I got pulled over on LivePD
Guy on LivePD is arrested for being weird after passing every single road side test

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pulled over for too much sauce Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaredsopok/ I do not own the rights to this video. This was on national television and is my scene from getting pulled over


Marie Welsh : When you find out they’re filming live PD in your town so you become a meme.

Steven Tarsitano : these cops just are having the hardest time believing that this dude is sober lmao.

Liam Wiggins : The execution of this prank is absolutely amazing. This is gold lmao

Damp potato #36 : *passes sobriety test* *no drugs or alcohol in the car* *still gets arrested* Wut

THE LION : We are placing you under arrest for being weird as hell.

LaezyMe : Theres no way he didnt drive around all night like this waiting to get pulled over on live PD. Its just too perfect

Bungus Grumble : “I’m not allowed to smoke weed” He says with 4-20 written on the back of his car. Legend.

all types of ill SH1T ! : Well you're a legend in my book for trolling your local police and A & E. I think the Nickelback playing in your car was the best touch.

Maggie Mae Crawley : Rockstar by nickelback playing in the car in the background is the icing on the cake

Flare Orbs : This dude really just stream sniped the LivePD 😂

James Booth : You got arrested for literally being weird. Wack.

REMI : Wait, if you pass the test, you go to jail?

guerrillatactical : It's funny but super alarming that they are arresting people for not being "normal".

Dwayne H : I remember watching this on LivePD and I was so confused

Chicken Alfredo : Emergency Only: Jack playing cards, A match, Flash bang hot-sauce. This man is totally my hero.

RicoGalassi : hahahah booty shorts and nickelback. this dude is a legend. edit: I can't believe this dude was arrested....jesus

AntonioKowatsch : _"Something's not sitting right with me so I'm going to place you under arrest"_ LMAO WTF?!

Augie S. : "Um no I just got some like hot sauce" You know you're a good troll when the cops just cannot believe you're sober

I3 Ghost : Cop : When was the last time you had a controlled substance Jared : No

been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead : This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when law enforcement encounters meme culture

Macguire_ : Even had Nickleback playing in the car. The execution was perfect.

M D : "innocent until proven guilty" but they are arresting him for passing a field sobriety test

Mig : Lol probably knew LPD was in town and planned this whole thing.

Big HomieJay : “Passes every test” cops:well I’m going to arrest you now even tho you passed every single test”

Master Chief : They call him crazy, but you never know when you'll need a match, a Jack playing card, and some hotsauce.

what about this username : Officer: I want you to tilt your head back and close your eyes and tell me when you feel it’s been 30 seconds Jared: so count to 30 Officer : no, tell me what you think 30 seconds feels like

Clay Hackney : Rockstar on full blast, 4-20 on the window, and a car full of mannequins and they couldn't realize he was messing with them. Cop almost shot his ass when he leaned forward in the car too.

mastergabyx : -Mmm yea, everything is ok. You are under arrest though - what charges?! - being uncomfortable sexy

Froggy : the best part was when they zoomed in on the inside of the car and it was playing nickle back

Chuwie : What do you have in your fannypack? *THE SAUCE*

rachael wyld stacey : Did you get charged with over the legal limit possession of hot sauce? A fashion faux pas for the fanny pack? Excellent content btw 😉

Ronnie L : "Something just doesn't sit right with me". That's it officer. Go with your gut. Don't worry about actual proof or anything.

David : Would they arrest Beyoncé for having hot sauce in her bag?

Cesar Bravo : The longer you watch the more your brain hurts

Mr Saucer : Emergency only bag! Only for emergency’s! Contains: “A jack playing card” “A match” And “flashbang hot sauce” This guy was up to no good

carjax777 : I lost my shit when he stepped out and I saw the jean shorts that was just the cherry on top 🤣

Victor Briones : Little dp they know...te Jack hearts os a whole sheet of acid ;-)

yee haw : He got arrested just for having a good time 😔

Jackson Danforth : 5:05 "This is kinda hurting my eyes" "Well it's only for about 4 seconds ok" *Does it for another minute*

Trina H : I guess Cops now a days can put you under arrest for nothing 🤷🏼‍♀️

RunnaWayJ : LMAO I LOVED THIS! And @ 8:30 I see that gold magnum 👀😂😂😂

imowurlawnz : "Do you have a weapons on you?" "I have a metal fidget spinner"💀

spaghetti : When they did the closeup on Logan Paul with Nickelback playing in the background I was ded

Bon Zai : I wasn’t aware being weird was grounds to arrest somebody in the US...🤔

Cheetahboy3000 : Me: Are breathalyzers a thing anymore

Cheetahboy3000 : Me: Does passing a sobriety test and having done nothing wrong call for being arrested Cop: Yes

MrTerror923 : 5:50 watch the officers face while he does the sobriety test. i died of laughter.

FuzzyBS : bro searches the fanny pack without gloves

Beau glowacki : Do 3 different sobriety tests in the hopes he fails one.. sad. Lmao.