Train Ride to Coney Island in 1987

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Junior Jr. : Back when NYC was filthy.

PHILLY DOSS : Yoo this dude was way ahead of everyone else by documenting this

drug god : All i can think about is The Warriors

Cylee Rodriguez : 1980's vlog wtf with this reccomendations. First the 1989 mcdonald vlog and now this 😂😂😂. But its great

Taylor Walcott : That was a boy on that dirty seat with no shirt on! Bruh

The Lone Traveler : For some reason I find this oddly fascinating.

Feces the baby mouse : Seems like people were a lot cooler with one another back then.

Justin Carrillo : Strange but interesting. How will the world look like in another 31 years?

Big Man : I felt like i got mugged by just watching this video.

jmar kedron : Why the f*** does this camera looks so good but my smartphone camera look like s*** are we going back in time or into the future🤔🤔

Felicia : It's funny how everyone in the comments is criticizing technology while using technology. If you hate phones so much... stop using them...?

SchoolBoy PRANKS : Why did Drew Monson get on the train dressed as a girl

danterj1990 : This is cyberpunk 2077 almost 100 years before.

ar ar : Watching this from the toilet in school.

AC_is_BAD : I was 45 days old when this was taken.

Karol K : Which one is the serial killer?

Adam Diaz : They were transgender before it was cool

Andrew A. : 2019 anybody ?!?!??!?

clown4516 : If you pause at 4:27 you can see the movies in the backround playing beverly hill cop 2 and the untouchables

fartamplifer : wtf with those kids lying down on those seats and the dude has no shirt on

Sheila Allen : The lady in orange was hella stylin

Mads : Strange how empty the wagon were.. now they are full all the time, with weird ppl.

Bazinga : Drew Monson still kickin' it 50 years young :))

WalkingCane : The 80s in NYC, when Cocaine fueled the Country

Steve Sibaja : Back when New York City It still had the Twin Towers 14 years before 9/11

Sippin Wid Sharlele : Graffiti in the train 😧

Vlad Makarenko : Soon on YouTube will be no normal comments left. Only idiots askin' about their recommendations and people that are watching this in current year.

Jay Donagh : Holy shit NYC looked so damn ghetto back then, but honestly I'm not sure whether it's gotten better or worse lmao. Nowadays you'd probably find at least hundred people who look exactly like those gays and the shirtless/almost naked dude would probably be kicked off the train for "sexual harassment/indecent exposure"

Dmitri Booysen : those toes should stay in 1987.

Simon Cowell : 2:52 deadass thought that was Drew Monson

SIKK RMXS : can't believe this was 300 years ago

Steve Sibaja : June, 20, 1987 it was on a Saturday

Michael Knight : Back when it was cheap to live in NY

Chelsea Bella Gallo : Omg I was 18. No bills or stress! Just having the time of my life! Those were the days!. But, I avoided all subways! Gross! Stayed my butt on Staten Island!

Jason Maggard : This is so cool! My daughter and I took this exact route in 2016. We left our phones at the room because we wanted to be free without worry at Coney Island. This is awesome!!! Recognize so many buildings and stops. Thank you.

Top 10 Archive : 3:47 See kids, this is how people use to look at pictures without a phone.

MiniBOI : I wonder what these people’s reactions would be if you told them the USSR wouldn’t be a thing in 5 years

Harry Angel : Back when music was real

Kathleen Tiernan : 2:52 is drew

Waddling Cucumber : Wow this was 60 years ago

Pete Pay : Wish I could go back to that year knowing what I know now about my life...

Fart nipple Nipple fart : I remember this I was too scared to ride cuz of graffiti

Matthew Trend : Jesus Christ. NYC was filthy AF. Up until the r142s I guess...

Iwon : Looks like a cheesy movie scene where the bad gang memebers come from both ends of the train with chains and switch blades

XtremeBudgetMusician : And the freaks are still there

Opa! Greek Taverna : Life before Casey Neistat

kotur28 : A young Michael Musto!!! The Village Voice writer and NYC personality.... anyone that has lived in NYC knows who he is.

JayTownHD : Mostly everything is different now. The trains, the map, the goofy 80s hairstyle, and the stations

towipo : Youtube LOVES this video. They have recommended it to me like 20 times even though I continually tell them I have no interest in it. Thumbs down.

Swamp Life : I was expecting the Warriors to show up