Roseanne explains the Valerie Jarrett tweet.

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Roseanne, like always, cuts through the bullshit and gets the heart of the matter.

Comments from Youtube

Yusef Broussard : I thought Valerie Jarrett was an Arab or Persian woman. She doesn't look Black to me. Didn't know she was Black until the News media told everyone.

DoveLady : #IThoughtTheBitchWasWhite

Justin : I think anyone being honest about the situation believes her. This entire situation was a political hit job. Clearly.

Travis Horton : She looks white tbh lol

Drea East Coast : The cancer that is 'The View' took this clip, cut it, and made it look like you're nuts instead of it being the funny, honest bit that it is. I laughed out loud at this. Apparently the c*nts at the View have their knickers so twisted they still just do not get it. They make all women look like damn idiots. Thank you for being on here Roseanne.

Helios : Please make this a meme . Meme gods

nicelady333 : I actually thought she was white too

YOUNG WARLOCK : A meme was born...

LSN92 : I'm glad she responded with comedy. Everyone needs to chill out. Stop being so offended and learn to not get your panties in a wad over words...especially misunderstood words. Your actions (ostrasizing a human being from her job and from society for a mistake) is far worse than her harmless little words. And btw, the woman she was referring to is corrupt as hell and has hurt many people. Learn to choose the right side in the future instead of being uninformed. And Roseanne, I'm sorry the world has treated you this way.

Surfer Bob : I don’t need an explanation, it was a funny tweet and by the way Valerie is a nasty upright walking pig of a human being. Peace. ✌️

Bernd Fisch : i am a drug user since 20 years and i swear she is in heavy dependence on tablets...multible........ combined with 1 drop of alcohol. the effect will give her the rest because she arrived at the limit of the resilient she will lose her mind hardcore and joining a closed institution soon. be my friend

Jennifer Mays : holy shit, that's funny!!

crash bandicoot : Oh well this clears up everything apparently she thought she was white lmfao

Marco Maceo : Everyone else thought she was white because, well....she is.

Miss Marv3l Plays : Love it!

Kristin j.r. : YAAAASSS Queen, we love you Roseanne Barr

The Cosmic Hippie : I honestly feel sorry for Roseanne after seeing the interview people have been talking about. I feel like she genuinely didn't even mean for it to be a race issue. I don't agree with her politically, but I do like how refreshing that outburst was. Amongst the portrayal a lot of actors and actresses have to do behind the camera, people often forget that they're human, too.

Carrie Shayne : Rosanne needs clones to help lighten up these ever-spawning snowflakes ❄️

thatonedrewguy : I love how she says "Hello, hello" like Phone Guy on FNAF. Roseanne's an awful human being, holy shit.

Duke Togo : In all honesty... Valerie's face does have a similar structure to that of a character from planet of the apes.

Barb : What the hell is she on?

Robert Hudson : The best 68 seconds on Youtube.

Razzle Warrent : I believe you(razzle Warrent) much love

Ran S : We need your input and opinion Roseanne. Don't disappear! No one has the right to silence you. Unless you're feeling better away from politics.. You're one of a kind, don't deprive us from your presence.

Pls WaLuigi Dom Me : This is genuinely terrifying.

Ronald A Sharp : Only thing Roseanne is guilty of is being White.

mo t : Fk V.J Love 🌹 Roseanne 🇺🇸

VoB : This is BEAUTIFUL. <3 She has some Heart still left in her, very unusual in this politically correct artificial world. GOOOO Rosie :)

Charles Ward : I know it's probably a skit, but give those hypocrites hell Rosie!!!!

Ben West : Cocaine's a helluva drug!

Mike Greer : I thought she was in costume for POTA

She Wolf : When I'm bummed, I watch this!🤣😂

smilingforever777 : I LOVE YOU WoMaN!!!! Your as ReaL as they come!!! Keep up the good work. Your last interview on this channel was awesome and told it like it is!! KeeP it Up!!

Anna Hoffmaster : Roseanne, sometimes you remind me of my daughter and I love my daughter. She is so genuine and truthful. I think that's why people tread softly in front of her and when they go pass her because they don't want to hear the truth. And she is so funny with the things she says. God bless you.

tatdude 01 : She has gone bat shit crazy

Michael Wall : Tell those Libtards Roseanne style 🇺🇸😎

Danny, Shaymin, and Friends : Aren’t we all apes that rape. Jk, but an atheist would say that.

Myhappyplace : I thought that bench was wide to lol 🤷🏾‍♀️

Nicole Green : LMAO...I fucking love it, watch it over and over again. You rock Roseanne Barr, keep up the great work xxx

KayKay : "Roseanne explains the Valerie Jarrett tweet", more like Roseanne screams like an unhinged lunatic.

500 Subscribers Without Any Videos : They misspelled the title, it should be Roseanne goes batshit crazy on camera

shield707 : LMFAO 😂😂😂

Thurston Howell : A convincing and economical explanation.

Kim Mcelroy : They torturing her to make her curse God. She never spoke against God before. Hollywood is no longer under satanic powers their Death powers!

Andrew R. Keating : A society that no longer understands satire is a society that has given into tyranny.

jacki B : Ha I freaking love this woman! !!♡

Haha 99 : BRAVO thats really gonna help save your career 👏👏👏 Nice work RoseAnne 👍

Smug ass Isabelle : I ship Roseanne and Alex Jones. They'd be such a great couple.

Necron99 : I thought VJ was Middle eastern? I dated a girl from Afghanistan who looks exactly like her!!! N she is not black at all! I thought she was cute too, but did thought she looked like a cheap costumed ape from the 70’s. O well...liberals shot down one of Trumps best Hollywood supporters.