Train Ride to Coney Island in 1987

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The Lone Traveler : For some reason I find this oddly fascinating.

Top 10 Archive : 3:47 See kids, this is how people use to look at pictures without a phone.

k den : Can you believe that at the time they had no idea that millions of people would view this video from a device called a smartphone? Edit: I changed “phone” to “smartphone” bc ppl are not understanding my comment.

Thomas Bigalow : This guy travelled time and started vlogging before it was a thing

ShoA : boy's traveling topless? Is this a fashion trend back then?

Felicia : It's funny how everyone in the comments is criticizing technology while using technology. If you hate phones so much... stop using them...?

Key Gen : Warriors come out and plaaaaaaay.

webfish69 : I wouldn't lay across the seats of a NY subway without a shirt. Yikes.

Maria Staniloiu : Who else needs a "where are they now" edition?

M Soda : I remember this New York. People that think crime is bad today have no idea

Junior Jr. : Back when NYC was filthy.

TheGQBrotha : The title clearly says this is 1987 NYC, during the crack era, today NYC is one of the safest large cities in America, no graffiti is tolerated on trains, if there is any sign of it, the train is pulled from service and the graffiti removed immediately. Also no panhandling is allowed in the subway station or trains, anyone doing so will be arrested. NYC is nothing like this video today. In 1987 there was over 1800+ murders, last year there was 290, this accomplishment in one of the largest cities in the World, so do the math. Just hate when people talk smack about NYC and don't live here and rely on old outdated stereotypes that are long gone. Fuck the 70's, 80's, sky high crime rates and filthy looking infrastructure. Those who miss that are delusional individuals.

redelgado99 : Is it me or did the days just seem longer back then?

nudisco300 : This is so interesting. Its got such a raw honest feeling to it. I'm British I've never been to NYC but this kind of reminds me of England in that era too. Everything was scruffier and dirtier but people were more relaxed or so it seemed. Like look at all the comments here about the shirtless boy? Why is everyone so uptight today? It obviously wasn't a problem back then so why is it so bad and wrong now? Everyone is so concerned today with being in everyone's business and reporting people and judging. It's like a puritanical revolution has gradually happened without anyone realising. Only the true NYC people from that era can really say if it was better back then.

Lady Ivy Vine XIII : What a disaster zone. It looks almost post apocalyptic.

SIKK RMXS : can't believe this was 300 years ago

The local Meme dealer : I kind of miss growing up in NY in the 80s. Before billionaires bought apartments that they don’t even live in, before hipsters caused rent to go high, and when living in NY was affordable.

joshua fernadeezee : This dudes brave for sitting down shirtless let alone with no shoes

ninjakat : Wow people actually interacted

Recycle Clean : I love this mother in the orange! She exposed her kids to her gay friends and a train ride to Brooklyn, NYC in the 80’s! They may have grown up globally cultured by now.

Sheila Allen : The lady in orange was hella stylin

T Stanton : I would love to see more home made videos from the past like this

ganzo86 : If you didn't live there during this time, you just wont understand how normal this was. NYC had grit and grime and we were damn cool and we knew it.

Ben Brown : Check out the picture house at 4:27 through the window of the train. Playing: Beverly Hills Cop II The Untouchables

BoW Skittlez : It blows my mind how content people are just sitting there doing nothing

Sippin Wid Sharlele : Graffiti in the train 😧

Lavalambtron : This is proof that altough the world is a mess things are improving. Things looked really dirty and chaotic back then but I do believe people were happier because they were more isolated i.e. no cellphones and no internet to distract them from each other.

Opa! Greek Taverna : Life before Casey Neistat

mikebtko : Still not as interesting as a 1977 coney island train ride...

Volverine Silva : Seems like Brazil actually

Will F : The 80's were real

nifan : As someone Living in South America this looks clean and tidy😂also the camera would've been stolen and the camera man killed😂

Saint Martins : Filmed on June 20 th 1987. I'm gonna get nostalgic here. On June 1987, i was a 16 year old teenage punk going to a Suicidal Tendencies concert & scared about my future. What was happening in your life in June 1987?

gnislia : Imagine how big that camera must be that he’s holding. In 1987 New York was prob one of the only places that people could dress like that man freely

Not Me : At 2:51 looks so much like Shane's friend -Drew 😂

8180 Digital Media Co. : Back in the good old shit hole days. New York at its realest.

cooldoom : I like how the girl is like what am I doing here what the hell is going on what is life?

Leannuh Renee : This is so cool

Mason M : a much simpler time... when people actually knew what fun was.. and not having there head stuck in a cell phone like a cybrog... when fashion was silly and cool.. the world just looked ...better? When a gay person didn't think the world owed them anything.... when teens lived for the weekends... when kids played outside...when guys and gals laid on grassy hills and stared at the stars... before fear and false flags of "Terrorism" ... i'd rather be there again than here. What happend to us.... ?

dieselboy87 : The weirdest thing bout this vid is to consider that the kid in his shorts is in his 40s now

bbygrlpt2 : The train to Coney Island is literally still an eternity!! What has changed tho is now you cant walk around or even move since its always CROWDED AFFF. Oh but it doesnt have graffiti anymore instead homeless smelly people.

RoadRage : Ok now I understand why people only drive in US, who wants to travel in such a poorly maintrained subway. This is shamefull.

Skrdykat Junior : I know I was on that train, I was on another car but I saw you guys. That is so close to my real memories of NYC that it has already become one!

Canadian4Life100 : Felt like I was in a time machine

benji. : How can someone lay shirtless and barefoot on a NYC subway

Mr Frieza : I can spend hour hours watching any 80s videos there is something about that era...everything was stylish cars musics furnitures the airplanes

Alyssa Tantillo : it’s so amazing to see the d line from 1987 and what my neighborhood used to look like 😭😭

ShowMePicardsFlute : Is no one else kinda curious to what's actually going on? Why are they recording this? Its all well and good looking at a historical source as a historical source but what purpose does this video actually serve have outside of documenting a dirty train ride?

Guillaume CHEVALLIER : His camera is hidden or everyone in the metro see it?

AzNstat : Before cleaning products were 99.9%