5 Guys in a Limo (better audio)

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Wh0rse : My favorite is John Leader  "A simple man... in a complicated world. But tonight, for one heart-stopping moment -- quite possibly -- a hero." Then the limo door slams in his face

Marco Diaz : I always grew up listening to Mark Elliot's voice in the Disney trailers. Well done Mark.👍

Paul Payton : In a world without Hal Douglas and Don LaFontaine, Hollywood seeks a new generation of baritone-voiced men with natural reverb and a throaty, authoritative yet genial tenor of enticement. For some, an impossible task. For others, an opportunity to rise to global prominence. Let's go!

dorourke105 : hung like a horse line killed me

Edward Tivrusky : The whole thing was funny, but Mark Elliot made me crack up!

Scott P : shoulda done a reveal where all the way though it just showed you the back of the drivers head and at the end it turned out to be James Earl Jones

TheBeardedHero : Here because Kinda Funny.

Ron : Thanks Tim.

Weldon Thatcher : I'll take those movie trailer VOs over today's movie trailer VOs.

Mark Allan : Tim gettys you man

Bob Bly : I watch this and say: This looks pretty easy. Probably I am wrong.

Daniel G. Productions : Gotta love Mark!

Douglas Berry : RIP Hal Douglas.

Jojonny17 : Thumbs up if Tim Gettys sent you

P MF : That was Kinda Funny ;)

(Present Day) Professor Xavier : KINDA!

Frank Noska IV : tim was right!

Matt Gillis : Whaddya get when you take a space cowboy turned movie voiceover (Nick Tate of "Space:1999"), a gravelly voiced Al Chalk, two veterans of both TV/movie voiceovers AND pop radio shows (John Leader of "Countdown America" and "20/20 Music World," and Mark Elliot of the "Weekly Top 30"), and the most legendary movie voiceover in history, namely Don LaFontaine? Get ready for one helluva ride, folks!

timtaylor2001 : 2 other VO people that are gone that should be included in the list is Ernie Anderson and Danny Darko.

Gary Stinten : The titles and the crowns are up for grabs.. Go get em boys and girls.

Kryptovich : Such a nerd dork video....

Matthew Laskorski : What happened to Mark???

DangerZone : Also where the hell is Keith David?

NerDex : Kinda Funny brought me here....and I'm so glad!! Thanks Tim!

natcoolcraig : The pure one sent me!

DangerZone : Yes it's very important for you to announce how you found out about this video, we all need to know. Thanks.

Shaddowkhan : thanks Tim, but damn 5 white guys being driven around in a limo by a black guy with gloves. very 1920's

Paul Wartenberg : Great. Now remix the trailer for this with the Mission: Impossible Fallout music.

Jay Louis : Let go... *okay* :D ladededa ladededa

Nick F : Chris Moyles brought me here first back in 2008

Matt Gillis : I saw Don LaFontaine a while back when he appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and he was still the "boss" of voiceovers, in my opinion. But I had no idea that Nick Tate (of the show "Space:1999," BTW) had recently done voiceovers, and makes him more cool, to me. However, the two that caught my ear and eye, are two of Casey Kasem's best "competitors"-Mark Elliott, besides Disney's "voice," the host of the Weekly Top 30 from 1979-1986; and John Alfenito, aka John Leader, voiceover and the host of the A/C 20/20 Music World and pop Countdown America/Countdown USA shows. Casey Kasem, and Mark and John combined, are still three of the reasons I loved so much of radio and of music in general, and still do.

mscaligurl76 : Missing my cousin Don on his birthday.

kawasaki whip two : Don Lafontaine is the big dog in that car.

raksh9 : This is utterly fantastic. Never knew this existed, but by god, it is amazing. Thank you for this upload!

thesavagechef : just one of those videos i watch when i feel down and bored. i would love to be a voice talent. people say i totally nail marge simpson and her sisters.

DRGN Productions : Better audio, more like best audio ever.

Ali Al Habsi : Made my day. Thanks Tim and Kinda Funny. LOL!

omnacky : They need to do a men's acapella quintet

The Unnamed : 0:31 clip is from 3rd Naked Gun

thesavagechef : Notice that the driver wears gloves to remove the $$$ detritus. 

Tone Pursuit : The Disney guy breaks into a skip LOL!

Comek Films : Tate looks a little like Spielberg does nowadays.

Native_Resolution : Kinda Funny

Brian Umholtz : ROFLOL

Richard Clarke : In a world without Nick Tate damn I would have been even MORE miserable during the 1970s.

Bobby C : I do recognize a couple of movie themes, from Rudy, back to the future, Dragon: the Bruce lee story, Ghostbusters, James bond theme,

Quinn Fowlie : Too bad Jon Bailey was too young to be in this.

Mr Tmax : Still hilarious. Too bad it doesn't have more views.

Matt Blattner : Thanks Time, came here thanks to +Kinda Funny