rise to global prominence. Let's go!

Jojonny17 : Thumbs up if Tim Gettys sent you

Wh0rse : My favorite is John Leader  "A simple man... in a complicated world. But tonight, for one heart-stopping moment -- quite possibly -- a hero." Then the limo door slams in his face

(Present Day) Professor Xavier : KINDA!

Frank Noska IV : tim was right!

Douglas Berry : RIP Hal Douglas.

dorourke105 : hung like a horse line killed me

Marco Diaz : I always grew up listening to Mark Elliot's voice in the Disney trailers. Well done Mark.👍

Scott P : shoulda done a reveal where all the way though it just showed you the back of the drivers head and at the end it turned out to be James Earl Jones

P MF : That was Kinda Funny ;)

Edward Tivrusky : The whole thing was funny, but Mark Elliot made me crack up!

Daniel G. Productions : Gotta love Mark!

Weldon Thatcher : I'll take those movie trailer VOs over today's movie trailer VOs.

Bob Bly : I watch this and say: This looks pretty easy. Probably I am wrong.

Rihaan Shimomura : @levanyzzuf look for any Disney classic preview, and you'll likely hear his voice. I grew up with that voice.

MellowTorch : You and everyone else. Know the right people, get a great agent, be in the right place at the right time, some luck and oh, have a fantastic voice with training. You will have to compete with some well known stars, because in this fallen economy, they take all the voiceover work they can get.

Matt Gillis : Whaddya get when you take a space cowboy turned movie voiceover (Nick Tate of "Space:1999"), a gravelly voiced Al Chalk, two veterans of both TV/movie voiceovers AND pop radio shows (John Leader of "Countdown America" and "20/20 Music World," and Mark Elliot of the "Weekly Top 30"), and the most legendary movie voiceover in history, namely Don LaFontaine? Get ready for one helluva ride, folks!

dunebasher1971 : Generally, VO artists are not directly contracted to any studios, they are freelancers who are hired as needed, so they can voice for any studio or TV station. The exception is likely to be someone like Mark Elliot, who is the primary voice of Disney - he'll probably have some kind of deal with them guaranteeing them the exclusive use of his voice.

Matthew Laskorski : What happened to Mark???

NerDex : Kinda Funny brought me here....and I'm so glad!! Thanks Tim!

Rasper Jilius : Ah 240p, my old enemy.

Kryptovich : Such a nerd dork video....

timtaylor2001 : 2 other VO people that are gone that should be included in the list is Ernie Anderson and Danny Darko.

natcoolcraig : The pure one sent me!

Shaddowkhan : thanks Tim, but damn 5 white guys being driven around in a limo by a black guy with gloves. very 1920's

12thManInTokyo : If YouTube had been around in 1997 when this was made, this film would have over 3,000,000,000 views by now

Graham Freeman : Came here to say RIP Hal Douglas, 7 March 2014.

TheBeardedHero : Here because Kinda Funny.

Mark Allan : Tim gettys you man

Gary Stinten : The titles and the crowns are up for grabs.. Go get em boys and girls.

Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films. : This is a classic for those who love voice-over artists & radio! Such a suave-voice #HalDouglas  had. #MarkElliot  has a great sense of humour in this video #RIPHal  

GoreTorn16 : Are we going to the awards yet? Not yet. Now! ....Now! ........Now! *cheesy smile* now! hahahahahaha

James Edwards : This was.. Kinda Funny

Tigerman1138 : He's not dead----he works in the DL Studio in Heaven... you see God needed that voice for his work.

DangerZone : Also where the hell is Keith David?

DangerZone : Yes it's very important for you to announce how you found out about this video, we all need to know. Thanks.

Eric Stevenson : RIP Don LaFontaine.

tunapup1 : @derubermax I'm pretty sure he said "tonight's the night" lol

Natalie Reiss : SO funny! Where would be without these voices? They have such presence!

PowerGlove79 : The music at 1:20 is from Backdraft By Hans Zimmer, specifically "Burn It All", but I am sorry to say I don't know the one before it

Shakaama : love it Now how do i break into the business :(

Arcanecide : 0:36 Back To The Future music!

Arcanecide : Now thats a knife!

ThomasVoMusic : This is so awesome! hahahaha

Rihaan Shimomura : @levanyzzuf oops. got confused. Sorry for that. You know, it would be better if they whispered their names or something in the previews.

The Patriot : I wish I could get paid for talking.

starbond6 : Which movie trailers did John leader (?) do?

CptColumbo : I just keep thinking. "Hey, it's that guy from Space:1999!"