Train Ride to Coney Island in 1987

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The Lone Traveler : For some reason I find this oddly fascinating.

Karol K : Which one is the serial killer?

Shay Kosovac : No cell phones... apparently they used spray paint to communicate back then

Joyce _k : Its weird to think that those teens are now in their 40s-50s

Pete Pay : Wish I could go back to that year knowing what I know now about my life...

Junior Jr. : Back when NYC was filthy.

Matt Aye : Who else always ends up watching these random ass videos YouTube recommends

frank beans : 2:52 the only way to enter a public train full of strangers.

Fxoes : Did I just watch 7 minutes of strangers on a train

I Polaris I : I never played this mission in fallout 3!!!

Depression Session : All of this was beautiful in an ugly type of way.

MsCutestOne : Only rich people can buy a camera back in 1980s


carlos diaz : Hurricane Sandy was the best thing that ever happened to coney island. Today it looks beautiful, and all the urine and feces mixed with salt water stench is gone. All the crackheads under the wooden boardwalks are gone. All the hyperdermic needles on the sand and shore are gone.

Felicia : It's funny how everyone in the comments is criticizing technology while using technology. If you hate phones so much... stop using them...?

bojanggals wayne : Legends says people still confused of his gender..

sverige : Feels like the US actually is a third world country

jimmyjimbo72 : Looks like London on crack. No thanks.

Bae Juan : Is this New York in 2050?

SIKK RMXS : can't believe this was 300 years ago

James Johnson : Train car is like the ghetto on wheels

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : Sup with the tranny-but-not-really-a-tranny-guy??

Feces the baby mouse : Seems like people were a lot cooler with one another back then.

zugurudumba : it's like a Final Fight level

Sheila Allen : The lady in orange was hella stylin

b i a n c a : bruh it’s almost 2019

Brian Smith : Amazing quality for 1987.Great video.

Louis twoshoes : you see what you get when you mess with the orphans warriors

Sashazur : Most comments seem to be “OMG now nice they are talking to eachother, not staring at phones”. Well they all knew eachother; you don’t talk to strangers on the train unless you’re crazy (both then and now). And as far as staring at phones, before phones existed, in order to avoid interacting with strangers, people would either read or just stare blankly; so looking at a phone is actually just another way of staying in your little bubble while you’re trying to get to work/home/etc.

Opa! Greek Taverna : Life before Casey Neistat

SchoolBoy PRANKS : Why did Drew Monson get on the train dressed as a girl

chris palmer : Now THAT was manspreading.

S.M : Why is this so beautiful to me? Why is it in my recommend all the sudden?

BigWheel : How the hell you get away with spray painting the inside of a subway car!?

Sippin Wid Sharlele : Graffiti in the train 😧

Arjun Saha : It is probably the first vlog recorded by anyone.

Oso K : Holly shit I thought this was part of the movie Death Wish with Charles Bronson

Dena Eads : The Beastie Boys have come a long way.

Baron Von Grijffenbourg : I get the sentiment of a world like that without all the tech constantly buzzing and beeping for your attention. I guess it must have been calmer. Less pressure to constantly be on 'stand-by' for people to contact you. So many people just expect you to answer messages right away these day. Even had an employer get mad because I did not answer him at 03:00. On the other hand, it would suck hairy balls to not be able to quickly look something up on your phone anywhere any time. I'm just old enough to remember not having the internet at all. And also not having it all the time and everywhere. I think I'd be a lot dumber without the ability to always find some information or a tutorial on some subject. So it's a wash I guess. Technology made us smarter, but also more stressed and less patient.

Drew Hurlbut : Ok YouTube algorithm, why is this video suddenly appearing on thousands upon thousands of peoples feeds all of a sudden?

Nathan Pinch : This video make me proud to be English

drug god : All i can think about is The Warriors

illuminati : illuminati incoming

Rooney S. : Vivid colour, fabulous gay, nice camera work. GIMME MORE

Shonscnbz : boy's traveling topless? Is this a fashion trend back then?

ar ar : Watching this from the toilet in school.

Joseph Boyat : The only one missing is Snake Plissken.

GOD OF WHOLESOME : I like traveling on train with these guys in 1987 everyday.

George Plagianos : Love your video.. It's So vintage text me back and misses the raw character of New York with all of the graffiti.. this very much reminds me what Time Square Square looked walking through it many times the way Joe Buck did in Midnight Cowboy back then. Unlike now it looks like some sterile McDonald's Happy Meal box. New York place where I was born never ceases to amaze me where it was easy to get some s*** job if you're willing to get dirty and sweaty to make ends meet back then... But now you see so many restaurants and restaurants pseudo sophisticated high-end types seeing them exploiting undocumented workers. Where you'll need to speak Spanish and accept ridiculously low wages to get a job in the back of the restaurant nowadays.. I used to work at them and at manual labor jobs. I got by just knowing English. Being a native New Yorker I've seen the change in these restaurants for a good 20 years now.. And l still see super poor African American sleeping on the streets begging all hours of the night knowing they can't get help not even a simple job in those restaurants cuz they don't speak Spanish. Man there is so much racism at these restaurants and clubs straight and gay it's so hard to get a job if you don't speak Spanish.. I asked and listen to these poor folks when giving them food or some bedding. socks or gloves for the winter...Hummm?? I wonder where "black lives matters" in this case. We should be storming the restaurants demanding true interracial inclusion. These poor souls on the strees where restaurants would never hire them before becoming so destitute and hopeless in the richest city in the world... we haven't learned anything from 9/11 have we just greed greed greed greed greed...oh ok back to the video in Old New York well I got my first vhs-c camera in 1988 when I joined act up as an activist and to document and monitor the police for violence and our demonstrations for a good 10-30 years now.. my VHS C video is soo grainy but that's all I could afford back then working at a meeting at low pay shit job.. while the others at could afford or barely afford the high quality 8 mm / Hi 8 video camcorders at that time.. the rough times back then but we survived but still bear the scars of our AiDS and homeless Healthcare activism back then.. thanks this is my observations

Top 10 Archive : 3:47 See kids, this is how people use to look at pictures without a phone.