Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Commercial 1992 #3

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Comments from Youtube

TARINunit9 : This is so stupid, it's awesome. Puts a smile on my face every time


SlenderManArmy01 : It can be stored in a tackle box? You know what they say Genesis does, what nintendont.

powerpup97 : Even I thought this commercial dove into WTFsville. And the announcer is the same guy who announces on all those old Disney videos!

607 : Hahaha, this is amazing! _Weiner dog sweater sold separately._

Komasan Toro : This is why sonic 2 sold so many copies

TheFireBros2 : i searched up "That one Sonic 2 commercial" and this came up. *M A K E S S E N S E*

Alex Retro : Such an underwhelming commercial for such a legendary game haha

Joshua Moore : This commercial definitely needs to be on the next Commercials episode of Nostalgia Critic. This is perfect for him to review it.

Joe H : This was made when the “Welcome To The Next Level” branding overhaul is just happened, and it doesn’t have the “SEGA!” scream.

Adam Ohm : 0:21 I can vouch for this. I just played my old Sonic 2 cartridge the other day and it plays just as well as it did when it was brand new.

Scout Sunset : Here from the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition infomercial

A Thing that Moves : AESTHETHIC

Kobin Paiz Limona : 0:05 Modern consoles in a nutshell

David Kemp : one of the best

SolidSonicTH : Interesting, I saw the old Chemical Plant loop design in that (with the slanted corners).

machrazer 2612 : Can it hold a tackle box?

MegaSuperab : *we are not twitter*

Tune Squad Jack : Best commercial ever

JelloJolts • : Wowowow *I CAN PLAY IT??*

lightheart5 : My 1st Sonic the Hedgehog game

AreospaceHawk 34 : *But wait! You can play it too!*

Austin Reed : This appears to be narrated by Mark Elliott, the Disney vhs trailer narrator.

SonicHeroes2363 : They also did it with mania

LEGO spider-man Cars fan 28 : 54.99 value🤑🤑🤑

Saeed Sabke : Is sonic 2 an instrument?

Call me Zelda ONE moar time : So funny that the new Mania commercial recreated this lol

Artism Medina : That’s impossible. Sonic 2 cartridges don’t clean stains, cover bald spots or even slices and dices. It’s for playing!

nirny the miku : Yes my pet loves this

Classic Sonic : Sonic mania and sonic2

Ricky The Movie Lover : Zero dislikes. I like it.

Matthew Smith : that dog is long dead

Joy L : The fudge did I just watch xD

Lady snake84 : I miss being a 90s kid.

Vnix : they dont make video game boxes like they used to.

James Miller : I've been called being young enough when I saw this commercial that I would really try to use the multi-purpose case as a bargaining tool to get my parents to buy it for me 😂

Mach Rider : voice over artist:  Mark Elliot

Alex Lugrin : Bro

Master of P A S T A : False advertising, it did not make 2,000 French fries. It was just some dumb plastic box with _another_ piece of plastic inside! I can’t believe SEGA can get away with these heinous lies.

Gattsu Brando : *Thanks Pewdie*

Project S-69 : DISLIKE

DanTheMan1985ful : Yours For... NO Money Down... NO Credit Check... NO Monthly Installments (Layaway)... NO Financing... YOU just PAY for it!!!