Train Ride to Coney Island in 1987
Train Ride to Coney Island in 1987

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Enjoy the sights and the graffitti as Nelson, photographer Liz Lizard and her family, Michael Musto and Albert Crudo take the subway from Union Square to Coney Island on June 20, 1987


PHILLY DOSS : Yoo this dude was way ahead of everyone else by documenting this

Justin Carrillo : Strange but interesting. How will the world look like in another 31 years?

JREAMAH : This seems like a video you'd find after an apocalyptic event

Big Man : I felt like i got mugged by just watching this video.

Joyce _k : Its weird to think that those teens are now in their 40s-50s

Michael Knight : Back when it was cheap to live in NY without a credit check. As long as you had a job and paid your rent and didn't smoke crack you could live in any of the boroughs.

Cylee Rodriguez : 1980's vlog wtf with this reccomendations. First the 1989 mcdonald vlog and now this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But its great

Monique MnK : Think they ever imagined 31 years later people from all over the world would watch this? πŸ’–

clown4516 : If you pause at 4:27 you can see the movies in the backround playing beverly hill cop 2 and the untouchables

Shay Kosovac : No cell phones... apparently they used spray paint to communicate back then

Whyte Chyna : πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ that lad with no shirt on just casually laying on that grotty train seat likely needed a tetanus shot and an std check after that little nap... πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ yuk!

danterj1990 : This is cyberpunk 2077 almost 100 years before.

Bazinga : Drew Monson still kickin' it 50 years young :))

fartamplifer : wtf with those kids lying down on those seats and the dude has no shirt on

Drew Hurlbut : Ok YouTube algorithm, why is this video suddenly appearing on thousands upon thousands of peoples feeds all of a sudden?

carlie Beau : Thats when you had to wait a week before your pictures were developed. It made it exciting to have to wait. I dunno

saint jack : City is so fn boring now. Even the trains r boring. All the character was taken out of it.

WalkingCane : The 80s in NYC, when Cocaine fueled the Country

Vlad Makarenko : Soon on YouTube will be no normal comments left. Only idiots askin' about their recommendations and people that are watching this in current year.

SIKK RMXS : can't believe this was 300 years ago

Mister Pumpkinhead : I am a nostalgic son of a bitch but I just love that 80's look. It was so cool and without doubt.

Tobi Jaguar : those toes should stay in 1987.

Mads : Strange how empty the wagon were.. now they are full all the time, with weird ppl.

Steve Sibaja : June, 20, 1987 it was on a Saturday

Thomas Bigalow : This guy travelled time and started vlogging before it was a thing

Steve Sibaja : Back when New York City It still had the Twin Towers 14 years before 9/11

Jason Maggard : This is so cool! My daughter and I took this exact route in 2016. We left our phones at the room because we wanted to be free without worry at Coney Island. This is awesome!!! Recognize so many buildings and stops. Thank you.

Bull anon : I keep waiting for Charles Bronson to pop out with a gun πŸ˜‚

MiniBOI : I wonder what these people’s reactions would be if you told them the USSR wouldn’t be a thing in 5 years

kotur28 : A young Michael Musto!!! The Village Voice writer and NYC personality.... anyone that has lived in NYC knows who he is.

Nick Nunes : A piece of the 3rd world inside the 1st world.

Chris Tillmann : City people are so desensitized to the utter filth they live in.

RonniStyles : I was 9 . It feels like a different lifetime. Its strange.

Tancredi Di Falconeri : That boy took at least 3 dangerous diseases for lying down the bench

Dan Rom : Any day before 911 were the good old days

Kpat : 4:12 there's a poster for Full Metal Jacket outside the window, I wish I could've been around when Kubrick was alive.

maddingo : there isn't enough purell in the world to touch anything on that train.

Gino Soakoe : I remember exactly everything the way it was in Brooklyn from sunset park down to boro park past thru Bensonhurt and on into Coney Island man it was like no other times!

dieselboy87 : The weirdest thing bout this vid is to consider that the kid in his shorts is in his 40s now

Iwon : Looks like a cheesy movie scene where the bad gang memebers come from both ends of the train with chains and switch blades

sebbspato2 : I'm surprised you didn't get mugged... NYC was rough back then

Billy Block : oddly enough, Ive always wanted to take this train ride in this exact time period. something i cant explain. From UK

Kathleen Tiernan : 2:52 is drew

Jay Gryffindor : Legend says he's still topless

Mexican Savage : If you from New York and took the train to Coney Island who remembers sleeping on the train πŸ˜‚

ragib ansari : So grateful that these popped up in my recommendeds

Adam Diaz : They were transgender before it was cool

jho : warriors, come out to play-ay

Ninja Monkey : The weirdest part of this is how normal everything is.